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Questions To Ask Before Taking a Pilates Class From Saskatoon Pilates Centre

Saskatchewan’s premier Pilates Centre– the province's largest and most fully-equipped Pilates studio. Saskatoon Pilates Centre continues to provide top-quality classes with the most experienced and dedicated teachers, helping you to experience the integrity of the Pilates exercises integrating body and mind for everyday living. Sounds great, doesn’t it? In their latest tip, they explain Pilates.

Questions to Ask Before Taking a Pilates Class

The founder of the Pilates movement, Joseph Pilates said: “Physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”

Let Saskatoon Pilates Centre help you find that “zest and pleasure”!

They are your Trusted Saskatoon Pilates and Health & wellness experts.

Here, they share another great tip on questions to ask before taking a Pilates Class:

What you should know – Finding an accredited Pilates Instructor

Pilates requires a skilled and knowledgeable teacher to guide the exercises to prevent injury. Pilates Method Alliance TM is the international, not-for-profit professional association dedicated to the teachings of Joseph and Clara Pilates. Its mission is to protect the public through certification and continuing standards such as an international exam for Pilates professionals.

When thinking about taking a Pilates class, ask:
  • What Pilates training does the instructor have?
  • What other complimentary training does the instructor have?
  • What certification do they carry?
  • Is it internationally recognized?
  • How many hours did they need to complete their certification?
  • How long has the instructor been teaching?
  • What liability do they carry?
  • What is the class size?
  • What will you take away from the program?

Pilates programs are designed on an individual basis to work with your body with its strengths and limitations. It is imperative that you choose a qualified and certified instructor.

Saskatoon’s Pilates Training Centre is committed to maintaining the high standards set by the PMA. Please join Kathy Bond and her teaching associates as they provide quality instruction in a nurturing and professional environment.

“You only have one body and you deserve the best.” Kathy Bond

Saskatoon Pilates Classes Include:

  • Mat Work
  • Equipment Work
  • Structural Integration Work
  • Group Classes
  • Open Gym
  • Personal Fitness Programs

Saskatoon Pilates Is Your Trusted Saskatoon Pilates Studio

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