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Congratulations to J & S Picture Frame Warehouse Recognized as Trusted Saskatoon Framers For Over 10 Years


In this series of articles, we continue to shine a spotlight on the businesses that have been partners for over 10 years. This year we recognize the Trusted Saskatoon Partners that joined us in 2012. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing 10 years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Saskatoon and the surrounding area! This latest article celebrates and recognizes Sherry, Sam and the talented team at J & S Picture Frame Warehouse.

“They Love What They Do….and it Shows!” 

J & S Picture Frame Warehouse is a well know business that has been serving Saskatoon & area since 1978. They used to be recognized as being located in the ‘ PINK BUILDING in Sutherland’. The J & S  team is friendly knowledgeable and passionate. They pride themselves on providing the best custom framing and specialty printing experience in Saskatoon.

They also have an art gallery and local art for sale in their location in Sutherland on Jessop Avenue. 

They have expertise in framing artwork, photos, needlework and all types of memorabilia, their professional local team can help you determine the best presentation and preservation for all your item and all the projects are completed in-house. The number of framing options offered is staggering, whatever style you are seeking we are confident J & S Picture Frame will have exactly what you are looking for.  

We are especially impressed with the restoration work they do on old pictures and artwork. 

Their printing department offers photo restoration and retouching services. Damage such as staining, yellowing, tears, scratches and folds are almost completely eliminated. They can also make changes such as altering the composition or contents of an image and adding creative effects or filters. See the images to the left for a few amazing examples of before and after. 

In 2014, J&S Picture Frame Warehouse received the Torch Award for Ethics and Integrity in Business... The Mission of J&S Picture Frame Warehouse is to always convey respect for the customer and to consistently deliver the best service experience.  The J & S Team understand that customer satisfaction comes from delivering timely, responsive service, with honesty, integrity, and a desire for excellence while meeting or exceeding their customer’s expectations. 

Trusted Sara and Sherry

“ I have known Sherry Morris and have been a customer at J & S Picture Frame Warehouse since 2010. I have engaged her talented team for help with multiple framing projects over that time and I have always trusted their design advice. Until working with Sherry I had no idea of the number of options available when you decide to professionally frame photos, pictures and other items - without experts by your side it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I have always been thrilled with the results and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.  

The picture of the bike above is just one of the pieces J & S has framed for Sara. 

On a personal note, Sherry Morris is a fascinating woman and an amazing entrepreneur. J & S has been in business for nearly 45 years,  and over that time she has grown and evolved the company whilst always remaining relevant. Anyone who knows Sherry will be aware of her passion for World travel - the list of exotic places she has visited is impressive- from Mongolia to Peru, and although she is in her 70’s there is no sign of her slowing down anytime soon! If I had to sum Sherry up in 3 words I’d say she is  FUN, HONEST and AUTHENTIC. I am grateful to be able to spend time with her, promote her work and support  J & S’s business goals!”  - Sara Wheelwright - Trusted Founder.     
The Trusted Saskatoon team guarantees when you choose J & S Picture Frame Warehouse as your Saskatoon picture framing store for family, commercial or specialized framing or restoration, you will receive an amazing end product at a fair price from a local family-owned business that cares!

Thank you for TRUSTING us Sherry, and thank you for providing 10 years of AMAZING service to the people of Saskatoon. J & S Picture Frame Warehouse continues to be a well-respected and valued company that is evolving and providing outstanding service to Saskatoon,  and they have always upheld our 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service.

J & S Picture Frame Warehouse  - Your Trusted Saskatoon Picture Framers for over 10 years

When the Trusted Saskatoon team gives a business the 'Thumbs Up' it really means something!! So continue to use and recommend to FIND GREAT LOCAL BUSINESSES YOU CAN TRUST like J & S Picture Frame Warehouse. 

Congratulations to Imagery Photography Recognized as Trusted Saskatoon Photographers For Over 10 Years


In this series of articles, we continue to shine a spotlight on the businesses that have been partners for over 10 years. This year we recognize the Trusted Saskatoon Partners that joined us in 2012. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing 10 years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Saskatoon and the surrounding area! This latest article celebrates and recognizes Milton Taylor and the ladies at Imagery Photography. 

Milton B. Taylor, MPA  founded Imagery Photography in 1977. Milton has had an illustrious and lengthy photographic career. He is a multi-award-winning photographer, whose skills are still very much in demand


When we presented Milton with his Trusted Saskatoon 10-Year Award, we asked him about advice he would give others in business and why he has been so successful over so many years. He replied simply and predictably…


“Treasure Life” has been Milton’s motto for many years. “We all get opportunities to do something in life. We have to seize those opportunities and make them count.” He hopes that we can all look back in years to come and recall how wonderful and treasured those opportunities are and that we always treasure life. 

Trusted Sara and Milton

“ I have known Milton since meeting him at a breakfast networking event in 2011,  and he has been my photographer ever since. Over the years he has visually documented my life with cherished family photos, passport photos, Trusted event photos and all of our Trusted team and website photos. I have always loved the results and have no hesitation in recommending Milt to anyone looking for a talented and trustworthy photographer in Saskatoon
In 2021 Milton agreed to collaborate with me to raise money for local charities. I roped him into volunteering as my partner and we stepped up a team for the Saskatoon Progress Club’s Celebrity Challenge -which promotes local restaurants and raises money for local charities. We represented Team HomeQuarter and together we sold over $6000 of gift cards and promoted the event far and wide. All in all the event raised over $80,000 for local non-profits, including one close to his heart, Care and Share Saskatoon.  I was thrilled to witness him accepting the prestigious Professional Photographers of Canada: Saskatchewan Fellowship Award. in 2017, which is the highest honour which can be bestowed upon a member. I am so grateful to be able to promote him as .a client, a Trusted partner and to also call him a valued friend."  - Sara Wheelwright - Trusted Saskatoon  Founder.   
Milton is also community driven and is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards including but not limited to:
  • SABEX Community Leadership Award 
  • 2015 B’nai Brith ‘We’re Proud Of You Award. 
  • 2017 NSBA Shirley Ryan Lifetime Achievement Award 
  • 2017 Professional Photographers of Canada: Saskatchewan Fellowship Award

Community Support Is At The Foundation Of Imagery Photography

As passionate about volunteering as he is about photography, Milton devotes countless hours to many community organizations, projects and programs. He has been and continues to be, involved with many community and business organizations. If you visit his studio it is impossible to miss all of the awards crowding the window sills and shelves. Most recently, he was Chair of the NSBA board of directors. One of Milton’s greatest passions is his involvement with Care and Share Saskatoon.

Care and Share is a non-profit organization devoted to the needs of Saskatoon’s inner-city schools. Care and Share’s mission is to ensure all children have an opportunity to develop all of their potential: in sports, in school, in culture and in recreation. Milton strongly believes that education is the only way to break the cycle and that the longer children can stay in school, the better their chances of success. Milton volunteers and has served on the board for over 15  years

We guarantee when you choose Imagery Photography as your photographer for family, commercial or professional pictures, you will receive fantastic pictures at a fair price from a local family-owned business that cares!

Thank you for TRUSTING us Milton, Betty & Brenda, and thank you for providing 10 years of AMAZING service to the people of Saskatoon. Imagery Photography continues to be a well-respected and valued company in  Saskatoon and the area and they have always upheld our 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service.

Imagery Photography - Your Trusted Saskatoon Photographers for over 10 years  

When the Trusted Saskatoon team gives a business the 'Thumbs Up' it really means something!! So continue to use and recommend to FIND GREAT LOCAL BUSINESSES YOU CAN TRUST like Imagery Photography. 

Trusted Saskatoon IT Pro's at Burnt Orange Discuss the Purpose of a Cybersecurity Audit

Gareth McKee and his Trusted Saskatoon IT team at Burnt Orange Solutions promise to have a one-hour response time for all your IT support needs. Honesty and respect are important to them. They pride themselves on ensuring their clients understand IT concerns by providing a straightforward and reliable solution with exceptional service. Burnt Orange Solutions are your Trusted Saskatoon IT Experts. In their latest Saskatoon IT expert tip, Gareth shares the purpose of a cybersecurity audit. 


If you were hit by a cyber attack tomorrow, is your business ready? Ensuring the appropriate cybersecurity measures are in place is vital in protecting your business. A cybersecurity audit is a helpful tool in assessing the cyber security strength of your business and ensuring important information remains secure.

What Is A Cybersecurity Audit?

A cybersecurity audit is a comprehensive review of your business’s IT infrastructure. Cybersecurity audits are helpful as they detect vulnerabilities, recognize threats, and reveal high-risk practices in relation to IT security. Cybersecurity audits are all about data security and protecting information to ensure cybercriminals are unsuccessful in their hacking attempts.

What Does It Cover?

A cybersecurity audit involves a full audit of your business’s cybersecurity measures in order to assess risk, detect vulnerabilities, and recognize threats across all areas. These areas include but are not limited to:
  • Data Security – Involves a review of network access control, encryption use, data security at rest, and transmissions. 
  • Network Security – Involves a review of network and security controls, antivirus, and security monitoring capabilities. 
  • System Security – Involves a review of hardening processes, patching processes, privileged account management, and role-based access.
  • Physical Security – Involves a review of disk encryption, role-based access controls, biometric data, and multifactor authentication.
If it has been a while since you revisited your business’s cybersecurity measures, they are likely out of date and may no longer be effective. A cybersecurity audit will help ensure your business is prepared in the event of a cyber attack. 

If you have any questions regarding cyber security and how we can help secure your data, contact the IT experts at Burnt Orange IT Solutions. We can help your business mitigate risk, and be prepared for any IT-related emergency.

Burnt Orange IT Solutions Products & Services:

"IT Support You Can Trust and Understand"

Burnt Orange Solutions are your Trusted Saskatoon IT Experts

Bateman Jewellers, Your Trusted Saskatoon Jewellery Expert, Passes a Mystery Shop with Flying Colours

Being a Trusted Business on the Trusted Saskatoon Directory of Excellence comes with a lot of responsibility - no other directory, advertising company, or 'watchdog organization' puts businesses through the ongoing process we do before we promote and endorse them.

Why Choose a Business On the Trusted Saskatoon Directory?

All of the Trusted Saskatoon partners have to pass a unique verification process, they are then annually contracted to uphold our 5 Trusted Guarantees. The partners then become part of a local community of Saskatoon and area businesses that we promote with a strong local marketing campaign. We also have a Trusted MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAM. This is where we find and engage with normal everyday people, just like you, who are looking for products and services in Saskatoon and area. We approach individuals we can see are looking for a local business and we ask them to mystery shop Trusted Saskatoon Partners. Those that agree to be Trusted mystery shoppers go about their usual business, except at the end they fill out a report to tell us about the experience. We then share it with you!

The Trusted Saskatoon team is thrilled to reveal the Bateman Jewellers Mystery Shop Report!

Bateman Jewellers are Trusted Saskatoon jewellery experts! Did you know that they are the oldest independent jewellery store in Saskatoon? Bateman Jewellers maintain that the relationship with their clients is very important to them. In their latest Saskatoon jewellery tip, they share all the gemstone options for engagement rings BEYOND just a diamond. 


1. How was the greeting/ welcome/ call answered? Very pleasant and friendly.

2. Appearance of the store/staff and showroom? Nice and bright, organized and clean.

3. Product/industry knowledge of staff? Excellent! Cam knew exactly what he was looking for, he was very efficient and quick and even taught me a few things.

4. Overall experience 1-10. 10

5. Would you return as a customer/ recommend them to close friends? Absolutely and already have!!

6. Did anyone stand out as exceptional? If so who? Why? I only dealt with Cam and he was very knowledgeable, fast, very personable and friendly.


1. Provide the service and quality promised - 10

2. Complete the job on time - 10

3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises - 10

4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs - 10

5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind - 10

Please share any other comments relating to your experience with the company.

"I made an appointment with Cam because I was interested in selling some gold. My mom had a lot of jewellery and I really didn't know what was real and what was fake. I was a little apprehensive about going in because you just never know if they will tell you the truth and give you the money you really should be getting. Cam put all my fears to rest. It was such a great experience that I have already told friends and family to go through their jewellery and take it in. 

I would have NO issues with going back again. In fact, as soon as I got home I was on the hunt for more jewellery kicking around that we don't want. He even taught me a few lessons on what to look for if you are unsure if an item is real or not. I had a lot of fun!"

WHAT A GREAT MYSTERY SHOP!!! Yet again showing you deserve the Thumbs Up from www.TrustedSaskatoon.comFind Bateman Jewellers on 2nd Ave South or online at, they are your Trusted SASKATOON JEWELLERS!

'Your Jewellery Is A Lifetime Investment... Buy It From A Lifetime Friend'

Bateman Jewellers is a Trusted Saskatoon Jewellery Store 

Trusted Saskatoon Electricians Anytime Electric Share 5 Electrical Projects DIYers Should Not Attempt

Anytime Electric is a Trusted Saskatoon residential & commercial electrical contractor. They specialize in providing electrical services for renovations, service work and new construction and their Saskatoon electricians have many years of experience in the field. In their latest tip, they explain the types of projects that should always be done by professionals.

5 Electrical Projects DIYers Should Not Attempt

We know people out there in Saskatoon love to DIY, but when it comes to electrical work there are some projects better left to the professionals at Anytime Electric.

1. Replacing Wiring

The main factor when deciding whether an electrical project can be tackled by a DIYer or whether it should be handled professionally is the complexity of the project. Replacing wire is one of the jobs that are simply too complicated for even experienced DIYers. There’s just too much that can go wrong to make DIY wire replacement worth the risk. Faulty wiring leads to electrical shorts that can single-handedly cause a disastrous house fire. According to statistics Canada in 2014, in Saskatchewan, 50% of house fires were caused by electrical appliances or electrical distribution equipment.

2. Repairing or Replacing a Circuit Breaker

Another sure-fire (no pun intended) way to cause serious electrical problems in a home is to mess with the circuit breaker. Circuit breakers might seem simple from the outside, but they’re basically the brains of your house’s entire electrical system and is there to keep you safe. Making a mistake when you’re working on a breaker can cause power surges and damaged wiring throughout the home. Familiarize yourself with your circuit breaker so that you know when it’s not functioning properly and needs repair, but when it comes time to do the actual electrical work, hire a pro.

3. Replacing Burnt Outlets

Replacing outlets on their own is actually fairly simple and should not present too much of a challenge for experienced DIYers. But if an outlet is blackened, burnt, or even hot to the touch, don’t work on it. The issue here is probably related to overheated wires or overloaded circuits. If you just replace the outlet without looking deeper, you’re basically just applying a bandaid to an electrical problem. A professional electrician will be able to accurately diagnose whatever more advanced problem is causing the issue and then repair it correctly.

4. Installing Dedicated Circuits

Some appliances, especially those on the more heavy-duty side, require their own dedicated circuit for power so that they don’t cause the wiring to overheat. If you’re trying to set up a high-wattage appliance in a room without a dedicated circuit to spare, you might be tempted to try and install another one on your own - don’t. Installing a dedicated circuit requires more advanced knowledge of wiring and outlet installation, and if you get any of it wrong you’re just going to end up wasting time and money and creating a potential fire hazard.

5. Installing New Light Switches

Replacing switches that have gone bad or upgrading to a different kind of switch is not all that complicated. Installing an entirely new switch is. Avoid installing a new switch as a DIY project. A professional electrician will be able to do the job much safer and more efficiently. 

 “Just a call away anytime!”

Anytime Electric is another great example of a local business that operates with honesty and integrity, the foundations of our Trusted Saskatoon directory!! 

Anytime Electric Is A Trusted Saskatoon Electrician


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