Mixing patterns & shapes to create a mellow scheme with interesting layers. Geometric lines and shapes are trending this season among the fashion and design world. We Incorporated this trend in such a way that the subdued palette softens the hard lines, making it more versatile and long lasting for your own home. Trends are fun to use in Interior Design, but with the nature of them being so “come & go” we as designers love to find new and exciting ways to bring to a level that you will love for many years. Special features like these are perfect to use as “tools of personalization”, they hold true to who you are and what your unique style is.

This week’s inspiration features these amazing products….
* Porcelanosa diamond white large scale wall tile 13″ x 40″
* Neff Kitchens custom cabinetry in “Titanium”
* Saltillo stone mosaic tile “Essential chess thasos”
* Silhouette maple “Charcoal” hardwood flooring
* Feature wall colour Benjamin Moore “Narragansett Green HC-157″
* Beacon Hill “Lalu Ikat” fabric in indigo
* Joanne Fabrics “Milan” embroidered circle fabric
* Prism tapered vase in white
* Midnight florid ceramic wall art
* Maya woven antique silver bangle

Incorporate these into your own renovation or new home build. Every week we pull together unique & beautiful pieces to give you a taste of some fabulous Interior Design inspiration. Our own selection process when working with our clients is a lot like what you see here!

Happy designing~