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Trusted Tips & Resources

Hairstyle Inn a Trusted Saskatoon Salon passes a mystery shop

The businesses featured on become Partners...and we promote the mantra that 'only together are we Trusted" ..we all have our parts to play to ensure the Saskatoon directory maintains the standards and high level of integrity that it does.

Trusted then enters into a contract, where the partners sign to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees ..these are the foundation of our business and they are the Guarantees that our Trusted businesses offer their ensure that our partners are upholding these guarantees on a daily basis we have a MYSTERY SHOPPER PROGRAM, where we mystery shop a minimum of 10% of our Trusted Partners on an annual basis... we get our mystery shoppers to fillout a report to tell us about the experience....

Our latest business to be mystery shopped is Trusted Saskatoon Salon HairStyle Inn

TRUSTED COMPANY:   Hairstyle Inn


1. How was the greeting/ welcome/ call answered?


2. If retail: Appearance of the store / staff and showroom?


3. Product/industry knowledge of staff?


4. If a quote is required is the quote well laid out/ clear?


5. Did they ask where you found them?


6. Overall experience 1-10.


7. Would you return as a customer/ recommend them to close friends?


8. Did anyone stand out as exceptional? If so who? Why?


9. If you made a purchase/booked a job how was the process? If so refer to the Trusted Guarantees and give an overall mark on each if applicable.


1. Provide the service and quality promised.

2. Complete the job on time.

3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.


Please share any other comments relating to your experience with the company.



GREAT Job Hairstyle Inn team!! Proving yet again that you deserve the Thumbs up from !

If you want to experience the Trusted customer service difference call Hairstyle Inn today- Check out their lising here


Trusted Pest Control Expert provide us with some tips on preventing BED BUGS while travelling


Tips for preventing the spread of bed bugs while traveling:


Wash and/or dry all clothing, towels (fabric items) that you intend to bring. The heat will kill any bed bugs that may be attached to the fabric. 


• Be sure to follow the step above before placing in a suitcase/backpack/duffle bag. Add two or three garbage bags in your suitcase/backpack/duffle bag before leaving home. 

• Prior to leaving for home, have all the clothing that you brought with and place them in the garbage bags that were brought with. Be sure that you or your clothing do not make contact with any furniture (bed, sofa, etc.) after you have changed and everything has been packed. This will help in minimizing the risk of spreading. 

• Be sure that you do not place your suitcase/backpack/duffle bag on the bed, sofa, etc.

• It is also a good habit to get into by making sure that your jacket/hoodies are hanging in a closet or on a hanger and not placed on a bed or sofa. 

• If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home, please do not try to self-treat as this will increase the risk of spreading the infestation. Instead, contact a professional to verify the pest and if required, they will instruct you on proper treatment procedures.  



• Remember that you must not move your furniture if bed bugs are found. Doing so will either cause them to spread or run and hide which in turn will make it harder to successfully exterminate.


Trusted Saskatoon Interior Design Experts share some tips on the Five Top Décor Trends for 2013

Five Top Décor Trends for 2013:

Spring is the time for making things new again, and our home décor is no exception. As you think about how to change the look of a room, a list of this spring's five hottest design trends.

#1 - Carrying over from last year, that bold graphic prints are still extremely popular. "This can be done in both classic or contemporary looks, with pops of colour intermixed with crisp palettes and more 'weighted' colour tones," .

The palates this spring come in the forms of strong earthy colours such as burnt orange and grass green, and the influence of jewel tones such as emeralds and sapphires. The bright hues are offset by greyed out tones and charcoals, and balanced with the basics of white, navy and black. play with those colours and make them even more interesting by layering patterns and colours, particularly with your accent pieces. "Bring prints and solids into your space in varying textures and use them in your soft finishes, like throws, pillows, wallpaper or window dressings. Fabrics play a large role in adding visual (diversity) interest to your room." 

#2 - Metallics are number two on the list of spring trends. "Metallics give the option for a lot of influences in many different fashions." She adds that the industrial, or "steampunk" influenced looks are big this spring, as are the more tailored coppers, golds and silvers. "These stem from the influence of jewellery, and pair well with jewel toned accents,"

You can add metallics to your space through a wide variety of options, including lighting, hardware, furniture, accessories and tile. And while  stresses the importance of not over-doing metallics, and keeping them as an accent, also add that different metals mix well together for a more eclectic look. 

#3 - The next trend  is the use of one-of-a-kind and unique pieces. "These pieces add a bit of your own personal style and flair to a room. For this trend, we see people selecting handmade and interesting pieces that they love, and then styling their rooms around that piece."

Organic looking items such as handmade wooden chairs, original canvas-mounted artwork, and iron and blown glass pendant light fixtures are popular, and are leading the movement away from more generic designs. Stores like Metric support local artisans by seeking out interesting items and displaying them whenever possible. They also showcase artisan pieces from all over the world. 

 #4 - Large scale feature areas in a space are also a trend this spring, and texture plays a big part in this idea. Bowman says that she is seeing a lot of people take one or two wall sections in their rooms and turn them into a feature area by inserting dimension, texture or colour.

This can be accomplished through the use of bulkheads, wood panels, large scale tiles or patterned wallpaper. She adds that wallpaper has made a huge comeback as the technology behind it has greatly changed and it is now much easier to remove. It comes in "such a wide assortment of styles and designs. It has long replaced the faux finishes of last decade."

As well,  that wall tile is a huge trend in Saskatoon right now, and that people are opting for tile with not only texture, but also with shape and movement to it. 

#5 - Lastly, "bringing the outside in, and adding natural elements to your inside surroundings" as another trend to think about this spring. This can be as easy as adding driftwood, hides, glass, or metals to your room, or using natural fabrics like cotton and linen in a less tailored way. These natural elements create texture, add softness and make the room warmer and more inviting."

The trend of adding a "living wall" to your space - a wall filled with plants.

"This has become quite popular in commercial and residential spaces as it has many benefits. Not only is it beautiful, you gain the advantage of getting to breathe the air they've just purified for you." 

If you are on a tight budget and can only make one change,  changing your lighting is the way to go. "People often ignore lighting, but it can make a huge impact. It is often referred to as the jewellery of a space - it makes the space more dramatic and interesting, and changes the way we look at it. Proper lighting also allows existing pieces within the room to look better."

However, if you plan on making an investment in any level of project, we strongly urge you to contact a professional designer, and adds that "the biggest mistake I see people make is that they didn't ask for help soon enough, and they've already spent a significant amount of money on something that ends up not working for them in the end."

A professional designer can bring their experience, knowledge of furniture and finishes, and a critical eye to help you decide how you will get you the greatest positive impact for your space, and not only what is going to look good now, but "what is going to work for you and your family over time." 


Trusted Saskatoon flooring store Expert share a flooring tip on Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Everything you need to know about Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT):

There is a segment of the floor covering market that hasn’t received the full attention it deserves. Commercial designers/specifiers are huge fans of this, but what they know hasn’t filtered down to be shared with flooring consumers at large.

The features and benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) are outlined below, and these points separate LVT from the mix of other vinyl goods. Luxury Vinyl Tile couldn’t be more different, not only in how it’s manufactured but in the total aesthetic and applications.

Can you believe that it is now possible to have the look, graining, and character of real hardwood in vinyl tile? Today’s technology in replication processes is the first step in creating vinyl “wood” planks and textured “stone” tiles that rival the real thing. Some of today’s big city design firms have decorated their office floors with elegant luxury vinyl “wood” planking or vinyl “slate.” These top designers can have any flooring material they want, yet many of them choose LVT. Here’s why:


Incredibly realistic photo replication of natural materials (photogravure process): The look and feel of nature’s best materials at a lower cost are a reality of LVT manufacturing.

Brands that offer 100% vinyl material: Vinyl flooring satisfies Green building standards and earns LEED points in commercial applications.

Inherent safety features: Meets requirements of commercial flammability codes, slip resistant requirement, and a menu of other safety codes.

Ease of maintenance: Simple damp mopping is the recommended cleaning procedure for LVT floors.

Excellent selection of sizes and shapes: The size options vary by manufacturer, but many styles are available in 12 x 12”, 18 x 18”, 12 x 24” sizes, and planks in standard (3 x 36” 4.5 x 36) and extra-large widths (7 or 9’ widths).

Naturally water resistant: LVT floors are inherently water-resistant (and fairly impervious to wet spills from above). It’s important to install over flat, dry, approved substrates so that no water seepage occurs beneath the floor.


Scratch, stain, dent and scuff resistant: Specialized wear layers (most common are 20mm). Then the floors are coated with urethane to enhance durability.

Cost-effective: Economics factor favourably into the specification of LVT for both commercial and residential applications, giving the look and feel of rich, natural materials at a lower cost.

Exceptional durability: Because LVT is constructed to withstand commercial wear and tear, it’s probably “over-qualified” for residential use and can handle high-traffic areas with ease. Warranties vary by manufacturer, but it’s not unusual to see 20-25 year warranties on brand name LVT.

More resilient than other hard surface floors: Because there are multi-layers of vinyl in LVT as well as a resilient backing as the foundation, LVT tiles and planks have more resilience underfoot. It’s easier to stand on for long periods of time AND as an added benefit, it tends to be warmer underfoot than ceramic.

Amazing aesthetics: There has been a stunning transformation in the design aesthetics of LVT in the last five years. If you are linking it to “industrial” looking floors, this is where you need to throw away your misconceptions and do some research. This may be the one biggest factor that has caused interior designers to stand up and take note of the new brand of LVT. The realism of the total look, including distressed wood finishes, stone and slate tactile surface textures, and even woven textiles imbedded in the wear layers, are grabbing attention.

There is a reason that Luxury Vinyl Tile is gaining huge momentum in the consumer market, and the reasons are pretty well described above. It’s time for you to be pleasantly amazed. 

~Content thanks to Annette M. Callari at the World Floor Covering Association

Pictured here is Armstrong's LVT 1136 Stones Dakota Mocca And Makalu Cappuccino. Available to order through your local End Of The Roll store!


END OF THE ROLL are End of the Roll are Trusted Saskatoon FLOORING EXPERTS THE SASKATOON DIRECTORY of excellence!


Reed Security a Alarm and Security Expert provides a TRUSTED TIP on accessing video surveillance with Your Apple or Android Device

Reed Security believes when you become a client you will be entering into a relationship – one they want to grow and become long term...they work hard to meet all your Saskatoon Alarm & security needs from day one!

REED SECURITY are Trusted and they are recipients of 2 x 2012 SABEX AWARDS - these Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce awards recognize excellence in business. 

Here they share a great tip on See Who's At the Front Door with Your Apple or Android Device: 

Remote View in HD

When the condo owners at The LUXE Building wanted to See who's at the front door and get better security they partnered with Reed Security.

The Problem:

  • Many multi-unit buildings can no longer (affordably) display the front door camera on their TV's.
  • Occupants could previously view the front door camera on a TV channel when Shaw Cable was the only cable TV option.
  • The old TV solution is no longer a viable option because many multi unit tennants have a combination of Shaw Cable, MAX, Satelite TV, Internet TV, or no TV at all.
  • Retrofitting a 24 suite finished building of this size with the old TV solution would cost more than $15,000.

The Solution:

We met the client and customized a ReedHD hi-def Video Surveillance system with the following features and benefits:

  • Protecting the entire building with ReedHD hi-def cameras was nearly the same cost as retrofitting the building with an expired solution.
  • Condo owners can access ReedHD cameras with their PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android devices - unlimited Users
  • Condo owners also talk to the visitor at the front door with an audio intercom before letting them into the building. This was previously installed.
  • Interior ReedHD cameras protect all Entrances including the Parking Garage
  • Exterior ReedHD cameras protect the Building and the Parking Lot.
  • Some cameras have Wide Dynamic Range capabilities (optimized image quality in bright and shadow conditions)
  • Some cameras have I.R. Illumination Nightvision (see in the dark)
  • 24/7 digital recording of all cameras for 14 to 30 days
  • Professional Installation - On Time and On Budget
  • up to 3 Years Manufacturers Limited Warranty to protect their investment
  • Reed Security Award Winning Service
  • See the Project Pics: Click Here

The Testimonial:

"We are VERY pleased. Certainly everyone from Reed Security that I have dealt with has been fantastic!"

Josh Pion

Condo Owner and our I.T. Contact

If you would like more information on how Reed Security can customize a security solution for you
Click Here

Find Reed Security online at  or check out their listing here in the SASKATOON ALARM & SECURITY Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence. Virgil Reed and his team are YOUR Trusted SASKATOON ALARM & SECURITY experts right here in Saskatoon!


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