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Trusted SASKATOON HOME INSPECTIONS EXPERT shares a tip on decks

A Great tip on securing a deck properly: 

Check that Deck!!

The securing of a deck to the home is often a poorly understood detail. Many professionally installed decks and DYI decks will be attached to a home improperly.

It is always important to have a flashing over the ledgerboard shown in the illustration below. This prevents water from being trapped behind the wood and creating rot.



Another important detail is the type of fasteners used. Deck screws are not an acceptable way of attaching the ledgerboard to the house. Preferably anchor bolts or anchor screws are used. Nails in my opinion are not acceptable. We also want to look for proper joist hanger connections, loose handrails and guardrails, column connections, rot and wood/soil contact. These are not the only issues found on decks but the most serious and most common.

Improper fasteners can have dramatic results, of course the higher the deck the higher the risk of injury. Deck collapse is more common than you think as you will see in this video. 




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