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"As a Trusted partner it was great to experience it from the other side as a consumer. I know the process a business goes through to be a Trusted partner, I know the work Sara and her team do to make sure each company can be "Trusted" and that makes the decision of who to call so much easier. If a company is on Trusted I don't feel the need to ask friends for recommendations or try to find out about other people's experiences, that work has been done for me."

Tammy, Saskatoon

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We all love a good local 'rags to riches' story - and Saskatoon Bag & Case's business story is just that - the company began in a humble garage and has flourished into a thriving business. Trusted Saskatoon Custom Bag and Case Experts Saskatoon Bag & Case (SBC) is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2024, a testament to the team's resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to quality. Celebrating 40 Years of Saskatoon Bag & Case: A Local Story of Innovation and DedicationOriginally founded out of a garage, SBC's journey exemplifies entrepreneurial spirit. When they secured a... Read more

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The Trusted Saskatoon Team is delighted to welcome our newest Trusted Saskatoon Partner, a Trusted Saskatoon electrician. Get to know Brown Electrical Contracting, learn why WE trust the company, and meet the man behind the business in our latest Trusted Saskatoon article welcoming a new partner to our Saskatoon community of locally owned businesses operated with integrity!MEET MITCH! Mitch Brown, owner of  Brown Electrical Contracting, is very well-referred.  As we called through the list of references he provided us to call and survey, the same things were repeated over and over….Honest,... Read more


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