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Congratulations to Saskatoon Pilates, Your Trusted Saskatoon Pilates Studio For 10 Years


In this series of articles, we continue to shine a bright spotlight on the businesses that have been Trusted Saskatoon partners for over 10 years. This year, we recognize the Trusted Saskatoon Partners that joined us in 2013. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing 10 years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Saskatoon and the surrounding area! The latest article celebrates and recognizes Saskatoon Pilates and its owner, Kathy Bond!

Celebrating 10 years of trust and 25 Years of Pilates Excellence: The Inspiring Journey of Saskatoon Pilates and Owner Kathy Bond.

2023 has been a big year for Kathy Bond, founder of Saskatoon Pilates,  one of Saskatoon’s most beloved wellness establishments, reaching an incredible milestone - 25 years of shaping bodies and transforming lives through the art of Pilates. This anniversary marks a quarter-century of dedication to health and well-being, and we celebrate the studio moving to a beautiful and modern new location. We also are thrilled to commemorate a decade of distinction and integrity as a Trusted Saskatoon Partner. 
At the heart of this enduring success story is the indomitable spirit of its owner, Kathy Bond, whose journey has been nothing short of inspiring. 

It may surprise you to know that Kathy was close to closing the business and retiring in 2022. COVID was particularly difficult for the fitness and wellness sector; they were hit with lengthy restrictions. Kathy shared that 'safe class sizes' simply didn't pay the bills.  We are so grateful that a combination of fate and Kathy's well-known grit and determination combined to provide an opportunity for the business to evolve and endure!  

Saskatoon Pilates is a household name in Saskatoon, and it is synonymous with fitness, flexibility, and holistic wellness. Founded in 1998 by the visionary Kathy Bond, it started with humble beginnings as a small studio with a big dream - to introduce the people of Saskatoon & Regina to the transformative power of Pilates. At a time when Pilates was relatively unknown in the region, Kathy's dedication to spreading awareness about this unique fitness discipline laid the foundation for what would become an iconic institution.

Over the years, Saskatoon Pilates has established itself as more than just a fitness studio; it's a community hub where individuals come to rejuvenate their bodies, minds, and spirits. The studio's emphasis on personalized attention, expert instruction, and a nurturing environment has allowed clients to experience the true essence of Pilates. With a range of classes catering to various skill levels and needs, Saskatoon Pilates has become a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Kathy Bond: A Trailblazer in Wellness

At the heart of Saskatoon Pilates' success story is Kathy Bond, a trailblazer whose passion for Pilates and unwavering commitment to her clients have driven the studio's evolution. With a background in dance and a deep understanding of human movement, Kathy's approach to Pilates goes beyond just exercise - it's a holistic philosophy that promotes balance, alignment, and well-being. 

Kathy's journey in the world of Pilates is a testament to her dedication and resilience. She has shown remarkable leadership, from introducing Saskatoon residents to the benefits of Pilates to overcoming challenges and embracing innovation. Her ability to adapt to changing times while staying true to the core principles of Pilates has been instrumental in shaping the studio's legacy…. In 2012, she added TRX classes; in 2015, Fascia Release was offered; Essentrics was added in 2022.

As the studio in Saskatoon grew, Kathy needed more teachers, and so began the Teacher Training programs. 

A Decade of Trusted Partnership

In 2013, Saskatoon Pilates was nominated and passed the verification to become a Trusted Saskatoon Partner. This distinction, earned through consistently exceptional service and client satisfaction, reaffirmed the studio's commitment to upholding the highest standards in the industry. For ten years, Kathy Bond and her team have upheld the 5 Trusted guarantees with ease, and they have provided a safe and welcoming space for individuals seeking physical wellness, mental clarity, and a sense of belonging.

What Saskatoon Pilates Clients Say...

" I have taken Pilates from the owner, Kathy Bond, since she started coming to Regina in Jan. 2000. She taught 6 week mat classes at Fieldhouse for 2 1/2 years.
In 2002, she hosted a Pilates Mat Instructor Training.
Not only was this the beginning of a whole new career for me but I am happy to say that I have kept Kathy as my mentor. I have been able to continue building my Pilates repetoire.
At the age of almost 52 I was able to complete the Advanced Level training with some modifications due to MVA injuries.
Many of the woman I know who took those classes with Kathy (2000 - 2002) have become Pilates instructors. I take classes at other studios & thoroughly enjoy the instructors. I'm just kinda of hung up on Kathy. She brought Pilates to Saskatchewan. " - Karen Freitag
" Kathy Bond is truly the pilates expert in this city. She is so inspirationall and is in better shape then most of us. If anyone is having back problems, or you just want to stay flexible, book with Saskatoon Pillates. She solved my chronic back problem after years of suffering. " - Leanna Keyes

A Message From Kathy About What It Means To Be Trusted 

I am so proud to be a Trusted Saskatoon partner for 10 years. Congratulations, Sara and your team, I know for certain that the Trusted Team really cares for the small local business that are the Trusted Partners! Being "trusted" holds immense significance for my business. Trust is the foundation upon which strong relationships are built, and it plays a pivotal role in shaping a business's reputation, success, and longevity. In the context of being a Trusted Saskatoon Partner, it signifies a seal of approval and endorsement from a reputable local organization, that highlights my business's commitment to reliability, quality, and ethical practices.

A word from Sara, the Trusted Saskatoon founder, about her personal experience with Kathy Bond and Saskatoon Pilates.

" I consider myself fortunate to call Kathy Bond a valued partner and a friend; she is a special lady who is passionate about Pilates and life in general!  When I think about local business owners who embody what we seek at Trusted Saskatoon, Saskatoon Pilates is a beautiful example that is always top of mind! Kathy is simply an amazing human and a visit with her always brightens my day.
The way I see it, TRUST is about more than just offering decent products or services; it's about embodying values, building relationships, and consistently demonstrating integrity in all aspects of the business. Business owners like Kathy understand the importance of trust, and she actively works to cultivate it daily!  Unsurprisingly, after 25 years in business, Saskatoon Pilates continues to thrive, creating lasting impacts within the health & wellness industry and the wider community. Congratulations, Kathy! The Trusted team is proud to promote and support you! " 
Celebrating 25 Years and Beyond

As Saskatoon Pilates celebrates 25 years of excellence, the journey is far from over. With a gorgeous new location at #6 – 816 1st Ave N Saskatoon and a legacy built on passion, integrity and a deep-rooted commitment to well-being, Kathy Bond and her team are poised to continue transforming lives through the next chapter of their story. The studio's anniversary is a testament to the power of dedication, community, and the pursuit of a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Saskatoon Pilates' journey from its humble beginnings to its current status as a pillar of wellness in the community is a tale of resilience, inspiration, and the profound impact of dedicated community-minded individuals like Kathy Bond. As the studio marks 25 years of empowering people to achieve their best selves, it also looks ahead to a future filled with possibilities, continued growth, and the promise of transforming lives, one Pilates session at a time! 

As they say at Saskatoon Pilates…


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