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Trusted Saskatoon Financial Advisors at Wiegers Financial & Benefits Share Information on Farm Estates

Wiegers Financial & Benefits is one of the largest private financial planning and employee benefits consulting firms in Saskatchewan. Its Saskatoon Financial Planning Division provides business ownershouseholds, retirees, and students with expert investment and insurance planning services to help them reach their long-term financial goals. They also have a Benefits and Personal Insurance planning division. In this latest Wiegers Financial tip they share information and advice for  Farm Estates Wiegers Financial Benefits are Trusted Saskatoon Financial Advisors and Trusted Saskatoon Insurance and Group Benefits experts 

The Future of Your Farm's Estate: Top 6 Considerations

As a Canadian farmer, you’ve lived through your fair share of unpredictability. Whether it was the farm crisis or one too many years of lackluster harvests, you took your farm through the worst combinations Mother Nature and the markets could throw at you, beating the odds to build something your family is truly proud of.

Looking back at the ups and downs of farming, you’d never take any of it back. And you want to leave the challenge behind for the next generation so that your family’s legacy can continue to flourish long after you’re gone. Successful farmers are constantly thinking about what’s next. If you’re over 50, planning the future of your farm should be your top task. The work you put in now could set your farm’s estate up for one of the most anticipated outcomes in your entire farming career. You know how rare that can be in the agriculture industry!

Speaking of your career, you’ve worn many hats over the years: accountant, labourer, veterinarian, weatherman, mechanic, scientist – the list goes on. Through the demands of your job, you’ve learned to ask for help when you need it. So if you’re willing to call your neighbour down the road at harvest, you should be willing to work with the expert up the street on financials.

A financial advisor provides leadership when you need it. They have your best interests in mind while navigating the blind spots of your farm’s estate, connecting a knowledgeable team of specialists to determine how to best plan your family farm’s future. The most common regrets farm estate financial advisors hear from farmers are that they wish they would have talked about it either ten years earlier before they lost their health, or before inflation led to a big misstep in their tax strategy.

You may be thinking about farm estate planning because you’ve been pressed by your child who’s made sacrifices for the farm or you’ve witnessed what happens when farmers leave a mess behind. Don’t wait until things fall apart. If you have a lot of unanswered questions about your farm’s estate, proper planning will bring clarity to problems that exist and provide answers that may solve them. Bring in your biggest concerns and prepare to give your financial advisor honest answers to the following questions.

These are the top six considerations when you're farm estate planning:

1. How do I want to spend the rest of my life?

Is it important to maintain the standard of living that you’ve become accustomed to? Or will you sacrifice your standard of living in the future so your kids can farm?

There are a variety of options for either scenario. For example, if you’re retiring, you could potentially sell two-quarters of land so you can continue to live comfortably.

2. How can I minimize the tax impact?

This is a big one as there are many opportunities. Financial advisors minimize the tax impact on a farmer who’s turning the farm over to the children who will be farming moving forward. They do this through a framework of tax minimization strategies such as capital gains exemptions or tax-deferred rollover options.

3. Do I want to consider family harmony?

Having more than one child makes handing off the farm estate to one child a complicated matter. Land prices are high and farm values are increasing to millions of dollars. What happens often is that suddenly you have a $5 or $10 million farm and the children who have not chosen to farm, get nothing or very little as part of the farm estate. Financial advisors try to find out if giving non-farming children a fair payout is a priority. If it is important, they help you get a life insurance plan in place to compensate them when the moment comes. For example, if your farm is transferred to one child, the other two children will receive a large insurance contract.

Sometimes farming children have made sacrifices to help their parents on the farm. They built equity in the farm when they could have worked somewhere else. In other cases, farming children were paid fairly and didn’t have to sacrifice, but the farm value went up and they want a piece of it. It’s critical to look objectively at the effort that’s been made to reward your children fairly.

4. Are my children’s marriages strong?

Your farm could have been in your family for three or four generations. Over that time, your family might have built outside assets and a large nest egg. One divorce could cost half of your family farm and more. Most farmers don’t want to pass their hard-earned estate onto someone who isn’t family. Divorce is common. Talk about how it could affect your farm before the nuptials. Your future in-laws should know your farm is protected in the event of a marital breakdown.

Financial advisors recommend pre or postnuptial contracts. The best time to write this contract is before the marriage but it can happen afterward. For instance, “We’re not passing the farm onto you unless you sign this contract that says if your marriage doesn’t make it down the road, the farm will stay in our family name.” This conversation is critical because farms are now worth millions. If you don’t take precautions on nuptials, half of your family farm could disappear.

5. Is my succession plan viable?

Most farmers choose to pass the land on to their children. But what happens if all of your children go off to university and don’t come back to the farm? If you do have a child who wants to continue farming, have you thought about whether he or she would make a good successor? Financial advisors recognize when people have the financial acumen to run the business and operations side of farming. And when they don’t.

For example, your middle-aged child could have been farming his entire life but doesn’t have a penny to his name. He likely isn’t the ideal financial custodian of your estate. A good financial advisor must tell you what they’ve observed and made sure you’re indicating that in the plan. Otherwise, handing your farm over to a child who continually mismanages money could cost your family’s legacy soon after you sign over the farm. It’s your responsibility to make it possible for your successor to succeed. Whoever you choose, you’ll want to ensure that the farm estate will be financially viable moving forward.

6. What are my objectives?

You and your spouse may have different goals of what to do with the farm estate. For example, one of you may want to transfer everything and the other could be more conservative. Financial advisors will ask questions to find out what’s important to each of you. This will give you an idea of where you may want to compromise and what you’re not willing to let go of. Then, they’ll begin to coordinate legal and accounting to finalize your farm’s estate plan.

You don’t want to leave critical decisions related to succession planning, marital breakdowns, unexpected taxes, and more to a spouse who could be reeling after you’re gone. Managing your farm estate without a plan is the biggest mistake you can make as a farmer. Talk to your Wiegers Financial & Benefits financial advisor if you’re over 50 with questions about your farm estate planning.

Cliff Wiegers, CFP, TEP, CH.F.C., CLU, B.Comm

Financial Planner, Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. Insurance Representative, Wiegers Financial and Insurance Planning Services Ltd.

Wiegers’ Benefits Consulting Division includes many consultants and support staff who custom-design the most employee-valued and cost-effective group benefit, personal insurance, employee assistance programs, and retirement plans available. Contact Wiegers today for a no-obligation consultation to determine how they can help you.

Gas Line Installation tips from Trusted Saskatoon Gas Line Installation Pros at JOB Heating & Air Conditioning

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning Saskatoon is eager to provide the best possible customer experience. Their aim is to be a professional resource for our clients before, during, and after the sale! Their team takes pride in service knowledge of modern equipment and training. They are recognized by peers and offer sales, service, training & installations for residential, and commercial Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing systems in Saskatoon and area. In their latest Saskatoon HVAC expert article, they discuss the importance of having a gas line installation in Saskatoon done by professionals.

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning Saskatoon Are Trusted Saskatoon Air Conditioning Pros

Gas Line Installation From Trusted Saskatoon Professionals

Summer is around the corner, which means backyard BBQs, and enjoying time around the outdoor fireplace. Do you have a gas line installed properly to operate or are looking for an expert gas line installation? JOB Heating and Air Conditioning have been doing gas line installation for over 18 years in Saskatoon, Warman, Martinsville, and surrounding areas. We know the most cost-effective way to run a gas line for a BBQ, an outdoor fireplace, or a gas line for an indoor fireplace.

Avoid a Costly Mistake

gas line installation in Saskatoon, from an indoor or outdoor fireplace or your barbecue, is best left up to the experts. Despite the very obvious and serious danger that an inexperienced gas line installation can present, some homeowners still attempt to do this job themselves just so they can save a few dollars.

Even if it appears to be straightforward to install a gas line from a YouTube video, there are many variables involved that only a trained professional will know how to identify and/or work with.

In an incident our professionals heard about years ago that involved a DIY gas line installation gone wrong, the homeowner failed to cap a section of the line and the ensuing explosion left the Arizona man and his wife in the hospital and their home destroyed. As tragic as this incident was, it could have been even worse.

Trust Licensed Professionals From JOB Heating & Air

At JOB Heating and Air Conditioning, our team of technicians are licensed and familiar with all of the relevant city codes. When it comes to gas lines, JOB has seen and done it all! Contact JOB Heating & Air Conditioning Saskatoon for all your gas line installation needs.

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning are Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Air Conditioning Experts. We show up on time, deliver on budget and we leave the work area cleaner than when we arrived! At JOB we take pride in our plumbing services in this city and the surrounding area, so nothing means more to us than testimonials from our clients as their preferred plumber in Saskatoon.

JOB products and services include:

Choose Trusted Saskatoon Water Experts at Culligan Saskatoon for Your Bottled Water

Culligan Saskatoon has been treating your water needs in Saskatoon and Surrounding areas since 1949 by providing drinking water with their household systems. They are dedicated to making your water better using the best equipment, best service, and best prices around. They are locally owned and operated. In their latest Trusted Saskatoon water tip, they share information on why bottled water from Culligan Saskatoon is your best choice for clean, filtered drinking water. Culligan are Trusted Saskatoon Water Experts

Why Choose Culligan Saskatoon For Your Bottled Water

Bottled Water From Culligan Saskatoon

Culligan Saskatoon’s bottled water offers five gallons of water, ready and waiting for you to drink whenever you need it. But when it comes to “clean” water, how does Culligan’s bottled water filtration process compare to the other guys?

Water Collection and Distribution

Drinking water that may originate from a natural source is highly susceptible to contaminants – like lead, arsenic, nitrates, and chemical runoff – that get absorbed through the soil. When the water is collected and bottled, it may still contain some of these contaminants. It takes state-of-the-art technology and expert knowledge of water to ensure every sip is free of contaminants.

Steps to Cleaner, Culligan Bottled Water

At Culligan Saskatoon, water goes through a filtration process starting with a water softener to remove the calcium and magnesium or ‘total hardness’ from the water. From there, the chlorine and chloroform are removed from the water, next in line is a set of carbon filters followed by ultraviolet light to neutralize 99.9% of all bacteria. Before going through the Reverse Osmosis process it flows through an absolute filter. 

Culligan water then goes through Reverse Osmosis where the water is pushed through a filter made up of 23 layers with only water particles small enough to escape, removing 99% of the minerals. The final step is to go through another absolute filter and mix the water with ozone to prevent bacterial growth, giving Culligan water a shelf life of up to 2 years.

All bottles at Culligan Saskatoon are washed, rinsed, and filled within a washer-filler, before automatically being filled with clean, Culligan water in a positive air clean room, ensuring they are not filled by hand.

Clean Water Delivered

Keep the power of great water in your home or office with the convenient, efficient delivery of Culligan Bottled Water and Water Coolers. Our Route team will bring your order straight to you to ensure better water always remains in your cooler. Improve the quality of life for yourself and those you care about through the joy of better water.

Interested in Culligan’s bottled water? Contact Culligan Saskatoon today.

Culligan Saskatoon is the name you can trust when it comes to water in Saskatoon and the surrounding area and we look forward to meeting you!

child drinking from Tap in Kitchen

Culligan's Residential Products

Culligan's Commercial Products

Culligan is proud to offer their famous free water analysis just call and they'll come out to your home and test your water for impurities!


"You could give your people Culligan water"

Culligan are Trusted Saskatoon Water Experts

Trusted Saskatoon Fitness Equipment Store, Fitness Solutions Share 5 Spring Fitness Tips

Fitness Solutions is a locally owned, Trusted Saskatoon Fitness Equipment storeserving residential and commercial customers for over 30 years. They have the tools and the experience to make your fitness goals a reality. They are there every step of the way to guide and educate you through the process of finding the perfect piece of equipment to make it happen. In their latest Trusted Saskatoon fitness tip, they provide tips to spring clean your fitness routine to get the most out of every workout this season.


Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Spring isn’t just time to clean your home, your closet, and your car, it’s also a great time to fine-tune your workout to make sure you are just as excited as the first time to get your fitness routine accomplished each and every day! Kick start your metabolism and put that extra ‘spring’ in your step toward your fitness goals with a few tips.

Move Your Workout Outside

When the temperature is perfect and the sun is shining is a great time to locate your workout to the great outdoors. Make a goal to run your block in a certain time frame, walk to get your morning coffee, or even substitute a day at the gym with a fun workout outside. Anything you choose to get moving and enjoy the fresh air at the same time is a bonus!

Try Out New Strength Training

Start out with squats, planks, and dumbbells if you are new to weight training before gradually adding more weight and complexity to your routine. Adding strength training to your workout is a great way to mix up your routine by trading time in one discipline for time in another.

Switch Up The Intervals

Spring cleaning isn’t about reinventing the wheel! If you have activities you love doing, try switching up the intervals with new ones. Even choosing a new course on your cardio machine, from endurance to hills can make a difference in exciting you to work toward your fitness goals.

How Long? You Decide!

Let’s talk about duration. Changing how often and for how long you workout can be just as effective to spice up your routine. If you normally do longer sessions, try opting for short, higher intensity sessions. Experimenting with duration helps your workout from getting predictable and keeps your body craving the change!

Exercise at a Different Time

Are you getting in your workout after a long day at the office? Try waking up a bit earlier and opt for a morning workout! It’s amazing how much fitness you can get in before you have your first cup of coffee. Get creative with your schedule to see what time works best for you and your body.

How Will You Spring Clean Your Workout? 

If you have questions or would like expert fitness advice, contact Fitness Solutions Saskatoon and we are happy to help you spring clean your workout and move toward your fitness goals.

If you need help with your fitness goals, the team at Fitness Solutions is here to help you stay fit and healthy. They take the time to ask you questions and go through all the details to find the perfect equipment for you. When comparing price versus quality, Fitness Solutions Saskatoon is your trusted local place to shop for home fitness equipment.

'Fitness is Not A Destination It Is A Way Of Life'


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