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Trusted Saskatoon Auto Dealer expert answers your Facebook fanpage questions - Part 3 Talk to the Experts – Trusted Automotive Show 

Part 3:

Q: Courtney Saliken: What are the 'key' questions to ask or find out about when purchasing a used vehicle such as how many kilometres? Was that mainly highway or city? Maintenance history? Etc. Are there key questions you should be asking so you know if that vehicle is truly the one you want.

A: Here is  some good questions to ask:  Has it been in any accidents?  Has it always been registered in Saskatchewan? Any warranty remaining? Anything wrong with it mechanically or cosmetically that would have to be fixed? If buying privately please take it for inspection before you buy!     

Q: M Liz Beisel: Is there an increase in hybrid car purchases? Have we seen a shift in customers' preferences?

A: We have sold 3 Volts, the selling price ($40K) has slowed buyers down. Unlike other provinces, Saskatchewan does not offer a “green” rebate.  Some provinces offer  $5000-$7000 in rebates to buyers.  Did you know it costs General Motors over $80,000 to build a Volt! They are a wonderful car.  We have several cars getting over 50 miles to the gallon using regular gas and are price in the low to mid $20,000s.  

Q: Laura Ellis: When it comes to used vehicles on your lot, what is the dealer responsibility when it comes to any applicable manufacturer recalls that may be in place? Does the dealer ensure that the vehicles they are selling are recall free, or that the recall requirements are complete prior to selling them, or is it left to the consumer to investigate and repair themselves?

A:: Laura,  all vehicles (both domestic and imports) have recalls checked and completed before a vehicle is offered for sale. Just another good reason to purchase a certified pre-owned vehicle

Q: Annalee Bruce McSharkbite: My question for you is with all these new vehicles the keyless entry seems to be the thing. With the fabs being so expensive to replace and the technology involved in them, if a criminal was to steal your car can they still hot wire it and get it going?   

A: It is very hard for a thief to steel a new vehicle and it would require a lot of very specialized equipment and technical knowledge. 

Q: Stephanie Bishop: How does a person know if they are getting ripped off when it comes to repairs on your vehicle and how does a dealership provide better service (oil changes, multi point inspections etc) than some of the other repair shops/dealerships out there?   

A:  You can avoid getting “ripped off” by sticking to a reputable Dealership like SMP.  We have factory trained technicians that specialize in GM vehicles and we use factory authorized parts. If you take your vehicle to a small repair or lube shop you could be taking a gamble with trust and your warranty.

Q: Caleigh Kimber: I recently finished university and got a job on the other side of the city. I currently have a 13 year old car and I'm looking to upgrade. I've been looking around at all sorts of different vehicles and can't decide what to buy. Would SMP be able to help me find a budget-friendly vehicle that can still make it through our crazy Saskatchewan winter?

A: Congrats on completing your university degree! We have over 200 pre-owned vehicles here also with a new Chevrolet.  I can offer you a great vehicle with 0% financing for up to 84 months and an extra discount for being a recent grad. When can we meet?

 Q: Lisa Leavitt- McLeod Questions for Stan - how is the music career going? And second, what is the most popular vehicle being bought this year?

A:  Our most popular vehicles are Cruze, Equinox and Silverado trucks ... we are also getting several orders for the new 2014 Corvette.   

Q: Amanda Lepage: I'm in the "Mom-Chauffeur" stage of my life right now. What is the safest, most fuel-efficient vehicle you would recommend for me? Considering that I need room for two teenagers and a husband, hockey equipment, musical instruments, groceries, and all the other things I may be hauling around at any given time? Here's the challenge: I'm not a fan of minivans and I don't want to break the bank! Any suggestions?

A: Come check out our Chevrolet Trax, Equinox or Traverse.  All available in FWD or AWD and have 5 to 8 seats.  Come test them all, hopefully there will be one that will work for your growing and busy family.  


Q: Vanessa Pauls-Doell: What are the questions that I should be asking a salesman when looking at buying a new used vehicle?

Ask to see the inspection, ask if there is one or two taxes payable, ask if it has a block heater, ask if there is a spare key and owner’s manual. Ask about remaining factory warranty, if it over  ask if there is any warranty available.  


Q: Dave Wilson: What are the pros/cons between buying a new vehicle vs leasing a new vehicle?

A: Some consider a lease a long test drive, normally the payment is lower as you are only paying for the use of the car and not financing the tax.  It is best to buy the Kms you are driving so you are not hit with excess kms at end.  With a lease you will have to buy a package policy which is not required when you finance a vehicle.  A lease is good for people who like to change vehicles often and don’t have to worry about the value of their trade.  At one time 70% of our business was GM leases.  Today with long tern finance rates of 0% for 84 months you can get a low payment.  I always suggest to our customers to go as short as they can afford and pay for what you drive.  If someone drives 40,000km a year financing it for 7- 8 years may not be the best.      




Preferred Collision and Glass your Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body experts share a tip on What to do when you're involved in a Collision

What can you expect when you deal with the professionals at Preferred Collision and Glass Saskatoon? More than you thought! 

First, expect big cost savings! 

You can also expect Seamless quality repairs! A faster turnaround for your vehicle (on average 25% faster!!) & Assistance dealing with insurance! 

You'll find quality at every price point - from a few hundred dollars to a thousand or more. It's up to you.

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body experts in collision repair and auto paint!  

Preferred Collision and Glass shares a tip on What to do when you are in a Collision: 

When experiencing a collision, sometimes life can become very stressful and overwhelming when you are least expecting it to. 


Sometimes they can occur when driving conditions are poor, such as when the roads are icy when there is black ice present, and when there is a snowstorm, or when it is very windy.

When traffic collisions seem to happen so quickly, it can be hard to recall the details later. 


The most important thing to do in the case of a traffic collision is to remain calm, although sometimes this is a task that is easier said than done. If someone is hurt, if you think any other driver may be guilty of a Criminal Code offence, such as drunk driving, or if there is significant property damage, you must always call the police.

In the case of an accident, if no one is hurt please try to move your car to the side of the road where it will not obstruct traffic. If your car is not mobile, simply turn on your hazard lights, or use cones, flares, or warning triangles.

At the time that the collision occurs write down as much information as you can about the accident so that you don’t forget it when you are asked to repeat it later. When filing a claim with your local SGI insurance outlet, you will be asked at that time to recall details about the incident. While speaking with the other driver or drivers, if one or more was involved, write down their contact information, such as name, phone number, and address, as well as their insurance broker if applicable, and if there were any witnesses, write down their information as well. If you can, you may sketch the accident, noting the position and directions of the cars, or use a disposable camera if you have one.

Though it can be difficult and stressful being in a car accident, remember that these accidents can and do happen to anyone. Always be vigilant and watchful of unsafe road conditions, and do not drive if you do not feel comfortable doing so.If you are involved in a collision, please call SGI. Once SGI has done all the preliminary paperwork,we can help you with all your collision repairs and needs. Please call us or simply bring your car down to the shop at 659 51st St E and we’ll handle the concerns of your vehicle. We can’t prevent an accident, but we can make your vehicle look like one never happened.


Find them on Facebook HERE!




Preferred Collision and Glass your Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body experts share a tip on Icy Road Conditions

What can you expect when you deal with the professionals at Preferred Collision and Glass Saskatoon? More than you thought! 

First, expect big cost savings! 

You can also expect Seamless quality repairs! A faster turnaround for your vehicle (on average 25% faster!!) & Assistance dealing with insurance! 

You'll find quality at every price point - from a few hundred dollars to a thousand or more. It's up to you.

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Body experts in collision repair and auto paint!  

Preferred Collision and Glass shares a tip on Icy Road Conditions:

This time of year, road conditions-in Saskatoon and rural Saskatchewan-can be very icy and sometimes, it can even be tough to walk on the road without slipping and falling. Imagine what being on the road with a car is like! A car is both fragile and rugged. One wrong move on an icy road without the proper winter tires might have you in a fender-bender (or the ditch), but as well, a car must be winterized to survive in harsh winter weather conditions.

Driving on interchanges require extra-special attention and focus while driving because these often get salted and sanded less frequently than other main roads. While driving on main roads, such as the downtown core, that are often frequented by pedestrians, take extra care and go slowly in these areas, as these are often the iciest of areas. Sometimes leaving a few minutes early for work in the morning will get you ahead of the morning traffic rush, but sometimes it’s also necessary, for driving slow on icy roads so you’re not in a collision.

When on an icy road, if you feel yourself start to skid, don’t brake and don’t panic. If it is slippery, make sure you pump your brakes, also called “threshold” braking, until you come to a complete stop. Trying to see where black ice is, which is invisible, can be hard to do, so please make an effort to drive slowly and carefully at all times. Remember that if you are in a collision to remain calm

If you are in a collision,  Preferred Collision and Glass will look after all your and your car’s needs, during and after, with our Customer For Life program. Give them a call or visit us at so that we can help you out and get you back on the road. Remember, we can’t prevent an accident, but we can make it like it never happened.


Find them on Facebook HERE!


Trusted Saskatoon share a great tip on the WCB Employer's Payroll Statement and what it means to your business


 WCB Employer's Payroll Statement 

Did you know as an employer you are responsible for the accurate reporting of your past years payroll amounts and the estimation of this years amounts to WCB?

It is very important to report your payroll amounts to Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board on time each year.
For ease the WCB sends out the Employer's Payroll Statement with detailed instructions each year.

It is important your payroll reporting is done accurately as this makes up part of your premiums for the year. You are only to declare for work completed in Saskatchewan.

Another important part to this reporting is declaring the contractors that you used and did not contact WCB to get a clearance letter for before you paid them.

This portion applies to all businesses in any industry who have hired a person or business to perform work or services on a contract basis.
If you paid a subcontractor for a service and did not call WCB to get a clearance letter first you may have a levy applied to your account.

How do I ensure my business does not pay more?

Make it a practice to always contact WCB for a clearance letter or a letter of good standing before you pay a contractor.

Ensure your Employer's Payroll Statement is filed on time.

Make sure your payments to WCB are made on time.

Made In The Shade Trusted Saskatoon Window Coverings expert share a tip on Saving Energy with Hunter Douglas Blinds

Trusted Saskatoon window covering experts  Made In The Shade Saskatoon 

Here they share a great tip on Saving Energy with Hunter Douglas Blinds:

In Saskatoon, reality of winter has once again set in as we face temperatures of -40C and worse. It's a time of year where we all struggle to stay warm even in your home.

When the temperature drops and winds rise, your furnace works harder to maintain the temperature in your home.

The good news is that you can help keep your home warm and stylish with the right blinds on your windows. Duette Architella by Hunter Douglas are created with a unique double layered honeycomb shape which dramatically improves the insulation value on your window.

A bare, low-e double-glazed window has an R-value of about 3.5. Add a properly installed Duette Arhitella 1 1/4" honeycomb shade with Panache opaque fabric and the R-value peaks at 7.86, more than doubling the energy efficiency and reducing heat loss by over 50%.

Come to our showroom and learn how to stay warm this winter and save some extra money for the winter holiday you've been planning. 



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