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Congratulations Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath Celebrating 10 years as Trusted Saskatoon Fireplace, Bathroom & Outdoor Living Stores


In this series of recognition articles, we continue to shine a spotlight on the businesses that have been Trusted Saskatoon Partners for over 10 years. This year we recognize the partners that joined us in 2012. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are identifying each of them individually for providing 10 years of OUTSTANDING service to the citizens of Saskatoon and the surrounding area! This latest article celebrates and recognizes Chuck, Mike, Stephen and the rest of the hard-working team at Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath.

Better Living Begins Here

Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath

Wheatland is a locally owned family business with showrooms in both Regina and Saskatoon. They have a long history in Saskatchewan and are known for only bringing in the finest fireplace, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor living brands from across North America. When we first met the owner Chuck Le Page, back in 2011, they sold fireplaces, Jacuzzi spas, BBQ & smokers. Since then they moved away from hot tubs ( as they take up a lot of space ) and moved on to offering more amazing fireplaces, stunning Canadian made bathroom products (show stopping baths, showers, vanities and other bathroom furniture), faucets, sinks, fire-pits, fire tablesBBQ's and smokers. When you walk in you feel the warmth and comfort of their fireplaces and you can browse their stunning products in person.  If you want ANYTHING from any of the brands they carry …they will order it especially for you! 

Established in 1982, With Humble Beginnings. 

Wheatland began selling Glow Boy wood-burning fireplaces out of a garage, and they had local firemen installing the fireplaces for their customers. After noticing a significant demand for the product they were selling, two years later they decided to expand the business and move the operation to Regina. 

In 1984, Wheatland Fireplace was established and soon became the leading, and now oldest, hearth retailer in Saskatchewan. In 1987 Wheatland opened a store in Saskatoon and both stores have had extensive and ongoing showroom renovations in the last few years to include the large range of bathroom and kitchen products.

Wheatland's founder is Chuck Le Page and his youngest son Mike Le Page ( pictured on the right in the Saskatoon showroom that is currently getting another amazing facelift)  is the Saskatoon store manager,  and he also oversees the Regina operation with Regina store manager Stephen Moon.

In 2023 they will also be offering yard reno's as additional services, everything from decks to pergolas. If you have seen some of their outdoor kitchen set up's we can assure you that you will understand how amazing their backyard transformations can be!!   


A quick Google will reveal Wheatland's stellar reputation, the customer feedback is consistently excellent and they are always in the pursuit of excellence!

What Their Clients Say...

" Mike and the team at Wheatland in Saskatoon were great to work with. Very knowledgeable and great customer service. We had a unique request for a custom gas firepit and they worked with us to build out a pan and burner combo along with some beautiful media to create a gorgeous firepit. We couldn't be happier with the end result. "- Ryan Holowaty
" I can't say how awesome my experience was with wheatland fireplace. I was like a kid at Christmas when getting the fireplace installed so of course I had to watch the install. I know a customer watching you install something is less then ideal but they humored me and I got to shoot the breeze with them. watching the install and all the conversations leading up to the installed I know I made the right decision going with Wheatland!" - Justin Bisson

"When our clients take the time to share their satisfaction with us it really means everything to our team. We understand that long-lasting relationships are built on trust. Our team is so grateful for the loyalty of our wonderful customers. To provide good customer service, you need to know what you’re selling, inside and out. Our team understands how our product work and what sets them apart. We can answer most questions and we strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction." - Chuck Le Page

A word from Sara, the Trusted Saskatoon founder, about her personal experience with Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath.

I first met Chuck Le Page  in Regina in 2011, I had heard about the business and went in to check out the showroom and the products.I was very impressed with what I saw and heard. That day Chuck was in the store and he was gracious enough to give me some time to explain the Trusted Directories concept,  and why I thought they were a good fit. He really liked the idea and made the decision to sign up in both markets. Over time, I have been a customer and worked closely with both Chuck and his son Mike. We now do additional marketing services for them at Trusted Marketing Services,  and I am proud to promote and support such a wonderful local company and team. I can say hand on heart that if you choose a product from Wheatland, they stand behind it and you will not be disappointed. Better living certainly does begin at Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath!  - Sara Wheelwright 

Thank you for TRUSTING us Chuck & Mike at Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath . You have provided 10 years of AMAZING service to the people of Saskatoon, Regina & area as a Trusted Saskatoon Partner in four categories - Fireplaces, Bathrooms, Kitchens and Outdoor Living . We are proud to support you and to share that they have diligently upheld the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service. 

Trusted Saskatoon Kitchen Store Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath Discuss Modern Kitchen Sink Designs

Your first step into the beautiful Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath Saskatoon showroom will help you understand why Wheatland Fireplace has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Saskatoon. Wheatland loves their customers and as a result, their customers love and TRUST them. In their latest kitchen tip, they share modern kitchen sink designs that attract attention.

Modern Kitchen Sink Designs That Look to Attract Attention

A kitchen sink is one of those things that you can’t do without. It’s not by any means a decoration but an absolute essential. Modern kitchen sink designs come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and materials to not only accommodate your everyday needs but also become a nice decor accent in the kitchen. And while custom sinks will always look more resplendently incredible, manufactured designs usually provide more functionality. It’s not to say that you won’t be able to find a sink for your budget that will also look ideal in your cookroom, though.

Cool Modern Kitchen Sink Designs

Undermount sinks seem to be most popular in modern kitchens because they make for that sleek aesthetic for which contemporary style is known and loved. Though such a sink doesn’t attract much attention, being mostly hidden within an island or cabinet, it may create a beautiful colour contrast with the countertop.

Modern kitchen sink designs often come with additional accessories that can be most useful like shallow basins and chopping board covers. Corner sinks are great because they allow utilizing every inch of space in a small kitchen, adding functionality to an awkward angle that would otherwise look empty.

Shiny Metals

Metallic sinks don’t only look sleek and contemporary but they are generally easy to maintain. That’s why they’re so popular. Virtually immune to staining, their only issue may be scratching, if you aren’t careful during cleaning. Weathered brass is less commonplace than stainless steel, but there is a good reason to try it out. It already looks worn but in a pleasant way, and it’s something different.

The beauty of stainless steel is that it’s easier on the wallet, and it goes well with any kind of material. Wood – check, concrete – check, weathered wood, Corian, granite, and even marble can withstand the cold of stainless steel. A modern stainless steel kitchen sink is usually a rectangular deep basin with a sleek faucet. There are many variations on the theme, though.

Double-bowl steel sinks are also an industry standard, and why wouldn’t they be? Convenient, sleek, and contemporary – they do what they have to, and don’t cost as much.

Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are as popular as ever. Breaking the continuous flow of a countertop, they protrude forward to announce their presence and bring a bit of a rustic vibe to the place. Farmhouse sinks aren’t plain white anymore. There are just too many materials out there for them to stick to that and not evolve. If you want to stick to plain white, it’s your call, but you can really give it an update by adding brass details like a faucet and cabinet handles. Together they lean towards rustic modern rather than completely old-fashioned and traditional.

Many farmhouse sink designs are hefty things, but there are exceptions. And if your countertops are thin, you may need to opt for a basin with thinner walls. A double farmhouse sink made of stone is something completely special. It can look both modern and traditional, depending on the interior, but it will always stand out as a strong focal accent.

Precious Stones

Speaking of stones, marble is arguably the best looking of them all, and it makes for a perfect material for a beautiful kitchen sink. Only it isn’t if you don’t like high-maintenance design. Marble is porous and so is prone to staining; you’ll need to keep an eye out for regular maintenance. On the other hand, it looks incredible. It never looked as modern. So if you aren’t an avid cook, it may be the right kind of splurge.

Even though stone is thought of as a rigid material, it can succumb to the sculptor’s hand. It can equally succumb to artists and professionals who specialize in crafting oddly-shaped sinks. Built-ins aren’t limited only to storage. Sinks and entire parts of certain rooms can be built-in, and still, look nice and dandy.

Double Bowl

Double bowl modern kitchen sink designs have their special place in a contemporary cookroom. They are simply convenient. A double basin is perfect for separating fresh produce from dirty dishes. If you are very meticulous about cleanliness, a double bowl sink is a perfect choice. If you don’t want to commit too much space to a sink, a small basin will do for washing food.

Shallow basins may not work well for doing dishes, but they are perfect for washing your fruit and veggies. You don’t have to fish them out of a deep bowl, but let it soak in a shallow dish with a special small drain. It also clearly differentiates between which bowl does what, which can be very helpful for someone other than the host.

Smaller basins for food also make sense, when you want a sink with a dish draining surface. It just gives you more bang for your buck. Some modern kitchen sink designs are simply made for those who cook a lot. So in order to make it easier for them, these sinks have a ton of features and functions and then some – kind of like a chef’s dream.

Shallow Waters

Shallow sinks generally have no advantage over deeper ones, but they may encourage you to do your dishes more often. Your sink doesn’t have to be big depth-wise. The contemporary approach is to slim things out, so you can find shallower rectangular basins that are spacious enough. A step within the sink makes for a great dish drain. You can also use it to wash produce, if you have a pull-down faucet.

Deep Sinks

Deep sinks are less tricky. You can hide them inside a cabinet or a kitchen island. They can hold lots of produce or dishes at once, and they can still look pretty. Hammered copper is one of the latest trends in modern kitchen sink designs. They look cool and attractive and go well with different styles.

Farmhouse-style sinks can be quite deep, but they also look great, so don’t think twice about taking advantage of the fact.

Unique Modern Kitchen Sink Designs

Unique modern sinks are still all about functionality. The basin, the faucet, and the drain come first, but they are the core. The rest may vary and look rather unusual.

Non-Typical Shapes

Sinks of unusual shapes may not always be practical, but when did that stop anyone from using them in design? It’s supposed to look beautiful, isn’t it?

While the most modern kitchen sink designs come in a rectangular shape, this is an atypical variant, seeing as it’s incredibly long. A single revolving faucet ensures water access to both basins, one of which looks more like a platform for dish draining. A slim sink doesn’t seem too practical, but it can have its advantages. You wouldn’t want to keep dirty dishes in such a tight spot.

Modern kitchen sink designs can be as beautiful as they are functional. If you want, you can make yours the very focal point of your kitchen, which is especially possible in minimal inexpensive kitchens.

Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath are successful for a reason! This really is where your outdoor living and indoor fireplace, bathroom & kitchen dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland services and installs high-quality fireplaces, Visit their website or stop by their showroom to feel the warmth and comfort of their amazing selection.

"Better Living Begins Here... At Wheatland, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!"

Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath are your Trusted Saskatoon Kitchen Store 

Trusted Saskatoon Kitchen Store Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath's Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Your first step into the beautiful Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath Saskatoon showroom will help you understand why Wheatland Fireplace has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Saskatoon. Wheatland loves their customers and as a result, their customers love and TRUST them. In their latest kitchen faucet tip, they share a great kitchen faucet buying guide. 

Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Whether you’re replacing an old faucet or installing something new in a remodeling plan, there are a few things to know before the water starts to flow.

Faucet Types: Deck-Mount or Wall-Mount Faucets 

Deck-mount faucets attach to the countertop or rest on the sink. These are usually common kitchen sink faucets. Wall-mount faucets attach through the wall and hang over the sink. If you choose a replacement deck-mount faucet, the number of holes in your sink is important. One-piece faucets, with an integrated handle and spout, need one hole for the handle/spout piece and another for the sprayer. Traditional faucets, with hot and cold taps, require three holes for the taps and spout and a fourth for the sprayer. Additional options — soap dispensers or integrated sprayers — create a different set of requirements. If you’re starting from scratch, choose the faucet before the sink, so you can buy a sink with the appropriate number of holes for your selection. Alternatively, holes can be drilled into the sink to accommodate the faucet. More often than not, the best kitchen sink faucets come equipped with the sprayer feature.

Tip: Escutcheons, also called base plates or deck plates, are ornamental plates that cover additional holes and allow the installation of a one-hole faucet on a three-hole sink.

Faucet Handles

Typically, kitchen sink faucets have either one handle rotating directionally to change water temperature or two handles for mixing hot and cold water. These include a sprayer that sits to the side or a pull-out or pull-down sprayer with spray and stream options. Hands-free faucets add a new dimension to the kitchen. These can be touch-or motion-oriented and come with both temperature and volume control, making these faucets a safe choice for homes with children. Hands-free faucets work well with the universal design concept, making living spaces more accessible and accommodating for every level of physical ability.

Tip: If you choose a pull-out or pull-down sprayer, look for a faucet with a magnetic catch so that the hosing keeps its form.

Sinks for Specialized Tasks

Before you choose your faucet, think about the ways you use your sink. Do you wash a lot of bulky pots and pans? Are you bathing a baby? A high-arc faucet might make your tasks more comfortable. If you have room in the kitchen, consider installing a bar prep faucet in a side sink. The double setup makes it one of the best kitchen faucets because of the ease of keeping meats and vegetables separate during meal preparation.

Faucet Finishes

If you prefer a unified look in your kitchen, check out the selection of kitchen sink faucets with a finish that matches the cabinet hardware. Bronze, chrome, and nickel/stainless steel are available at every price point.

Faucet Features

In-faucet filters are great for filtering tap water. Keep volume and maintenance in mind to decide if this is the right filtering option for your family. Soap dispensers make it easy to keep kitchen counters clear of clutter. Hot-water dispensers are great for hot beverages and pot filling. A kitchen faucet with a sprayer makes for a great feature. You can use the sprayer to get excess grime off of your dishes and into the drain quickly and efficiently.

Faucet Installation and Operation

There are two types of faucet installations: top mount and bottom mount. Top-mount faucets attach with screws through the bottom of the faucet piece from underneath the counter. Bottom-mount faucets attach with screws through the top of the faucet piece. There are four types of faucet mechanisms: ball valve, ceramic disc, compression valve, and cartridge. The type won’t affect your day-to-day use but will affect faucet repairs and maintenance down the road.

Tip: If you have cabinets above your kitchen sink faucets, measure the height available from the deck plate to the bottom of the upper cabinet. Keep this number in mind when shopping.

Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath are successful for a reason! This really is where your outdoor living and indoor fireplace, bathroom & kitchen dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland services and installs high-quality fireplaces, Visit their website or stop by their showroom to feel the warmth and comfort of their amazing selection.

"Better Living Begins Here... At Wheatland, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!"

Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath are your Trusted Saskatoon Kitchen Store 

Trusted community steps up to help a local Saskatoon woman after her contractor nightmare Part 1

The Trusted teamwork for the public, we do that by finding great local businesses, verifying they are as good as we have heard, and contracting them to uphold the 5 Trusted Guarantees. These 5 Trusted guarantees are the cornerstone of our business and the businesses we partner with, and if something does go wrong we hold the businesses to their obligations....that's what the Trusted Saskatoon businesses sign up for. That's why we promote them and why we believe they are the best businesses in the cities we serve. 



JANICE'S BUILD- the Trusted Rebuild

Last week we heard about Janice, a single Mum in Saskatoon that has not been lucky enough to deal with a  ' Trustworthy' business, in fact, she has dealt with the kind of company that we set Trusted Saskatoon up to protect people from.... let's share the first part of the story. 

Janice is a lovely woman who has been left in a house that was a home 5 months ago & now is a dangerous unfinished, building site. She is trying to keep on a brave face for her 10-year-old daughter but is sick with worry that the house won't survive the Winter cold that is on its way,  and wondering every day how she is going to manage to get back on her feet .......why? All because of an unscrupulous Saskatoon contractor that has been her worst nightmare! 


We heard her story last week through a friend of Sara's, the Trusted founder, and we were extremely moved by her plight, and wanted to do what we could to's a great thing we know an amazing group of local Saskatoon businesses, who are invested in their community and who truly set the standard for integrity in the Saskatoon Business community!


We sent out an email at 9 pm that night, we had some responses back within the hour and by the end of the week, we have already had so many wonderful Trusted Saskatoon directory partners offer Janice their help...and  Trusted Regina partners!  



Thank you also to Aaron Loraas- from Loraas disposal for donating bins and garbage fees for the project, Winroc and Rona for materials and Heating roofing systems in Colorado for the roof!! 

Sara went to surprise Janice tonight, who knew nothing of this until was extremely emotional, Janice was completely gobsmacked when Sara knocked on her door and told her why she was there. Once the first round of tears dried, and she realized Sara was above board, she showed her around the house and Sara couldn't believe the state this contractor has left her in. We shared the news about the wonderful Trusted Saskatoon companies that had already stepped up to help her, and she was happy to allow us to document this journey by blog and video, so she could prevent other people from having the same thing happen to this is Part 1 of THE HOUSE THAT TRUSTED SASKATOON REBUILT!   

So whats next?
A well-recognized business leader and expert in the construction industry is going to cast his professional eye over Janice's bombsite of a home, and he will then be able to assess just what needs to be done, and from there we can start planning the rebuild, and what we need in regards help & materials from these amazing Trusted Saskatoon companies.
 We will leave you with Sara's comments as the last words of Part 1
" Saskatoon has been amazing to me and my family, and I believe it's important to step up to help people in the community you live in. Janice's situation is not uncommon unfortunately, a thing like this happen every day to families and individuals in this city and this province, that's why I was motivated to start Trusted. I am just glad I am in a position, along with the Trusted partners to help her with this hand up back on her feet again. 
To start the ball rolling I will donate $1000 in  Gift Certificates for Janice to put towards this rebuild. She can use them at any of the partner businesses on the directory.  I am not going to publicly name the contractor or his business...that is not my place, but after what I saw & heard today I believe strongly that the company  should have their A rating on the Better Business Bureau of Saskatchewan lowered to an F, and the insurance companies should take them off their preferred list of contractors"  

Trusted Saskatoon directory Saskatoon Kitchen & Bathroom Design experts Show

Trusted THE Saskatoon Directory   is proud to be hosting a Talk to the Experts show " The Trusted Show' Monthly on Newstalk 650 ..the first show aired June 9th 2012.  Find them all here in our tips library or on our Trusted Channel on You Tube which is a fabulous resource of Tips, Interviews, Demos and Tours.

What this means is you can listen to all the shows ON DEMAND, you can share them with friends who may be interested in the shows subjects and this makes sure you never have to miss a Trusted Show - we think out of the Box when it comes to marketing, so we can provide the BEST Possible service for YOU the public- we are the Only Local Directory that works for you...and the only  place to offer this kind of service in Saskatoon!  

This latest show we are featuring is the Kitchen & Bathroom  Design Show



 Kevin from KTS Custom Cabinets- a Trusted Saskatoon Kitchen experts

 Tamara from Metric Design Centre - Your Trusted Saskatoon Interior Designers 

Joel from End Of The Roll - Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Experts



All the shows questions have been submitted by our wonderful Trusted Saskatoon Facebook Fans  and one lucky fans question was chosen by Brent Loucks to win the Prize package submitted by the 3 Trusted Businesses worth  OVER $700


Enjoy the show!! 






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