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Trusted Saskatoon Landscaper Break the Contracting Stereotypes

Trusted Saskatoon Landscaping Professionals looks to break the stereotype of contractors who overcharge, fail to show up, and do not complete the job on the time! By constantly pushing the envelope and increasing the expectations of contractors everywhere they  explains in 4 easy points how THEY go about doing business!

  • They make sure to hold every project they do to a  leading standard without rushing it to get paid.
  • They never quote low to get a job which in turn would force them to hit you with up charges.
  • Along with this they will be upfront, honest, and prompt on communicating any changes in cost or extra needs.
  • If they give you a quote and nothing is changed, requested, or added during the job they will stay authentic to our quote.

Saskatoon Trusted Partners by hold true the 5 Trusted Guarantees! If you are in need of any landscaping service, don't hesitate to contact our partners! They are waiting to help!

K & S Contracting Trusted Saskatoon Roofers and Exterior Experts answer Saskatoon roofing questions

K & S Contracting are Trusted Saskatoon General Contractors and foundation specialists

Saskatoon roofing questions answered 

Q: Sarah Elliot: When do you have to replace shingles?  Important to do immediately? What are the repercussions of procrastinating?

A: If you are asking this question they probably need to be replaced.  A sure sign is any leaking which usually happens in a valley or if your shingles are curling up or down or from a bad installation.  All these are reasons for shingles to be replaced.  A proper shingle job must be installed properly for it to be covered by insurance.  If you are thinking of replacing let us know and we will come give a free estimate!  If you procrastinate it can mean interior damage which is a higher cost and the many tradesman coming in and out of your home to repair when it could just be handled by having a new roof installed by 2 men.

Q: Holly Stasiuk: What are the comparable costs for metal roofing compared to asphalt shingles?

A: We do not do metal roofing but from our experience it is usually at least double.

Q: Rachelle Nieman: If someone is interested in being eco-friendly, what is the best option for the most sustainable roofing? Some companies in B.C. for eg. offer cedar; asphalt; and metal as options, which are all mostly made of recycled materials and also long-lasting for the customer's satisfaction.

A: Everything is fiberglass now so it is long lasting.  There used to be a recycled shingle but it started rotting so they discontinued it.  

Q: Bonny Fiss: I know it is a matter of what a person wants but what do you think about tin roofs over shingles is the life span better on tin roofs as I have heard?

We do not do tin roofs but our life span on our shingles is 50 years to a life time.  To note tin roofs to dent with hail and discolor over time.

Q: Denis Taylor: I live in a mobile home & would like to redo the roof. I would like to do a peaked roof to help with winter snow build up & run off. So a few questions- how high of a peak would be needed to help with runoff? & would you use shingle or metal sheet roofing? I would like it to be affordable & long lasting.

A: Any peak will help with run off 4/12 pitch and higher is best.  We can do any type of pitch, we would just have to come by to look.  We do not deal with metal roofing so it would be shingles, our shingles are 50 years to a life time warranty.

Q: Crystal Gharini: Why does my bathroom fan leak in the winter time, is there something wrong with my roofing or does it need to be re-shingled?

A: It is almost a thousand percent going to be your fan hose that is connect from your fan to your vent up top.  Some times people do it themselves and do not use the proper material.  Or its not the right usage of plumbing which causes condensation and dripping.   The other small amount could be a roof leak if shingles are deteriorating.

Q: Jennifer Harms: In the winter when it is really cold out the a little section of the roof where the wall and root meet (above the window) it gets ice/frost build up.  What would someone do about this?

A: That could be insulation problem or ventilation problem.  There are a few things that could be the issue and would have to crawl into the attic space to look.  

Q: Shannon Hildebrant: What do you suggest for a sky light prone to icing over -on the inside. Then of course, the ice melts the first warm day, causing wall and roof damage from the water.

Most of these incidents we remove the skylight and shingle over.  


K & S Contracting specialize in foundation repair for homeowners across Saskatchewan, but they also offer general contracting services to Saskatoon and surrounding area including:


READ MORE CLIENT REVIEWS HERE ON THEIR WEBSITE K & S Contracting are Saskatoon’s Trusted Contractor for ICF Foundations..."They will get you back on solid ground!"


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