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Trusted Saskatoon team, partners and friends come together in Christmas spirit

The Trusted Saskatoon Directory team always try to do something for the Saskatoon community, we are committed to helping where we can, but especially at Christmas 

On Dec 21st a Trusted Saskatoon Facebook post revealed our cunning plan in full! 

Trusted Saskatoon fans on Facebook had been enjoying 5 weeks of giveaways to celebrate the new website. & contests to celebrate reaching 7000 FacebookFans- but this the 8th contest and this time they weren’t going to be the winners....

We love a good rhyme .......

“ Saskatoon... Christmas eve is drawing near 
Part 8 of our give away is becoming clear. 
The Trusted Saskatoon teams Christmas spirit is strong
We could pick 1 person to benefit, but feel that would be wrong 
So we ask YOU Saskatoon to tell us WHO is in need?
We will select a recipient not based on GREED
A charity, group or family we can gift this year
$700 dollars for them to use or to share.
Please share your thoughts and tell us a reason

Why YOUR nomination should benefit this Christmas season! 

The response was amazing, although some what overwhelming too, as we ONLY had $700 to donate to worthy people or organizations! 

HOW AWESOME IT WAS  to receive 4 additional donations!

 1 from an single mother who wished to remain anon

 3  from Trusted Saskatoon partners of $100 each- thank you to:

 So,who did we choose and how?

WE AGONIZED over every nomination - but in the end decided to split the $1100 pot 11 ways equally and choose who we thought would benefit most

If we had more, believe us, everyone would have been helped, but we know less than $100/ recipient wouldn’t have made much of an impact! $100 for a family for example  is a turkey and all the trimmings on Xmas day for 6+ people 

The RECIPIENTS for Trusted Saskatoon’s ANNUAL December Christmas eve comfort are : 

‘ organizations’ 

  1. Oskāyak High school - $100 donation GC for winter clothes fund for teens - we will be raising more awareness for this after New Year as so needed for this age group!  
  2. Saskatoon Interval house - $100 Walmart GC for personal hygiene items, diapers and grooming items left behindin their urgency.
  3. Hands on Outreach Saskatoon - $100 Walmart GC - a wonderful grass roots organization in Saskatoon teaching real skills to youth in our city
  4. Saskatoon Cancer Clinic’s Playroom - $100 Donation ( TBD)- we have friends with cancer, we know kids with cancer- enough said
‘People’ nominated - we will contact individually and will not disclose full names or details.- just to say they will appreciate the $100 help this Christmas.
  1. Rhonda- Sponsored by anon single mom donor - $100 Superstore GC ( we will contact )
  2. Tammy - Sponsored by Perfection Plumbing $100 Superstore GC ( we will contact)
  3. Gail - sponsored by Curtis $100 Superstore GC ( we will contact)
  4. Deb - sponsored by Solange $100 Superstore GC ( we will contact)
  1. Parkridge Centre - TBD - we want to bring some Christmas into the lives of their residents young and old on Christmas Eve
  2. A refugee family from Syria - TBD ( $100 Walmart GC)
  3. Homeless men - $10 Timmies Gift Card x 10 men - they DO get forgotten !!