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Gibbon Heating and Air Trusted Saskatoon Air Conditioning and Furnace experts explain why you should only use a licensed Saskatoon HVAC company

Gibbon Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Saskatoon and surrounding areas for over 25 Years, Gibbon is a "Total Service" company with trained technicians who are able to provide customers with solutions to all their SASKATOON Heating & Air Conditioning and SASKATOON Plumbing related requirements! Gibbon Heating and Air Conditioning are TRUSTED SASKATOON Air Conditioning & Furnace Professionals

"A History of Professionalism, A Foundation of Trust"

Why you should contact a qualified and licensed Saskatoon HVAC company:

The following article was supplied by Brent Badrock - owner of Gibbon Heating and Air 

Sometimes we get called out for quotes and come across some horrible installs. The pictures below are from a customer who chose to go with a competitor because they had a cheaper price. Unfortunately the contractor she used butchered her house and did not do any aspect of the job according to Provincial Code.  


The contractor destroyed her wall, used an installation manual to support the venting, used flexible appliance hose for the gas lines, did not re-size the chimney, indirectly vented 2 furnaces and a hot water heater in a closet without adequate combustion air, sold her a couple 2 stage furnaces without upgrading the thermostats to take advantage of the energy savings, ran shark bite fittings and flexible hose to the new hot water heater, failed to provide clearance from the furnaces to the wall for servicing, placed the hot water heater in a place with no access, and even used an orange extension cord to supply power to one of the furnaces. It was by far one of the worst installs we have ever seen. And it was an illegal install. After speaking with the Gas Inspector, we learned that a permit had never been pulled by the contractor.

Gibbon To The Rescue 

Fortunately Gibbon was able to help this customer by providing some free work. We also helped her identify the deficiencies and led her to the proper channels to have the problems fixed and resolved. 

Please remember to contact a qualified and licensed HVAC company for any and all of your work. 

We would hate to see this happen to you. You can find Gibbon Heating and Air online

Gibbon Heating and Air Conditioning are TRUSTED SASKATOON Air Conditioning & Furnace Professionals

Video tour of Hairstyle Inn's Saskatoon Salons - Trusted Saskatoon Salon and hairdressing experts

Hairstyle Inn Salons in Saskatoon is a family run business with 3 generations of artistic hair design. The design team members have trained thousands of stylists and they are regularly used by major manufacturers to showcase their color, cut and texture design techniques. Also, impressively, the artistic design teams work has been featured in movies, theatre, hair shows, commercials, fundraisers, TV & Awards.

Hairstyle Inn are your Trusted SASKATOON SALON EXPERTS



Enjoy this video tour of their 2 Saskatoon salons conveniently located in mall locations- The Hairstyle Inn Centre Mall Salon and  Hairstyle Inn Lawson Mall Salon in Saskatoon


Check Hairstyle Inn Salons out on Facebook Here 

Made In The Shade Blinds your Trusted Saskatoon Blinds & Window Coverings Expert tip on Window Coverings, Budget and Timelines & What to expect

Made in the Shade Blinds Saskatoon wants to help you get your windows on the Best Dressed list! They offer free in-home consultations, where they bring the showroom to you. Not only is this more convenient for you, it allows you to see a variety of choices for your home, surrounded by your colors and furnishings, in your home’s own natural light. Made In The Shade Saskatoon are your Trusted Saskatoon Blinds and Window Coverings Experts! 
Here Heather shares a tip on Window Coverings – Budget and Timelines – What to expect:
Building or buying a home this year?
There are just so many details and things to think about when you are moving into or building a new home. I can’t tell you how often I have been with a family in their new home, and they have a definite need for window coverings, but have no idea as to what to expect as far as budget, timelines, or even which type of window convering product would suit them the best. We at Made in the Shade Blinds Saskatoon want to make it easy for you!


Looking at timelines – your consultation will take anywhere between 30-75 minutes (give or take). At your consultation, we can decide on your window coverings and also take accurate measurements of the windows in your home. Your quote will be back to you within 24-48 hours of your consultation. For most custom window coverings, plantation shutters being the exception, the ship time from the manufacturer is between 2-3 weeks. Plantation shutters will take between 4-10 weeks, depending on the size and scale of the project. Most other products (wood or faux wood blinds, cellular or honeycomb shades, roller and solar shades, roman shades, sheers and draperies, etc.) are able to be delivered within 3 weeks of placing the order. Give yourself a little bit of extra time so that everything comes together smoothly. Once your product arrives at Made in the Shade, we will schedule an installation date. 


Budget! This is something we all want to know! Made in the Shade Blinds offers a wide variety of choices from a number of manufacturers – Hunter Douglas, Graber, Horizons, Maxxmar, Shade-O-Matic and Norman Shutters – and there is a bit of variance in the price ranges. The size of your windows also plays a factor into your costs…the larger the window, the more pricey the window covering (of course). One of the most cost-effective window covering products would be faux-wood blinds. Fabrics and natural woven woods generally require more of an investment, as do plantation shutters. Pleated, roller and solar shades tend to fall more into the budget-conscious category, and cellulars (depending upon the brand) fall pretty much in the middle of the road. I do think that you would be surprised when you do some comparison shopping! 


Call us at 306-280-0632 for a free in-home consultation and quote – we can work with any budget! From one single window to a whole home or office building, we will work with you to get the window coverings you love! 


To schedule an appointment with Heather - the ' Shady -Lady' click here 

Reed Security Trusted Alarm and Security Expert share a tip on ALARM.COM

Reed Security believes when you become a client you will be entering into a relationship – one they want to grow and become long term...they work hard to meet all your Saskatoon Alarm & security needs from day one!

REED SECURITY are Trusted and they are recipients of 2 x 2012 SABEX AWARDS - these Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce awards recognize excellence in business. 

Here Reed Security shares a tip on ALARM.COM:

Does my alarm system need a phone line?

Many existing alarm systems rely on traditional phone lines to send alarm signals to our 24/7 Monitoring Stations. We see a trend that 1 in 5 homeowners no longer have home phone lines and instead only use their cell phones.

With today's affordable cell phone service, a home phone line is no longer a necessity and an easy way to save some cash. In fact, you can SAVE $30 to $40 every month depending on your home phone provider.

Stop! Don't cancel your home phone service yet!

If you do not have home phone service:

  • your alarm system is unable to send signals
  • your alarm system is no longer monitored
  • you must notify your insurance company
  • you no longer receive 10% to 25% insurance discounts
A better option:
  • ALARM.COM by Reed Security uses GSM/3G cell phone towers to send wireless emergency signals to our 24/7 Monitoring Stations 
  • An GSM/3G radio ALARM.COM can be added to most modern alarm systems. We have some great deals if you need to upgrade.
  • ALARM.COM Packages start at $17.95/mo. and includes the GSM/3G radio and service (this is an additional price to your base monitoring fees)
  • This is half price compared to what you would pay for home phone service
  • You still receive your 10% to 25% insurance discounts 
More optional ALARM.COM features:
  • Mobile Apps to Control your alarm system with your phone or PC - including arming/disarming
  • Control your Thermostat, Lights, Locks, Garage Doors, Blinds and more...
  • Get email or text message Instant Notifications such as your child arriving home
  • Live Video Camera Monitoring
For more information and or to speak with a Security Consultant Click Here or call us:
Prince Albert 306.922.7200
Saskatoon 306.653.3200


Find Reed Security online at  or check out their listing here in the SASKATOON ALARM & SECURITY Category on THE Saskatoon directory of excellence. Virgil Reed and his team are YOUR Trusted SASKATOON ALARM & SECURITY experts right here in Saskatoon!


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