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Trusted Saskatoon welcomes Anytime Electric as our newest Trusted Saskatoon Electrician

The Trusted Saskatoon Directory Team is thrilled to brag about our newest  Trusted Saskatoon Electrician We would like to welcome and introduce you to Anytime Electric, a Trusted Saskatoon Electrician.

Anytime Electric Are Saskatoon Electricians You Can Trust 

With more than 16 years of combined experience in the electrical industry, the team at Anytime Electric has seen and worked on it all. Whether it’s residential new builds or renovations, commercial projects or upgrades, they are the trusted, reliable choice for citizens of Saskatoon and the surrounding area. Oh, did we mention they also specialize in service calls, with an unparalleled response time for those many electrical problems that seem to happen when you least expect them and you need a professional as soon as possible? Believe me, electricity is something you don’t want to work with on your own!

Sebastian Thatcher and Taylor Sharp, the co-owners of Anytime Electric have been steadily growing their locally owned business and have been trusted and recommended by numerous residents and businesses in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. They pride themselves on being professional, friendly, respectful and personable. As an experienced electrical company in Saskatoon they don’t just give you a quick fix and move on, they find the cause of the problem, discuss options with their customers including expected costs, and repair it right the first time.

As part of our unique Trusted Saskatoon verification process, we contacted a long list of Anytime Electric’s customers. These included both residential and commercial electrical clients, to hear their opinion about the quality of workmanship and great service Sebastian and Taylor and their team provide. They provided great feedback about their experiences with Anytime Electric, and we'd like to share some of those real testimonials from real people here:

 “I needed an electrician to help me get my retail store set up for opening. I called Anytime and they were able to come and do the job promptly and spent two days wiring in lights and other items to make my store just perfect. I’d give them a 10 out of 10 for sure! I didn’t experience any problems and have now recommended them to others. Great job guys!!" - Mazz Erati, Lavish - Saskatoon
“The team at Anytime Electric was great to work with. I found their name on Kijiji as I needed an electrician asap as I had called two others who didn’t even bother to show up even after they said they would. Not only did Anytime show up on time, but they also did an amazing job! Everything was great, the price was fair, and I’ll be using them again as I have other jobs for them coming up. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dependable, honest, hard-working electrical team.” - Evan, Saskatoon
Here’s another satisfied customer who wrote about their experiences on Anytime Electrics Google reviews. Our Trusted team routinely looks over all kinds of online reviews while doing our due diligence, and checking Anytime’s online reputation was no exception.

Taylor and Sebastián did an awesome job at our farm site. Adding lights, changing old electrical panel boxes, fixing switches and adding several interiors and exterior plugs and lights. They are on time and finished entire job in an amazingly short time.” - Mike Wood

So there are just a few of the many customers around Saskatoon that Anytime’s team of qualified electricians have helped since they began. Every company will talk highly of their service and quality workmanship, but this new Trusted Saskatoon partner consistently walks the walk! At Anytime Electric, they are qualified electricians with years of experience, and they truly care about each and every client they work for.

If this sounds like the electricians you would invite into your home or commercial space, then call them today to have them working for you! As their company motto states, they are ...

 “Just a call away anytime!”

Anytime Electric is another great example of a local business that operates with honesty and integrity, the foundations of our Trusted Saskatoon directory!! 

Anytime Electic Is A Trusted Saskatoon Electrician

Age Of Electric Celebrate 5 Years As Trusted Saskatoon Electrical Pros!

Age of Electric is a full-service Saskatoon electrical contractor, run by a group of journeymen electricians with years of experience. In an age where it is hard to find quality, service, and honesty, Arlen and the team at Age of Electric prove there are still businesses out there that excel in these areas. Age Of Electric are Trusted Saskatoon Electricians 

Age Of Electrics’ great reputation is built on the foundation of trust, integrity and doing business the right way. The Trusted Saskatoon team enjoys working with Age Of Electric, we have used them for several projects at the office and in our homes and we have always found them to be knowledgeable, friendly and experts in their field, they are pretty good golfers too!


Founded in early 2014 — with the blessing of the former band members — Age of Electric is a residential, commercial and industrial electrical contracting firm that claims to provide “shockingly good” service. According to Arlen Hall, one of the owners, the “well-rounded shop” is the culmination of decades of experience.  

Consistently Trusted 

The team has upheld their contracts with Trusted for over 5 years now, and as such, they have consistently honoured the 5 Trusted Guarantees as outlined below. We are pleased to say that we have not received 1 complaint in that time.


5 Trusted Guarantees

  1. Provide the service and quality promised.
  2. Complete the job on time.
  3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.
  4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.
  5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

“Amazing work and quality. They have done both commercial and residential electrical services for me throughout the years. Down to earth, friendly, and knowledgeable! You can't go wrong with Age of Electric.” Melissa H

“Have used these guys many times, and always confidently send referrals their way also. Having worked with them personally and professionally I can attest to their quality of work, efficiency, timing, pricing, and scope of work. There isn’t too much these guys couldn’t take on! Always a pleasure working with them. Don’t hesitate to contact them or reach out for all your electrical needs. Thanks!” Chris M

    AOE provides Quality Electrical Contracting & Shockingly Great Service for a FAIR PRICE for both residential and commercial customers in Saskatoon and the surrounding area. It’s what they believe in & stands behind on every project for every customer. Contact them today for all your electrical needs! 

    Age of Electric is a Trusted Saskatoon Electrician.

    Saskatoon Electricians Share Information About Electric Vehicles

    Are electric vehicles a viable option with Saskatchewan winters?

    Thought about  installing electric vehicle chargers and solar power systems to charge electric vehicles? They are an increasingly popular option!

    Electric vehicle owners Pat Keyser and Jason Cruickshank dispel some of the popular myths in this article. With the numerous financial and environmental benefits of driving an electric vehicle (EV) becoming increasingly apparent, more people are opting to make the switch — but some consumers are still worried about how cold temperatures affect the vehicles' performance.


    As with a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE), it does take more energy to run an EV in the colder months, although Keyser noted that the battery powering her Tesla Model S is much more reliable in winter than the battery needed to start an ICE vehicle.

    Cruickshank added that the engine in his Chevrolet Bolt kicks in automatically to keep the battery warm. Another plus is the fact that the 12-volt starter battery will never die because it's constantly being charged — whether plugged in or not, he said.

    “A lot of people compare these batteries to their cellphones. But those batteries are designed for different operating conditions — it's not designed for cooler temperatures; there is nothing in there to try to keep the battery warm or conditioned."


    Keyser admits her Model S doesn't make it quite as far in the winter months as it does in the summer — about 25 percent less, according to her observations — but ICE vehicles also consume more fuel when idling or powering heaters and other electronics. For her, it's simply a matter of shifting her thinking to how she can drive to better extend the battery's range.

    When she has used her car on a long road trip, the charging stops gave her a chance to discover different communities where she would never have stopped otherwise, she added.


    While there is some truth to this, Keyser said it's simply a downfall of being a pioneer of the continuously growing industry. Both Keyser and Cruickshank admit Saskatchewan is significantly behind the rest of Canada in this aspect.

    “When motorized vehicles first came along, there weren't gas stations everywhere," Keyser noted.

    Most EV owners don't use public charging stations for full charges, opting instead to plug into a regular wall outlet overnight or at work, Cruickshank said. As long as they aren't on a long trip, finding a public charger isn't required unless they want to top up their battery while out and about.  


    When it's cold, no one wants to have to stop for hours to recharge a vehicle — But unless you are travelling a long distance, you generally don't tend to completely drain the battery.

    Cruickshank said it can take about eight hours to fully charge his Bolt using a standard plug — fine for an overnight charge, but he admits it's not ideal when travelling long distances.

    However, the technology is advancing quickly and more quick charge stations are popping up that can take a battery from zero to 80 percent in less than 45 minutes.


    Even in Saskatchewan, where the majority of electricity comes from burning coal, EVs are about twice as efficient compared to their gas-burning counterparts. estimates every 20,000 kilometres Keyser drives her Model S in Saskatchewan costs roughly $570 and outputs 2,495 kg of carbon dioxide. Those numbers jump significantly, to $2,490 and 4,880 kg of carbon dioxide, when calculated for an ICE vehicle. 

    Cruickshank's Bolt performs even better, costing only $490 and outputting only 2,160 kg of carbon dioxide. 

    In provinces like Quebec and Manitoba, where electricity is mainly created at hydroelectric generating stations, the amount of carbon dioxide emitted drops to roughly 30 to40 kg for every 20,000 kilometres driven.

    Original Artcicle - Star Phoenix

    Age of Electric a Trusted Saskatoon Electrical expert

    QUALITY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING & SHOCKINGLY GREAT SERVICE AT A FAIR PRICE! Age of Electric is a full-service Saskatoon electrical contractor, run by a group of journeymen electricians with years of experience. In an age where it is hard to find quality, service, and honesty, Age of Electric proves there are still businesses out there that still exist. Offering Residential and Commercial Electrical Services in Saskatoon and the surrounding area.  Age of Electric are Trusted Saskatoon Electricians 

    Electrical company with famous namesake claims 'shockingly good' service


    Growing up in Lanigan, Arlen Hall hung out and played music with a pair of brothers who went on to form Age of Electric, one of Saskatchewan’s most successful rock and roll bands. More than two decades later, Hall and his business partner Evan Demers decided to quit their contracting jobs to start their own electrical contracting company. Deciding what to call it was easy. 

    “When we were coming up with the name, we threw a lot of different ideas around, but I kept on coming back to (Age of Electric), and everybody that I suggested that name to just loved it right away,” Hall said.

    Founded in early 2014 — with the blessing of the former band members — Age of Electric is a residential, commercial and industrial electrical contracting firm that claims to provide “shockingly good” service. According to Hall, the “well-rounded shop” is the culmination of decades of experience. 

    Hall said he started working as an electrician in 1995 after his girlfriend at the time told him that if he “didn’t quit playing music and get a job, she was going to move out.” Years later, he hired Demers to work at another electrical company. Then the pair decided to strike out on their own.

    “We wanted to keep the good things that we had learned from more successful companies that we had been at … and then try not to do the things that we saw weren’t good from companies that weren’t run well,” Hall said with a laugh.

    In  2016 Age of Electric moved into a new shop on First Avenue North. Hall attributes the company’s growth to its professionalism, which he said encompasses high-quality work, safety and branding.

    “Really, what we want to do is provide an excellent service for a fair price. And one of the things I really like is when we help (people) who are really stuck … That’s the kind of things that make me feel good.” 

    Hear the testimonial of another very happy client, Janet

    "If you need an electrician in Saskatoon, I highly recommend Age of Electric. I've hired 3 or 4 others over the years and these guys are a cut above, taking extra care in installations so that typical problems that usually happen long after they leave are avoided (in my case, extra bracing in a bathroom fan that would typically start vibrating loose after a few years) is avoided. And just really good guys too." - Janice Braden, Saskatoon 

    WAY TO GO Age of Electric - setting the standard and showcasing what it is to be a Trusted Saskatoon Partner. Call them today and find out how they can help you save energy and money! 

    Age of Electric a Trusted Saskatoon Electrical expert gets feedback from happy clients


    Age of Electric is a full service Saskatoon electrical contractor, run by a group of journeymen electricians with years of experience. In an age where it is hard to find quality, service, and honesty, Age of Electric proves there are still businesses out there that still exist. Offering Residential and Commercial Electrical services in Saskatoon and the surrounding area.

    Age of Electric are Trusted Saskatoon Electricians is the REAL DEAL..and nothing explains it better than when we get feedback from the public....people like YOU that made the smart & simple choice .. to deal with a Trusted business like Age of Electric, and they did everything they could to help..and more, just like we Guaranteed.


    Here is the comment Trusted received recently from a happy client of Age of Electric Saskatoon.

    Saskatoon Website Business Nomination for: Age Of Electric

    Phone: 306-220-9299

    Street Address: 1624-33 street

    City: Saskatoon

    Province: Sk.


    Contact Name: Evan Demers

    Comments: Excellent work quality, always follow up on questions, great prices. Would be my first call for any more electrical work. Highly recommended.


    WAY TO GO Age of Electric - setting the standard and showcasing what it is to be a Trusted Partners!!  



    Call them today and find out how we can help you save energy and money!


    They are your Trusted Saskatoon Electrical experts




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