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Trusted Saskatoon Contractors K & S Contracting Discuss Different Types of Basement Foundations

K & S Contracting specializes in foundation repair for homeowners across Saskatchewan. In addition, they also offer general contracting services to Saskatoon and the surrounding area. In their latest Trusted Saskatoon tip, K & S Contracting, Trusted Saskatoon General Contractors, and foundation specialists, share the types of basement foundations.


There are 3 main basement foundations found in Saskatoon and the area, they are: 

  1. Full Basement Foundations 
  2. Daylight Basement Foundations 
  3. Crawl Space Foundations


This type of basement is generally found on a 2 story or a bungalow home.  A bungalow is a home in which you walk up to the front door, and generally, there are only 1 or 2 steps to the door. Once you walk into the home you have a full staircase to go into the basement.  A full staircase is 13 to 16 steps. For both a 2-storey or a bungalow the windows in these types of homes are smaller, generally the opening about 24 inches at ground level. 

Full basements can either be finished or unfinished; finished basements are insulated and installed with drywall and flooring, providing living and storage space. Unfinished basements are not insulated and their walls and floors are left bare. 

This type of basement is one of the most expensive foundations to build and can be susceptible to mould and moisture. 


This type of home is generally found in a home with a walk-out basement. As their name suggests, daylight basements let in some natural light and aren’t as susceptible to mould or moisture. This type of basement is perfect for a homeowner who wants a patio or access from their basement to outdoors.  


Crawl space foundations are elevated several feet off footings, leaving a small protected space (usually three or four feet) between the ground and the base of the building. The foundation walls are built partially underground and shorter than basement foundation walls, making crawl spaces a happy medium between standard foundations and basement foundations. They are deeper than standard foundations and more shallow than basements.

Though they eliminate the possibility of having a finished basement, crawl spaces provide easier access to piping or plumbing than standard foundations. They also encourage more airflow underneath the building, which helps keep things cool in warmer climates. Crawl spaces are the least expensive type of basement foundation since they don’t require as much excavation. 

Do you know what type of basement foundation your home has and if it’s susceptible to moisture?  If you aren’t sure,  we recommend you call Steve immediately and ask him to provide you with the information you need. Not sure if you should purchase the home if it has foundation issues, check on Steve’s blog here. 

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