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How Permanent Concrete Foundation Repairs Are From Trusted Saskatoon Contractors K & S Contracting

K & S Contracting specializes in foundation repair for homeowners across Saskatchewan. In addition, they also offer general contracting services to Saskatoon and the surrounding area. In their latest Trusted Saskatoon tip, K & S Contracting, Trusted Saskatoon General Contractors, and foundation specialists, discuss if concrete foundation repairs are permanent. 

Are Concrete Foundation Repairs Permanent?

Remember that not every crack, chip, or spalling is the same, and there is never such a thing as a “permanent” solution to any foundation damage! Changing soil conditions, extreme weather conditions, and a new construction project near your home can result in future foundation damage. Adding to your home’s weight, such as an attached sunroom without underpinning or otherwise strengthening a foundation can also mean eventual damage.

However, some foundation repair methods are more durable than others and should last for several decades. To better understand your foundation repair choices and their overall longevity, review below: 


Concrete piers are often installed during the pre-construction phase of homebuilding, and these help support a foundation as it’s being poured and then setting and curing. These piers are also used for sinking foundations, lifting them up and providing added support. Concrete piers are durable and last for decades.


Steel piers are similar to concrete piers but are easier to work with and can be installed more readily; concrete requires pouring while fresh, which can require disturbing far more landscaping and lawn than simple steel piers. Steel is also more impervious to moisture and added weight than concrete piers.


Helical piers look somewhat like giant screws and are screwed deeply into the earth, section by section if necessary. They are screwed into the ground until it’s proven that the area can properly hold the required bearing capacity of the structure. Helical piles are a relatively quick, economical foundational solution that provides stability and strength to foundations. They especially come in handy when there is structural damage to a foundation. 


A poly lift is also a popular way of repairing a sinking foundation; this includes injecting special polyurethane foam into the ground, under the broken foundation section. As the foam dries and hardens, it lifts the foundation into place and restores it to a level and even position. This poly foam doesn’t deteriorate or weaken over time, so it’s typically considered a permanent foundation repair solution.


Foundation crack sealants and epoxies help fill in cracks and holes that may appear in the foundation of a home. These cracks can result from many factors, including shifting soil, settling foundations, or even water erosion. Foundation crack sealant lasts for approximately 5-7 years.

While Steve has discussed are concrete foundation repairs permanent, it really depends on what is going on around your home and its foundation. We recommend if you have any concerns, call Steve.
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