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Trusted Tips & Resources

Dimplex Fireplaces at Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen, & Bath your Trusted Saskatoon Fireplace Store

Your first step into the beautiful Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath Saskatoon showroom will help you understand why Wheatland Fireplace has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Saskatoon. Wheatland loves their customers and as a result, their customers love and TRUST them. In their latest Saskatoon fireplace tip, they share information and inspiration from Dimplex Fireplaces.

Dimplex Fireplaces

Wheatland Fireplace is proud to carry Dimplex products. As the world leader of electric heat and electric fireplace technology, Dimplex® is committed to excellence and Dimplex North America has been consistently delivering industry-changing innovation to electric heating and electric fireplace customers for the past 25 years.

As a Dimplex Dealer we are proud to offer the following products:


IgniteXL® 50″ Linear Electric Fireplace – Wall Mount


IgniteXL® stands apart as more lifelike and visually stunning than any other electric fireplace. With new, patented flame technology, IgniteXL® captures the charm and ambiance of a real fire. Edge-to-edge glass offers a flawless panoramic view of the dazzling flames from any angle. At only 5.5 inches deep, and with no chimney or gas line required, IgniteXL® is ideal for home or high rise installations.



  • Comfort Heating System
  • Color Themes
  • Multi Function Remote
  • Heat Boost
  • Year- Round Comfort
  • Media Bed
  • Edge-to-Edge Glass
  • Built-In Touch COntrols
  • Seamless Installation
  • Multi-Fire XD Flame Effect
  • Safe


Opti-myst® Pro 1000 Built-in Electric Cassette

Picture the perfect fireplace: any length, any location, and any number of sides. Forget about venting, gas lines and hot glass, because they are a thing of the past. Now imagine flames made of water that you can reach out and touch. The revolutionary Opti-myst by Dimplex reinvents the electric fireplace and makes it easier than ever to add a dramatic fire feature to any space. See-through, three-sided, open concept, the possibilities are endless, so go ahead, play with fire.



  • Opti-myst Technology
  • Opti-myst Remote
  • Easy Fill Water Reservoir
  • Media Options
  • Safe
  • Sound
  • Economical


Concord – Media Consoles

The Concord is a sophisticated entertainment center that showcases Dimplex’s 50″ firebox in a unique way. The Concord includes open and closed shelving, providing ample storage for electronic components and a bridge supported glass top to elevate the television. The silver charcoal finish provides a perfect complement to today’s high tech audio/visual equipment.





  • Open Storage Space
  • Steel Frame Bridge Support
  • Fold Down Door Fronts on Top Cabinets
  • Slide Storage Cabinets
  • Hidden Casters Make the Console Easy to Move
  • Stepped Heart Base and Proud Side Cabinets
  • Geometric, Linear Design Providing a Modern Complement to Home Electronics

Wheatland really is where your Saskatoon Outdoor Living, Bathroom, Kitchen and Fireplace dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen &B Bath,  your:

Boiler Safety Issues And Concerns From Trusted Saskatoon Boiler Experts JOB Heating & Air

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning’s wonderful staff will be more than happy to provide you with an estimate for any home comfort improvement that you have in mind. They also offer training classes at your personal site for maintenance and they also offer home heating tune-ups. JOB are Trusted Saskatoon Boiler experts. In their latest tip, they share boiler safety issues and concerns.

Saskatoon boiler tips on safety – The little things matter.

A day in the life of JOB Heating and Air Saskatoon

The JOB Heating team were asked to repair a boiler the other day. A few other people had tried to troubleshoot why this particular boiler wouldn’t run.

This is a newer boiler and would actually provide an error code for problems. It is important to note that most boilers sold on the market today will give you troubleshooting codes like this.

However, what you have to realize is that this doesn’t tell you what the problem is; it tells which safety is stopping the boiler combustion process. Knowing the error code is the first piece to the puzzle when we are troubleshooting a Saskatoon boiler safety issue.

Saskatoon boiler safety problem solved

In this case, the code showed it was a pressure switch stopping the combustion process. Why would that happen? This is where we had to dig deeper, and you have to hire an expert who knows and fully understands how the boiler product works. In the boiler troubleshooting process performed, before JOB was involved, people had disconnected the vent to eliminate any blockages that might have been in the vent.
BEWARE – If you are not a trained boiler professional this is dangerous.
Thankfully for our client, the boiler unit still didn’t run.
In disconnecting the vent, the person who was trying to fix this boiler actually broke it. The vent pipe could not be easily reached to repair. The unit wouldn’t fire at all, and it was clear to our boiler pro that there was a blockage in the venting system… but where?
We disabled the inducer fan, and lo and behold, there were two small leaves caught in the fan. We cleaned the fan, put it back on the unit and temporally reconnected the vent. The boiler fired right up. We were able to source the correct parts to repair the vent so it could be run safely, and we are happy to say all is well.

Contact a Saskatoon boiler expert you can trust

This was one of those many cases where knowledge won the day. It is so important to understand how heating equipment works, and why the safeties do what they do. They are safeties; they are there to keep you and your family safe… period. There are cases where people have lost their lives due to serious gas leaks, but the real danger is the production of combustion, most specifically carbon monoxide. It is the silent killer. Unfortunately, this is what causes the most fatalities with heating equipment.
A carbon monoxide detector is your best defence against this deadly intruder. Your second defence is hiring the right Saskatoon heating company to service your comfort system. This includes your furnace, boiler or water heater, they need to be serviced on an annual basis to ensure proper and safe operation. The leaves in that boiler could have caused some scenarios that I really don’t want to think about; the safety did its job and nobody disabled it, thank heavens.
The Saskatoon team at JOB Heating and Air Conditioning believes in the highest moral values. There are companies that will condemn an appliance simply to sell you a new one.
The knowledge and experience that we at JOB have means you can rest assured that you can feel safe both with your equipment and with the knowledge that we are not condemning an appliance just to get a sale.
We want to earn your business and keep it for years to come.

If you have a boiler or furnace in Saskatoon that you haven’t had serviced within the last year, it’s time to call JOB Heating and Air for true peace of mind.  –Jeff Bolton, Owner of JOB Heating and Air, Saskatoon

Trust JOB Heating & Air Conditioning with Saskatoon Heating And Furnace Issues

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning’s wonderful staff will be more than happy to provide you with an estimate for any home comfort improvement that you have in mind. They also offer training classes at your personal site for maintenance and they also offer home heating tune-ups. JOB are Trusted Saskatoon Furnace experts and they can also help you with all your Saskatoon plumbing needs! In their latest Saskatoon furnace tip, owner Jeff Bolton,  shares why you can trust JOB with your Saskatoon heating and furnace issues.

The Importance of Trust. 

When calling someone for help, especially help in your own home, you really need to ask yourself – who can you trust? If you aren’t working with someone you can trust, how can you have any confidence you are being treated fairly, and the person working for you has your best interests at heart?

Jeffs Real Saskatoon Heating and Furnace Calls.

I was asked to go help two different ladies. Both lived on their own and had furnace issues. The first lady was what I would describe as everyone’s grandma, you know the type, sweet as sugar. The second was a single mother who was also a joy to meet. Both had very legitimate concerns with their furnaces. The first lady simply asked me to drop by and listen to her furnace because she thought that something was not right with it. I was in her furnace room for maybe 5 seconds and I could tell that the bearings in her inducer motor were on their last legs. We had one of our technicians over to her house later that afternoon to change the inducer motor and it turned out just fine. By calling me, she saved herself a possible (more likely probable) after hours call due to having no heat.

The second lady asked me to come and give her a quote on a new furnace because she was under the impression that her furnace needed to be changed. When I showed up I commented that the house was nice and warm. She told me that her brother had been by and found a loose wire on the furnace. I cycled the furnace on and off a few times and I believe that he was correct. Although this furnace is quite old I suggested she budget the appropriate amount to replace the furnace within 3 to 7 years. I explained what parts would cost her if they needed to be replaced. Of course, I didn’t charge her for my time because we don’t charge for furnace replacement quotes.

The trust issues with Saskatoon heating and furnace contractors

What I realized when listening to these ladies is that there is a real trust issue with companies that they hire to come into their homes in Saskatoon. Who can you trust and how do you know you can trust them? This is the very reason that Trusted Saskatoon was started. A wonderful lady who was a single mother had a company charge her a ridiculous amount of money to change a P-trap in her plumbing system in 2010.

She thought there should be a better way to find businesses you can trust, so she created and launched it along with her 5 Trusted guarantees in 2011.

The 5 Trusted Guarantees are:

  1. Provide the service and quality promised.
  2. Complete the job on time.
  3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.
  4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.
  5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

To be a Trusted Saskatoon plumbing and heating company JOB, along with every Trusted business, must adhere to these 5 promises. I believe that these promises are the foundation of good customer service, and that integrity and honesty must be maintained at all times in everything we do. We use this approach when dealing with our customers or dealing with our vendors. By maintaining this sense of integrity, honesty, and respect no matter who we are dealing with, those values ingrain themselves in the culture of our company – acting according to these values just becomes the norm.

JOB Heating and Air Conditioning is a company you can trust with your Saskatoon heating and furnace worries.

Who can you trust with Saskatoon heating and furnace issues

If you or someone you know are in a similar position to the ladies I saw this week, remember that JOB Heating and Air Conditioning is a Trusted Saskatoon company and we approach every job like it was in our own mother’s house. If you need other services that JOB Heating doesn’t provide, works with the top companies in each category. From personal experience in dealing with Trusted partners, I have witnessed the integrity that I expect and value. Don’t hesitate to use JOB Heating and Air for your plumbingheating, and air conditioning needs, and for all other needs check out

Trusted Saskatoon partners are here to help.

Jeff Bolton.

JOB Heating and Air Conditioning

JOB products and services include:

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning  Trusted Saskatoon Furnace, Boiler and Air Conditioning Experts

JOB. Heating & Air Conditioning  are Trusted Saskatoon Plumbers 

Saskatoon Auto Repair and Service Pros at Glenwood Auto Tip on Starting Diesel Engines In Saskatchewan Winters

At Glenwood Auto Service, they believe that staying on top of regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running better for longer. Glenwood Auto Service,  Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair and Service Experts, are ready to help you with all your Saskatoon auto maintenance and repairs. In their latest Saskatoon auto blog, they share tips on starting diesel engines in Saskatchewan winters.

Starting Diesel Engines In Saskatchewan Winters

Starting diesel engines during cold weather can be frustrating if engines are not properly prepared for lower temperatures. Batteries that are weak may not crank the starter motor fast enough or long enough to start a cold engine. As the temperature goes down, so does battery capacity. A battery that has all of its power available at 80 degrees F will have only about 46% available power at -20 degrees C. Plus, the engine will be 2.5 times harder to start at 0 degrees due to thicker oil and resistance to movement of internal moving parts. In effect, an engine is about five times harder to start at -20 degrees C than at 25 degrees C. Test weak or suspicious batteries under load before cold weather to help eliminate potential problems during busy times. If batteries need replacement, always replace with a battery equal to or more powerful than the original battery. Accessories such as radios, air conditioners, heaters and other high amperage devices put extra strain on batteries. Turn all of these devices off while the starter motor is in use.

Use glow plugs or block heaters on the engine for cold weather starts. Glow plugs heat the internal combustion chamber area to suitable temperatures for combustion. Otherwise, cold fuel sprayed into the chamber and onto the glow plugs can gel and adhere to these parts. Hard starting and inefficient combustion occur with the potential for damage to plugs and cylinder heads.
Use Number 1 diesel fuel in cold weather. It is more volatile than Number 2 fuel and ignites more readily under cold conditions. Keep the fuel tank full to prevent condensation inside the tank. Water from condensation can freeze and plug fuel lines from the tank to the engine. Add winter diesel fuel additive to the fuel to lower the possibility of gelling and improve starting.
Store tractors inside tool sheds, barns, garages or other suitable locations that are heated or warmer than outside temperatures. Only a few degrees warmer temperature can make starting faster and easier. The warmer the battery is, the more power it can provide to the starter motor to crank the engine. The warmer the engine oil is, the thinner it will be and have less resistance to moving engine parts. Make sure you are using the proper viscosity oil recommended for your engine for cold temperatures. If you cannot store engines inside or in a heated area, install a block heater on the engine. To save time and electricity, put the block heater on an electrical timer set to come on a couple of hours before you plan to start the engine.
If you suspect fuel has gelled from cold temperatures, change the fuel filter and warm the fuel (wait for the outside temperature to rise, use a block heater or put the tractor inside a heated area) before attempting to start the engine. Gelled fuel in the filter can block the flow of fuel from the tank to the injector pump.
After starting the engine on a cold day, allow the engine to warm up a few minutes before putting the tractor under load. Proper engine operation temperatures assure more efficient fuel combustion and may prevent damage to cold engine parts. Engine oil flows more readily at operating temperatures and allows proper lubrication of upper engine parts and areas.

Even the highest quality vehicles need regular maintenance. If you need maintenance or repairs, book an appointment with Glenwood Auto today!

Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair and Service Experts Glenwood Auto Ways To Go Green With Your Car

At Glenwood Auto Service, they believe that staying on top of regular maintenance keeps your vehicle running better for longer. Glenwood Auto Service,  Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair and Service Experts, are ready to help you with all your Saskatoon auto maintenance and repairs. In their latest Saskatoon auto blog, they share four easy ways to go green with your car.


Looking for ways to become more environmentally friendly? Motorists can do their bit to help protect the environment by following these four simple steps.

  1. Follow a vehicle service schedule including steps like checking engine performance, keeping tires properly inflated, replacing air filters regularly, changing oil regularly and checking your gas cap. Routine maintenance helps reduce emissions and fuel consumption, saving money at the pump.
  1. Keep your current vehicle longer and limit the number of new cars you buy over the course of a lifetime. Extending vehicle life is as simple as taking care of your vehicle properly. You’ll gain years of reliable service without monthly car payments and higher insurance rates.Recycle oil MM
  1. Recycle or properly dispose of motor oil, tires, batteries, fluids and other vehicle components to help protect the planet when performing vehicle maintenance or repairs.
  1. Repower your engine when faced with serious engine trouble. A remanufactured/rebuilt engine can give your vehicle new life and make it more fuel efficient for about the cost of an average down payment on a new car.

“Being car care aware and performing basic vehicle maintenance goes a long way toward protecting the environment and improving fuel economy

Glenwood Auto is a Trusted Saskatoon Auto Repair and Service Shop

Even the highest quality vehicles need regular maintenance. If you need maintenance or repairs, book an appointment with Glenwood Auto today!


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