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Trusted Saskatoon Team Brags about Liftech Concrete Leveling a Trusted Saskatoon Contractor

The Trusted Saskatoon Team is delighted to welcome our newest Trusted Saskatoon Contractor Liftech Concrete Leveling Inc to the Saskatoon Contractors, Exteriors & Roofing Category. Liftech Concrete Leveling is your go-to Trusted Saskatoon Contractor for lifting and leveling sunken and uneven concrete. Get to know all they do and meet the people behind the business in our latest Trusted Saskatoon article welcoming a new partner to our Saskatoon community of locally owned businesses operate with integrity! .

Meet Liftech Concrete Leveling Inc

Scott Loucks & Jim Loucks started Liftech Concrete Leveling Inc over 10 years ago and have an outstanding community reputation. Liftech was founded in Saskatoon, a family-owned & operated company proud to call Saskatchewan home! We are so fortunate that Saskatoon is home and have decided to apply to join our Trusted Saskatoon Community so can we spread the word about their exemplary customer service, and how they continuously go above and beyond to provide accurate, and honest concrete raising, repair, and waterproofing services!

Trusted Saskatoon Concrete Lifting and Leveling Experts


So, does your property have settling concrete, cracking or sinking slabs? They can be a real eyesore and often a sign of underlying issues with the soil. If you’re wondering why your sidewalk or driveway is becoming increasingly uneven, Liftech Concrete and leveling have your solutions! Their goal is to be known throughout Saskatchewan as THE concrete leveling experts 

“Is your sinking concrete dragging down the value of your property?? 
GIVE IT A LIFT... It's a fraction of the cost of replacement!"


With over 22 years of combined experience , Scott Loucks & his Father Jim Loucks have the ULTIMATE solution for you! They are passionate about going above and beyond to provide the most accurate, and honest customer service. Their main services include concrete raising, repair, deep foaming injection and fill foaming and waterproofing.

Liftech Concrete Leveling can be the solution to many commercial and residential property owners concrete problems. We repair concrete slabs such as sinking driveways and patios, uneven sidewalks, garage and warehouse floors for a fraction of the cost of replacing the concrete. and we keep tons of old concrete out of landfills annually by repairing, instead of replacing it.
At Liftech Concrete Leveling we strive to provide our customers with service that is second to none, while leading our industry by using the latest technology, equipment and techniques.- Scott Loucks- Liftech

What Did Their Customers Say?  


When we were speaking to LIftech's customers, which is an integralpart of the Unique Trusted Verification Process, we consistently heard amazing things. Read some of the real personal testimonials from their customers below, including another of our long term Trusted Saskatoon homebuilders Decora Homes  

 “ We have been happy with all the services we have gotten from them. There are never any surprises. They are our go-to company when we need their type of services." - Dustin G, Decora Homes       

 "I called this year regarding a past quote they had provided and they came out and reconfirmed the work that needs to be done. They gave me a date and Scott and his team came out and did a great job on our driveway. It was neat seeing how the foam jacking worked. Our driveway and sidewalks look fantastic (there is one spot where it couldn't be raised anymore but that is the fault of the binding concrete and not Liftechs') The best part is the holes they drilled are tiny compared to normal mudjacking. I would say they are dime-sized. Barely noticeable after they filled them. I would definitely recommend Liftech for your mudjacking/foamjacking needs! - Ryan D, Saskatoon
"We have known Scott & Jim for 8 years. They have always been great to deal with and there is never any panic. They are the easiest company to deal with. Their communication is almost too good." - Jon A, Saskatoon 


We encourage you to visit Liftech's Trusted Saskatoon listing to read more customer reviews, see their full range of services and to find out more on their website. Questions? Simply reach out to Scott, Jim and their team about your situation. They are here to help, and all of there climes shared that they are down to earth and beyond knowledgeable! Local experts you can trust!

Liftech Concrete Leveling Inc, Trusted Saskatoon Contractors Specializing in Lifting and Leveling Sunken and Uneven Concrete! 

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