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Why Trusted Saskatoon?

It seems that everyone these days in the City of Bridges is so busy with life, family, work and a million other commitments. When a need arises for a product or service and you can’t think who to contact where do you turn? Perhaps the business you select randomly yourself or find in other ways lets you down and does a bad in a rapidly growing City like Saskatoon can present it's challenges ....with new businesses springing up all the time and existing businesses getting busier standards can suffer.

Trusted is here to save you time, save you hassle, save you money and do the research for you...all the business on this site are contracted to uphold the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES.

  1. Provide the service and quality promised.
  2. Complete the job on time.
  3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.
  4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.
  5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.
How we select Trusted Businesses
  • We research businesses that have a reputation for quality driven excellence in the Saskatoon market.
  • We check various reference sources.
  • We randomly survey clients provided by the businesses.
  • We ensure any required licenses and insurance are up to date.
How we maintain and monitor Trusted Businesses
  • All of the above is re-checked and verified on an annual basis.
  • Trusted has a 'Mystery Shopper program' where we guarantee a minimum 10% of the Trusted businesses on the site will be randomly 'shopped' throughout the year, this is to ensure that the trusted standards and the 5 Trusted guarantees are upheld.
  • If a Trusted business does not uphold the TRUSTED GUARANTEES they will be removed immediately from the site.

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