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Trusted Saskatoon Bathroom Store Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath Feature Beautiful Vanity Design Ideas

Your first step into the beautiful Wheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath Saskatoon showroom will help you understand why Wheatland has been given the Thumbs up by Trusted Saskatoon in the bathroom category. Wheatland loves their customers and as a result, their customers love and TRUST them. In their latest bathroom tip, they share beautiful bathroom vanity design ideas.

Beautiful Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Massive or understated, modern or traditional, decorative or plain practical: the bathroom vanity can be anything you want it to be. It's the place where you prim and pamper yourself, or just comb your hair quickly; it's the place where we get a few minutes to be with ourselves each day, staring at our reflection in the mirror.

Whatever you need out of your vanity space, one of these design ideas ought to inspire you.

1. Rustic Style

Go back to basics with a rustic bathroom vanity. Rough wood, filled with natural knots and colors, recalls the naked wood beams on the ceiling and enhances ​woodland-inspired decor.

2. Modern Floating Vanity

A weightless white modern vanity in decor represents everything you need in modern, minimalist decor: tons of white, a floating style for minimal floor footprint, and lacquered shine for some light-reflecting texture.

3. Simple and Clean

The simple lines and colors, make a great choice for people with simple tastes. Lots of storage, plenty of counter space on both sides of the sink, and gorgeous light fixtures work together to make your space practical and beautiful.
About This Term: Primary Bathroom
Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" (or "Master Bathroom") as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

4. Asymmetrical Vanity

The asymmetrical effect attracts attention and opens up the room to feature the open plumbing and the weightlessness of it all. It's unexpected—and that's what makes it special. 

5. Glamorous Mirrored Vanity

You'll feel like a glamorous Hollywood star as you prepare for a night out at a gorgeous mirrored vanity table. Add a  beautiful French etched mirror and  chandelier-inspired light fixture—everything you need to bring out the glam girl in you.

6. Gold and Blue

The golden brass hardware on this vanity contrasts beautifully with the dark blue paint—in this bathroom . This decor has a royal, regal feel that makes you feel like the ruler of your home—and your day.

7. Small Modern Bathroom Vanities

 Instead of one large piece of furniture,  go with two smaller spaces, one for each person, so that they don't step on each others' toes in the morning. Clever.

8. Floating Marble

 The floating style gives a vanity interesting weightlessness, given the material; the minimal surroundings really bring out the quality of the stone. And a natural wood shelf right under the vanity serves to hold all you need for your morning and evening beauty routines.

9. DIY Farmhouse Vanity

You can fit the interior with shelves and drawers. It's great for small spaces too: its minimal profile fits very well in a bathroom corner.

10. Recycled Antique Bureau 

Reuse, recycle, reclaim! An antique bureau-turned-vanity will show you that some things deserve a second chance. Multiple drawers provide lots of storage, and an arched front design makes for unusual bathroom vanity.

11. Couples Vanities

If you have space to spare in your primary bathroom, you might want to consider this kind of setup. Two sinks are separated by a dressing space, which includes an extra mirror, a slim drawer, and a tufted stool. The overall look is traditional and classic, which makes it perfect for a gender-neutral space.

12. Simple Open Vanity

You don't always need lots of drawers or space to make a bathroom vanity effective. A simple shelf side table works well enough for her small bathroom. Add a basin sink, which fits on any flat space, and a wall-mounted faucet for extra space savings. 

13. Midcentury Modern

Take yourself back to the 60s with a mid-century modern design. add splashes of color on the drawers and top cabinet door and sleek, hardware-less build suits the shallow vessel sink.

14. Nook Vanity

Have an extra nook space in your bathroom? Why not transform it with a dressing table? Bonus: you have a dedicated space for your beauty supplies, which won't clutter up the counter space around the sink.

15. Rough Wood

Sometimes the beauty of nature requires no refinement. Add a double-shelf rough wood counter with a vessel sink and modern faucet fixtures. The balance of polished and unpolished, wood and stone, will make any bathroom a striking space.

16. Eclectic Powder Room

There is something wonderfully indescribable about this bathroom. The spiky mirror frame, the rough, unpolished-edged countertop, the rustic wood, and distressed-looking wall finish all seem rather strange on their own, but together they make for something mysteriously appealing. This Southwestern powder room by Platinum Companies features a rustic vanity with a low-profile vessel sink to fulfill all your desires of a dark and stormy bathroom.

Wheatland Fireplace, Kitchen & Bath are successful for a reason! This really is where your outdoor living and indoor fireplace, bathroom & kitchen dreams meet in spectacular surroundings! Wheatland services and installs high-quality fireplaces, Visit their website or stop by their showroom to feel the warmth and comfort of their amazing selection.

Check out their listing hereWheatland Fireplace Kitchen & Bath is a Trusted Saskatoon Bathroom store and much much more!

"Better Living Begins Here... At Wheatland, it is ALL ABOUT YOU!"

Trusted Celebrates Amazing Local Business's Who Have Been Trusted Saskatoon Partners For Over 5 Years’s 10 Year Anniversary year is coming to a close here in 2021. We celebrated with a huge contest, where we face away over $20,000 in prizes from our Trusted partners here in Saskatoon. We added new features, welcomed more fantastic local businesses to the growing Trusted Saskatoon community, and we have taken the time to recognize Trusted Saskatoon partners who have been with us for many years of our journey, some for over 10years! Our mission continues to be saving you time, money and stress when choosing locally owned businesses that serve Saskatoon and the surrounding area. This article is to celebrate and recognize the latest Saskatoon Businesses that have been Trusted Saskatoon partners for at least 5 years!

Saskatoon Pilates Centre Trusted Saskatoon Pilates Experts for over 8 years!

Kathy Bond has been the passionate owner and operator of Saskatoon Pilates Centre since 1999. She has over 50 years of experience as a dance teacher and fitness instructor and has been teaching Pilates for decades. Kathy celebrated her 75th birthday in 2021, but if you met her you wouldn’t know it! She has a zest for life, and so much knowledge and joy to share,  and she’s still at her studio every day because of her love of people, their health, motion and their overall wellness. 

The relationships she has forged are a huge part of her business, as some of her clients have been with her for over 20 years now and have become dear friends. 


Kathy also dedicates her success to her team of wonderful instructors over the years, who support their clients’ journeys to achieve optimal well-being through movement, fitness and a deeper awareness of their body/mind connection. She couldn’t have come this far without them. We are confident that her and her team can help you get fit, get healthy and have your body move and feel as it should, with ease of motion and no pain! 

As her tag line  states…

Every Body Matters’

Find out why Kathy Bond is the most respected and trusted Pilates instructor in Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan, we couldn’t be more proud to promote Saskatoon Pilates Centre as Your Trusted Saskatoon Pilates centre!

Invisible Fence Brand of Saskatchewan was brought to Saskatchewan by Solange Bosse in 2015, and she has been helping families and their furbabys gain freedom and safety all over the province ever since!. Solange is passionate about helping pets and pet owners and she has been a committed volunteer for wildlife rescue for over 25 years!

Every week, Solange and her team travel the province providing outstanding support and service for this wonderful product that has applications that work in urban yards, , as well as for rural properties on acreages and farms. No farm is too large and no yard or home is too small for Invisible Fence Solutions! Their products have helped hundreds of pets and their families lead safe and harmonious lives together. She should know, as she has two wonderful dogs of her own, a great dane named Sophie, a cockapoo named Alvin and a crazy cat called Steve. Oh yeah, Solange and her daughter also have a beautiful horse named Koda. Solange is proud to offer their proven P.E.T. Approach training method that ensures an unparalleled success rating of over 99%. She doesn’t just sell you the equipment and go on to the next clients, she helps to educate you and help train your pets, making it an easy transition for all. Invisible Fence Brands of Saskatchewan is the number one choice for pet fencing solutions in our province. The Trusted team is proud to promote Invisible Fence Brand Of Saskatchewan as your Trusted Saskatoon Pet Fence Expert for over 5 years and look forward to supporting them and promoting them for many more years! Congratulations Solange!

Burnt Orange Solutions Trusted Saskatoon IT Professionals For 5 Years!

Burnt Orange Solutions is a locally owned and operated Saskatoon IT company, and the team have been helping area businesses and consumers for over 10 years. Gareth Mckee, and immigrant from the UK,  initially  joined Trusted Saskatoon back in 2013. After a few years he relocated the family and the business to Biggar,Saskatchewan which is where his wife Alison, who is a family Dr. was working.When they moved back to Saskatoon in 2017 they wanted to rejoin the Trusted Saskatoon community. 

Whether you are dealing directly with Gareth, Kay, or any of his dedicated team, they aim to reply back and get your IT concerns addressed as soon as possible. They are proud to offer a  One Hour Response Time…who else can do that? Gareth has a huge passion for IT & data security, he owned an IT in the UK prior to moving to Canada , and before that he served in the British Army. Gareth keeps himself up to date with everything happening in the IT Industry, he is  constantly learning and updating the skills of  his team. In turn he is committed to educating his clients on best practices. Gareth provides the Trusted Saskatoon team with regular IT Tips and helpful data security articles for our Saskatoon Trusted Tip Library.

Be assured Burnt Orange Solutions  will do the best job they can for you. This is truly ‘IT Support You Can Trust and Understand’. Afterall, when it comes to your private and confidential data on your own IT systems, honesty and trust in a professional IT security firm is huge. At Burnt Orange Solutions they take pride in their workmanship, and fix each system as if it were their own. 

We are honoured to have them as Trusted Saskatoon partners, Burnt Orange Solutions really are the best Saskatoon IT company!

Fitness Solutions Trusted Saskatoon Fitness Equipment Store Since 2012! 

Fitness Solutions is a Saskatoon fitness equipment store operated by Gary and Carrie Banerd, an amazing Saskatoon couple who have a passion for fitness and helping others achieve optimum wellness!. They talk the talk, but also walk the walk, as they both have a background in sports and fitness and have carried that over to their two young girls and all their staff, who have a love for healthy living and physical activity.

Fitness Solutions is not like the big box stores that just sell you something without knowing you and your personal goals. They take the time to educate and evaluate your needs and know that when you walk out the door you will be 100% satisfied that what you bought will work best for you. They have literally thousands of satisfied clients, and when they speak of personalised service and caring for the individual, not the bottom line, they mean it. They know that a happy customer will not only be returning, they will also spread the word to their family, friends and colleagues…that’s the best way to build a successful business! 

They believe

‘Fitness is Not a Destination, It Is a Way of Life !’ 

And as such they provide regular fitness tips and articles to foster health and wellbeing in the community. You can find many of them here in the Trusted Saskatoon Tips library fitness Solutions section.  

The Trusted Saskatoon team is proud to be working with, and promoting, Fitness Solutions, your Trusted Saskatoon fitness store since 2012.

Sunset Bay Resort Your Trusted Saskatoon Lake Resort For Over 5 years!

Sunset Bay Resort has been owned and operated by Lawrence and Sonnia Minshull since 1986 when Lawrence, then in his early 20’s wanted a change from the construction industry that was taking up all his time and energy! Over the following decades they have thoroughly enjoyed their time as resort owners, serving customers from all over our province and from across Canada, making lifelong friends in the process.

Everyone that stays at Sunset Bay Resort speaks so highly of their personal service and how the entire Emma Lake resort , which has cabins, a lodge, a bar / restaurant, a laundrette, RV Park, a gas station, small grocery/ ice cream store, activity equipment rental and Emma Lake’s only marina ( phew!)  is so clean and well kept. That's truly a compliment to these dedicated owners who always want to make your stay a memorable one…in a good way! 

Sunset Bay Resort is a beautiful four season lake resort less than two hours drive north of Saskatoon. Make plans today to visit this lovely resort, and let Lawrence, Sonnia and their caring staff look after your every need. You and your family will not be disappointed, after all, their motto is 


They recently made the decision to list the resort for sale, and we hope to help them find great buyers who will cherish the property and uphold the high standards as well as they have over the decades. 

We are so proud of them and what they have created, and so happy to have Sunset Bay Resort as your Trusted Saskatoon lake resort, cabin and accommodation partners for over 5 years will save you time, save you hassle and save you money. Our local Trusted Saskatoon team is committed to finding outstanding businesses like the five we have highlighted above. Be assured, ALL the businesses featured on our Saskatoon directory have been checked, verified and are annually contracted to uphold the 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service! 

5 Trusted Guarantees

  1. Provide the service and quality promised.

  2. Complete the job on time.

  3. Charge the price quoted with NO surprises.

  4. Communicate honestly and be responsive to customer needs.

  5. Resolve any issues with customer satisfaction in mind.

Trusted Saskatoon was founded on the principle that great local businesses deserve the promotion. We know they are out there, we have found many already, and we work hard to find more. Please help us by nominating your favourite Saskatoon businesses here.

Palliser Rooms / EQ3 Has Been a Trusted Saskatoon Furniture Store For Over 10 Years


In this series of articles, we are shining a spotlight on the local businesses that have been Partners with us since we launched in 2011. We want to thank them for TRUSTING our team, and we are recognizing each of them individually for providing 10 years of OUTSTANDING service to the public of Saskatoon and surrounding areas! In this article, we celebrate Tristan Rawlings and his awesome team at Palliser Rooms / EQ3 - a Trusted Saskatoon Furniture Store!

We are pleased to shine the light on Palliser / EQ3 who have been a TRUSTED Saskatoon Furniture store for over 10 years!

Did you know that Palliser Rooms / EQ3 is an independent family-owned furniture store that has been operating in Saskatoon since 2002. Brian and Judy Bird first owned and ran the local furniture store for about a decade and a half, then when the opportunity arose their daughter Allison, and son-in-law Tristan Rawlings, were able to purchase, and now manage the family business. There’s not a day that goes by where you won’t see Tristan at the store making sure every aspect of their operation runs smoothly. From the back office and computer systems to warehouse and shipping he makes sure customer needs and customer satisfaction are his first priority. 

Palliser Rooms / EQ3 specializes in offering a generous selection of contemporary furnishings and a personalized service that is forward-thinking and client-focused. The vast majority of their product lines are Made in Canada, which is not the case with most furniture stores, and this means a lot to their loyal customers. As you walk into their beautiful store it kind of takes your breath away, your eyes get wider, and you’re like a kid in a candy store as you can’t wait to start shopping and trying out the furniture for size, colour, feel and fit. You can’t get that experience online, that’s for sure!

Tristan and his dedicated team of fifteen describe their philosophy as one that "embodies' an 'all about choices' ideology. Whether you have an inherent 'do-it-yourself’ personality or find decoration is an overwhelming process, their staff is committed to providing valuable information, inspiration, and the necessary tools to make your project, large or small, a success. For them you can really put your feet up and get comfortable because they know shopping for furniture is a personal experience and IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU, the customer! There’s definitely no pressure at Palliser Rooms / EQ3, as they welcome you to take five minutes or come back five times to make your decision.

“Trusted is extremely happy to promote Palliser / EQ3. I have been impressed with the integrity of the company from the very beginning. Tristan truly cares about his staff, their  customers and the reputation of the company. They bend over backwards to provide the best experience and I have always been very happy with the standard of the product and the level of customer service when I have shopped there with my family."
- Sara Wheelwright, Trusted Founder 

Come and visit their spacious showroom which is thematically focused, visually stunning, very intimate and inviting! You will not be disappointed... and you will be excited to tell all your family and friends. I recently talked to a new family that just moved to Saskatoon and one of their first stops after buying their new home was to head to Palliser Rooms / EQ3 and furnish their home with the best product and selection this city has to offer! They were so pleased with the amazing customer service, the huge selection, and the great prices.

Thank you for TRUSTING us, and thank you for providing 10 years of AMAZING service to the people of Saskatoon! In the last 10 years, Palliser Rooms / EQ3 has been re-checked, re-verified and mystery shopped, and has passed each and every time. They continue to be one of the best furniture stores in Saskatoon and area and have always upheld our 5 TRUSTED GUARANTEES of service for their 10 YEARS as Trusted Saskatoon Partners. 

Palliser Rooms / EQ3 - Given the Thumbs Up as a Trusted Saskatoon Furniture Store for over 10 years! 

When the Trusted Saskatoon team gives a business the 'Thumbs Up' it really means something!! So continue to use and recommend to FIND GREAT LOCAL BUSINESSES YOU CAN TRUST like Palliser/ EQ3 

Trusted Saskatoon was founded on the principle that great local businesses deserve the promotion. We know they are out there, we have found many already, and we work hard to find more. Please help us by nominating your favourite Saskatoon businesses here.

Trusted Saskatoon's Decora Homes Talks about $21M Custom Home

Our Trusted Saskatoon Directory partners belong to all different industries and create all different products, services, that are delivered by all kinds of passionate local business owners. In the case of Decora Homes, a Trusted Saskatoon home building expert, they're creating a $21M home in the beautiful Saskatoon bedroom community of Greenbryre. But regardless of which categories our Trusted Saskatoon business partners belong in, they all have one thing in common, and that's TRUST. 

Decora Homes, is known for their distinctive design, and custom contemporary homes. Decora will build a home to reflect both your personality and the needs of your family. Their custom designs are eye catching, and in this case, they caught the eye of the CTV Morning News Team. Watch the video to learn more about this beautiful $21M Decora Homes home:


Congratulations to Whitney, Rhonda, and the rest of the Decora Homes team on this great news feature! If you're interested in contacting them with a custom home building inquiry of your own, visit The custom home building process will not only set your property apart from the rest, but it'll also increase the functionality for you and your family. If you're ready for a fun, creative, and rewarding home building process give Decora Homes, a Trusted Saskatoon custom home building expert, a call. 


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