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Trusted Saskatoon Contractors at Liftech Concrete Levelling Discuss Their Superior Alternative to Mud Jacking and Replacement

Trusted Saskatoon Contractor Liftech Concrete Leveling Inc is your go-to Trusted Saskatoon Contractor for lifting and levelling sunken and uneven concrete. Traditional mud jacking, or slab jacking, is a remedy that’s been used for decades to raise sunken slabs. Now there’s a newer, longer-lasting alternative available from Liftech Concrete Leveling. In their latest tip they discuss the differences between poly jacking, mud jacking, and replacements. 

Poly Jacking, Mud Jacking or Replacement?

Is Sinking Concrete Dragging Down the Value of Your Property? Give it a Lift with Liftech's Superior Alternative to Mud Jacking and Replacement.

In the world of concrete repair and levelling, innovation continues to reshape traditional methods. Among these advancements, polyurethane concrete lifting has gained prominence as a groundbreaking solution. Liftech Concrete Leveling has harnessed this technology to provide property owners with a superior alternative to mud jacking and concrete replacement. In this blog, we'll explore the unparalleled benefits of polyurethane concrete lifting offered by Liftech, revolutionizing the way we address sunken or uneven concrete surfaces.

  1. Swift and Precise Restoration

Polyurethane concrete lifting involves injecting a specialized polyurethane foam beneath sunken concrete slabs. This foam expands to fill voids, raising the concrete to its appropriate level.  But not all polyurethane is created equal, petroleum-based insulating foams should never be used below grade where moisture is present as they will absorb water causing it to rot. That’s why Liftech uses only the right products for the application. The most notable advantage of this technique is its speed and precision. Liftech's skilled technicians can complete the process within hours, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine or property. Unlike the time-consuming replacement process or the messiness of mud jacking, polyurethane lifting delivers rapid and accurate results.

  1. Minimized Disruption and Cleanliness

Mud jacking often requires significant drilling of large holes and the introduction of slurry beneath the concrete. This approach can lead to messy spills and potential damage to surrounding landscapes. On the contrary, Liftech's polyurethane concrete lifting requires only small injection holes, resulting in minimal disruption and mess. You won't need to contend with the hassle of removing old concrete or undergoing intensive cleanup after the project is done.

3.     Environmentally Responsible

At Liftech Concrete Leveling we strive to provide our customers with service that is second to none, while leading our industry by using the latest technology, equipment and techniques. For this reason there is only one choice for a material supplier. We exclusively use polyurethanes supplied and developed by HMI Inc. in Wisconsin USA. HMI is the ONLY company that makes polyurethane foam for concrete raising from recycled material, making it the “greenest” polyurethane foam on the market.

Most polyurethane raw materials are petroleum based, meaning they are made using our limited oil resource.  There has been a large push to use raw materials that can be replenished, or Biobased materials, instead of oil.  HMI has embraced this “greener” option and uses biobased materials that are not only good for the environment, but actually enhance the foam properties.  In addition to recycled materials, biobased components make the foam even “greener”.

HMI RR201 & RR401G foams have been certified by USDA for their biobased content. Concrete replacement generates substantial waste, both in the removal of old material and in the production of new concrete. Mud jacking involves the use of cement-based materials with their own environmental footprint. Liftech's polyurethane foam, however, is an eco-friendly choice. It generates minimal waste and boasts a lower carbon footprint, making it an environmentally responsible alternative for those concerned about sustainability.

4.     Durability and Longevity

The polyurethane foam utilized by Liftech in concrete lifting is highly durable and built to last. The foams used are impervious to moisture and the only thing in nature that will break them down is ultraviolet light. The foam will not degrade or leach into surrounding soils, it can withstand temperature fluctuations, heavy loads, and the elements with remarkable resilience. In contrast, the sand and clay-based materials used in mud jacking are prone to movement and shrinkage as they dry out. Liftech's polyurethane solution ensures consistent, stable results, offering concrete slabs that remain level and functional for years to come.

5.     Versatility at its Best

Liftech's polyurethane concrete lifting isn't limited to driveways and sidewalks alone. It's a versatile solution applicable to a diverse range of concrete surfaces. Whether it's patios, pool decks, garage floors, or interior slabs, this innovative technique can restore and level them all. This adaptability ensures that Liftech's services address various areas of your property with efficiency and effectiveness.

In the realm of concrete repair, Liftech Concrete Leveling's polyurethane lifting stands as a game-changer. Its swiftness, precision, cost-effectiveness, and minimal disruption set it apart from mud jacking and concrete replacement. With its long-lasting results and environmental benefits, Liftech's polyurethane lifting not only restores your property's functionality and aesthetics but does so responsibly. If you're grappling with sunken concrete, embracing Liftech's polyurethane concrete lifting can provide you with an exceptional solution that's durable, budget-friendly, and environmentally conscious. Say goodbye to uneven surfaces and welcome a new era of hassle-free, efficient concrete restoration with Liftech Concrete Leveling.

If your sinking concrete dragging down the value of your property... GIVE IT A LIFT, it's a fraction of the cost of replacement!

Contact them today to book a no-obligation FREE ONSITE QUOTE TODAY!

Liftech Concrete Leveling Is Your Trusted Saskatoon Concrete Leveling Expert!

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