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Trusted Saskatoon Breathe Better Indoor Air Quality Specializes in Looking After Commercial HVAC Systems

Breathe Better Indoor Air Quality is here to service all your Indoor Air Quality needs in Saskatoon. They provide the best furnace and duct cleaning in Saskatoon. In this article, they discuss specializing in looking after commercial HVAC systems

Breathe Better Specializes in Looking After Commercial HVAC Systems

Proper maintenance and cleaning of commercial HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are essential for their efficient operation and to ensure good indoor air quality. Here are some tips for commercial HVAC cleaning:

1. Regular filter replacement: Filters in HVAC systems should be checked regularly and replaced as needed. Clogged or dirty filters can restrict airflow and reduce system efficiency. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for filter replacement frequency.

2. Cleaning of coils: The evaporator and condenser coils in HVAC systems can accumulate dust, dirt, and debris over time, affecting their efficiency. Regularly inspect and clean these coils using appropriate cleaning methods and products. Consider hiring a professional service for coil cleaning.

3. Cleaning of air ducts: Air ducts can accumulate dust, allergens, and contaminants. Periodic cleaning of air ducts helps maintain good indoor air quality and system efficiency. Professional duct cleaning services can use specialized equipment to thoroughly clean the ductwork.

4. Condensate drain maintenance: Condensate drains can become clogged with algae, debris, or sediment. Regularly inspect and clean the condensate drain lines to prevent blockages and potential water damage. If necessary, use a mild bleach solution to disinfect the drain lines.

5. Inspection and cleaning of fans and fan blades: Fans and fan blades can accumulate dirt and debris, affecting their performance. Inspect and clean the fans and fan blades regularly to maintain optimal airflow. Use appropriate cleaning methods and tools recommended by the manufacturer.

6. Maintenance of outdoor units: Outdoor units can be exposed to debris, leaves, and other obstructions. Regularly inspect and clean the outdoor units, removing any debris that may hinder airflow. Trim vegetation around the units to ensure proper airflow and access for maintenance.

7. Professional maintenance and cleaning: Consider hiring professional HVAC technicians to perform regular maintenance and cleaning of your commercial HVAC system. They have the expertise, tools, and knowledge to conduct thorough inspections, identify potential issues, and provide proper cleaning and maintenance.

8. Regular system inspections: Schedule regular inspections of your HVAC system to identify any issues or potential areas of concern. Early detection of problems can help prevent costly repairs and maintain system efficiency. Remember, proper cleaning and maintenance of your commercial HVAC system are crucial for optimal performance, energy efficiency, and good indoor air quality.

Following these tips and consulting with professionals can help ensure that your system operates effectively and provides a comfortable and healthy environment for occupants.

"Making indoor spaces a better place to breathe."
Breathe Better Indoor Air Quality Specialists is a  Trusted Saskatoon Furnace and Duct Cleaners

Trusted Saskatoon Furnace Experts at JOB Heating & Air Warn Against Falling Behind on HVAC Maintenance

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning’s wonderful staff will be more than happy to provide you with an estimate for any home comfort improvement that you have in mind. They also offer training classes at your personal site for maintenance and they also offer home heating tune-ups. JOB are Trusted Saskatoon Furnace experts and they can also help you with all your Saskatoon plumbing needs! 

At JOB Heating & Air Conditioning, Saskatoon we are eager to provide the best possible customer experience, our aim is to be a professional resource for our clients before, during and after the sale! Our team takes pride in our service knowledge in regards to modern industry equipment and training. We are recognized by peers and offer sales, service, training & installations for residential, and commercial Heating, Cooling and Plumbing systems in Saskatoon and area

In their latest article, Trusted Saskatoon Heating Experts at JOB share tips on HVAC unit maintenance to prepare for the upcoming fall temperatures.

Don't Fall Behind With HVAC Unit Maintenance 

Temperatures are getting lower which means fall is slowly starting to settle into Saskatchewan. Before it gets too cold from the harsh winter months, you may want to do some maintenance on your HVAC unit to ensure it is in tip top shape. The last thing you want is for your furnace to give out on you when it’s -40°C outside.

HVAC Unit Maintenance: Keep it Clean

It is important to clean out all the built up dust and debris that has gathered in your HVAC unit over the summer months. When dust is built up, it decreases the efficiency of your HVAC unit, therefore increasing your utility costs. By giving the vent a good clean in the fall, the HVAC unit will be running as efficiently as it can.

Leaves can be hazardous for your HVAC unit as they may get stuck in your outdoor unit and start a potential fire. Other particles can also accumulate in the unit, so we recommend cleaning out any particles and debris from the unit to help save you money and energy in the long run.

Test Your Thermostat

How do you know if your HVAC is being overworked? Try testing your thermostat. If you can see an accurate temperature reading displayed, it is working properly. Fall maintenance is the perfect time to double check all the settings you have set up on your thermostat. With cooler temperatures, you will want your home to be warmer so it is a good idea to change the settings on your thermostat based on the upcoming fall weather.

Schedule Maintenance

Contact JOB Heating and Air Conditioning to have an HVAC professional conduct a thorough maintenance inspection of your HVAC unit and address any problems it may be having. With regular maintenance from experts, your HVAC unit will produce lower energy costs, increase its efficiencies and leave you never having to worry about the maintenance yourself.

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning is a Trusted Saskatoon plumbing company. We show up on time, deliver on budget and we leave the work area cleaner than when we arrived! At JOB we take pride in our plumbing services in this city and surrounding area, so nothing means more to us than testimonials from our clients as their preferred plumber in Saskatoon.

JOB products and services include:

Trusted Saskatoon Air Conditioning & Furnace Experts at Gibbon Heating & Air Tip About Programmable Thermostats

Gibbon Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Saskatoon and surrounding areas for over 40 Years, a "Total Service" company with trained technicians who are able to provide customers with solutions to all your heating and cooling needs. They provide prompt, courteous and professional service. In their latest Tip they share advice on what programmable and smart thermostat could be best for you. Gibbon Heating and Air Conditioning are TRUSTED SASKATOON Air Conditioning & Furnace Professionals.

Programmable and Smart Thermostat: Which One is Best For You?

A new thermostat is a relatively small investment that delivers great rewards. If you are currently using a manual thermostat in your home, it is important to know what your options are.

With both a programmable and smart thermostat, it gives you the opportunity to feel more confident in your energy savings, environmental footprint, and ability to maintain a comfortable home throughout the year. Modern thermostats are digitized, accurate, and capable of providing more usability than their older style manual counterparts did. But what is the difference between a programmable and smart thermostat?

Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to set automatic schedules for heating and cooling, delivering the temperature you require at the time you want. This is a great feature if you are away from your home during the day, allowing you to set a temperature so your system is not running when no one is home but kicks in when you typically return for the day.

Programmable thermostats are very convenient since you do not have to manually increase or decrease the temperature. You could also save money on your energy bills with the ability to not run your heating or cooling unit while not at home.

Smart Thermostat

You can further maximize your overall experience with a smart thermostat that’s right for your indoor space. Smart thermostats learn from your behaviour and start making the temperature adjustments on their own over time.

Smart Thermostats can be very beneficial, however there are a couple things to remember with this application. They are Wi-Fi enabled thermostats meaning the more Wi-Fi usage in your home, the slower the entire system can be. Many times the installation of a Wi-Fi stat requires an additional “fast stat” that is installed to communicate between the equipment (kind of like a mini router).

A benefit of the smart thermostat being Wi-Fi enabled is that they can be adjusted through an app accessible from your cell phone or computer.

Programmable or Smart, Which Should You Pick?

It depends! Your choice depends on what works best for you and your home. Regardless of which one you choose, making the upgrade to a digital thermostat from a manual thermostat is a great decision to better control your heating and cooling and optimize your home’s investment.

Gibbon Heating & Air Conditioning can help you decide with the expert knowledge of heating and cooling professionals. Contact Gibbon to explore your thermostat options today.

Gibbon Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving Saskatoon and surrounding areas for over 40 Years, a “Total Service” company with trained technicians who are able to provide customers with solutions to all plumbing, Air conditioning and Heating/ Furnace  ( HVAC) related requirements. As an Independent Lennox dealer, Gibbon Heating and Air Conditioning we are proud to provide prompt, courteous and professional service that is required by Lennox’s Quality standards!

Trusted Saskatoon Furnace Experts At JOB Heating & Air Share Homeowner Safety Tips

JOB Heating & Air Conditioning’s wonderful staff will be more than happy to provide you with an estimate for any home comfort improvement that you have in mind. They also offer training classes at your personal site for maintenance and they also offer home heating tune-ups. JOB are Trusted Saskatoon Furnace experts and they can also help you with all your Saskatoon plumbing needs! 

If your heating system is beyond repair,  or if you just want to upgrade or update, our team will be more than happy to provide you with an estimate for any home comfort improvement that you have in mind. We are an independent Lennox Dealer and we offer training classes at your personal site for maintenance and home heating tune-ups. We can also help you with all your Saskatoon plumbing needs too! You can be assured that JOB Heating & Air Conditioning will be there to help. In this Saskatoon furnace article,  Jeff Bolton, owner of JOB, highlights how important it is to be aware of the threat of carbon monoxide and he shares some winter safety tips for your home. 

Winter Safety Tips For Your Home From JOB Heating & Air 

What does that do and why does it matter?

I was recently in two Saskatoon residences with gas inspections to investigate the source of carbon monoxide in the homes. Thank heavens both homeowners had carbon monoxide detectors,  that in my opinion, saved their lives. Both days I went home and checked my CO detector.

When was the last time that you checked your CO Detector?

Go do it now then come back and finish reading…
So how this works is usually the fire department or Sask Energy get a call,  then they visit the home with their carbon monoxide meters to assess the level and then, if reading show and issue they red tag the furnace unit and shut off the gas. The Red Tag program provides a consistent means for gas utilities, propane distributors, gas contractors or others deemed appropriate by the chief gas inspector to report unresolved gas-related deficiencies or identify reoccurring design flaws. The issuing of red tags is only done by a licensed gasfitter.

What to do when you have a red tag.

The homeowner should then call us to come to correct the problem. We will go through the furnace and water heater with a fine-tooth comb to attempt to find the source of the carbon monoxide.

Sometimes it is a crack in a heat exchanger, however, sometimes the furnace and water heater are working exactly as they should. It is then incumbent upon us to investigate why the carbon monoxide is present in the home. In these locations we often find that the homes are drawn into negative pressure, what that means is that the homes are exhausting more air than fresh air coming into the home. As you may remember from science class,  areas of high pressure always go to areas of low pressure. So what happens is the high pressure outside finds a way into the area of low pressure (inside the home) through any possible route. If the doors and windows are closed then the only other hole in the home is the chimney. Air begins to flow down the chimney to replace the air that’s being exhausted out of the home. So why is that an issue? This becomes a problem when the furnace or water heater begins to fire and there is no draft up the chimney. This then results in the products of combustion (carbon monoxide) being vented into the home.

What can homeowners do to prevent this from happening? 

There are items in your home to prevent this from happening. In most cases, the insulated vent that runs from the outside of your home into the furnace room brings what we call combustion air. The combustion air helps to regulate the pressure of your home preventing your home from getting into a negative air pressure situation. This is also the air that is used when the furnace or water heater are firing up and sometimes this air supply can become blocked. On occasion, we have found that homeowners will purposely block the intake because they don’t like the cold air coming in.

I need to stress how important this is and that by blocking this you are putting yourself and your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. So please don’t block this or if you have, open it up immediately.

Another more common problem is that the air intakes themselves become blocked. These intakes appear from the outside like exhaust vents but when you bend over and look up inside them they are in fact air intakes with a screen that needs to be clear of all debris. A good rule of thumb is to walk around the perimeter of your home and look for these vent/intake hoods. Look up inside them and clean them up. This is a simple 10-minute job and this will help to protect you from carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Do your intakes look like this? 

  • Go outside today walk around your home and clean these intakes.
  • Check your carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check your smoke alarms. 
These 2 devices save lives every day you just don’t hear about it. If you don’t have a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector buy them and put them in your home today. I promise you they save lives.

Then have us come out and do a furnace tune-up. We test the furnace and ensure it is functioning as it should be, in addition, we clean the parts of the furnace that you cannot.  

Contact Jeff and team at JOB Heating today. Jeff Bolton. Owner- JOB Heating and Air Conditioning

JOB products and services include:

The Trusted Community rebuild of Janice's house. Janice's testimony of her experience


The Trusted team is SUPER excited to announce that the  Trusted Saskatchewan community rebuild of Janice Braden's house has been completed. Janice and her young daughter have a HOME again ...and a beautiful one at that!

We will be sharing pictures of the finished project soon, but first, we had to have a party to celebrate!

On August 13th, 2015 the Trusted team gathered Janice and as many of the Trusted partners who contributed to the project as possible to Village Guitar and Amp and celebrated this completion of this huge project. Nicola from PickNics Catering ( a Trusted Saskatoon caterer ) provided delicious food and the drinks flowed as we all laughed and chatted about the project. Friendships have been made on this project between the partners across Saskatchewan, and Janice Braden was kind enough to allow us to video her giving testimonials to all the Trusted partners and others that stepped up to help her in her moment of need!    

Please enjoy the video below, and please support these wonderful Trusted partners that really did make this happen. We are so proud to support and promote our partners as they really are all the REAL DEAL!   




Below is a list of the Trusted partners who stepped up, along with their suppliers ( Loraas ( free Loraas bin), RONA ( trims), Roofmart Prairie( all of the shingles!) and Dave at Heated Roofing Systems, Colorado, USA donated a brand new heated roofing system! Plus RONA for trims and lots of other bits of material and Winroc!

Perfection Plumbing - All the plumbing

Kitchen & Bath Classics - new bathroom vanity

JABA Construction- Project Management and numerous jobs!


Age Of Electric - ALL the electrics

Sunview Windows & Doors - $250 towards the rebuild

Conexus - donating $250 towards the re-build

Kari Calder- Century 21 - $300 in Home Depot Gift Certs

Hairstyle Inn's - $300 Gift Certificate to HSI

Made In The Shade $700 Gift Certificate for MIS

Adrenaline Roofing - Trusted Regina Partner- a NEW Roof and heated roof system!

Fresh Living - shopping help and design

BOW Home Services - Painting services 

Read The Janice's Build  full story from the beginning -   3 previous articles here




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