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J.A.B.A. Construction Ltd.

J.A.B.A. Construction Ltd.

"Our first experience working with J.A.B.A. Construction was a number of years ago after a very large hailstorm.  We had over $17,000 worth of damage done to our home.  J.A.B.A. did a very good job, it was done right the way things are supposed to be done!  A few years later, we called them again due to a leaky skylight in our sunroom....  apparently, the seal was gone.  Not only did they fix that right up for us, they also recommended a newer and superior product for us to consider.  Since the issue was solved, we left it the way it was...but come this spring, I will be calling them again to have the newer skylight installed.  In this day and age, you really get what you pay for, and I certainly don't mind paying for quality workmanship!"  Jim from Saskatoon 

"In 2004, we were looking to renovate our kitchen, and Dave was recommended to us by a co-worker of mine.  We met with him and discussed the project and the budget, and we never even collected any other quotes.  We were very happy to be dealing with someone who doesn't beat around the bush or sugar-coat anything.  J.A.B.A. worked closely with us, walking us through every step of the process so that we always knew what would be happening in our home and when.  Not only were they extremely professional, they were very personal.  In 2009, we called J.A.B.A. again to renovate a large picture window in the front of our house.  Again, we were very happy with the work that was done.  There was never a mess when we came home, the sub-contractors they used were excellent, and the timelines were perfect.  We need a basement window done now, and J.A.B.A. was the only company we called.  I rate them a 10 out of 10."  Joanna from Saskatoon 

Making the decision to renovate your home can be a bit overwhelming....who do you call?  where do you start?  Let the professional team at J.A.B.A. Construction help guide you through the process.  They strive to make things as simple as possible for you and your family. 

  • Kitchen renovations
  • Basement renovations
  • Main floor renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Additions

J.A.B.A. Construction are Trusted SASKATOON RENOVATION experts

Equinox Home Innovations

Equinox Home Innovations

"We were in a bind one time with one of our projects and Equinox really stepped up and made the job happen.  They were very professional and took the stress away.  They always gave the impression that they knew what they were doing and they did know what there were doing.  You could tell that they weren't going to cut any corners to make it work, instead, they always did it right the first time. I would give them a 10/10 rating". Kenton - Saskatoon

"We are extremely happy with the quality of work and communication.  They have continued to provide quality workmanship for many jobs for our business throughout the last 7 years.  We are extremely impressed with the service we have received and would highly recommend them to other clients and have.  I would give them a 10/10 rating based on our overall experience over the years.  We would not have gotten off the ground on time without the support and help of Equinox, as no other companies were willing to take on a project like this one. Equinox walked us through all the codes and engineers plans (which we knew nothing about) in order to renovate a house to convert it to a school to bring it up to required code to operate a school   Thank you Equinox".   - Julie Davidsen - Saskatoon

Equinox Home Innovations is composed of an enthusiastic team of experienced professionals who have a love of superior design and quality construction. They work with their customers to create a personalized design that brings visions to life, all with a focus on customers budget, time lines, and quality, The Equinox Home Innovation difference is one where they focus on one project at a time, they do not move on to new projects until their last one is complete.

They know that designing is always the most exciting and creative part of the early stages of renovations and with the help of their engineering and design teams, Equinox takes your concepts and vision and brings your home to life.

The Equinox team offers a varied degree of large-scale renovations which ranges from additions to demolitions and rebuilds. Whether you desire a more versatile living space, a more contemporary kitchen, or a luxurious bathroom, remodelling with Equinox gives you the innovative solutions that you want, the quality that you trust and the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of.  Their collaborative design-build approach consisting of unique design capabilities and reputable project management offers the perfect solution to turning the house you have into the home you want. 

Equinox Home Innovation are Trusted Saskatoon renovation professionals  

Suncatcher Solar Systems

Suncatcher Solar Systems

“ Hydro was consistently overcharging me and after months of fighting that battle, I decided to get solar.  Angie was amazing, now it costs me nothing to power my entire house. They are a nice bunch of people, I had a problem with an outlet that had nothing to do with the solar and Rudy their electrician fixed it for me in exchange for a pan of my homemade cinnamon buns.”  Helen Cherwoniak, SK

“ I was very pleased with their service, which was professional, courteous and thoughtful.  The solar world is complex but the people at Suncatcher Solar have the knowledge and the answers I was looking for. Also, their follow up has been great.”Fran, Saskatoon

Suncatcher Solar is a great company to work with, very knowledgeable. They were helpful in every way and willing to take the time to answer all of my questions.” Crystal, Saskatoon

A family company based in Saskatoon Suncatcher Solar Systems has been supplying and installing solar energy systems since 2003;  they are Saskatoon's most established solar provider. Their team designs, supplies and installs solar power systems and designs passive solar homes. 

Over the years they have installed both off-grid and grid-tied solar systems within Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan for a variety of applications and customers. Find out more about their experimental home here!  They offer custom home designs & ready to build plans, with numerous projects all across this province.

They live what they sell, starting with their own solar home which was built in 2004. Their home, an off-grid wind and solar powered living lab,  was designed by owner and engineer Angie Ortlepp.

Suncatcher Solar Systems are Trusted Saskatoon Solar Panel Experts.


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