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What are Casement Windows and Why You Should Consider Them From Trusted Saskatoon Window and Door Professionals at Wiebe Windows

Owner, Bradley Wiebe has been installing windows and doors in Saskatoon and area for over 10 years. They only install Canadian manufactured windows and doors. These products are built for the Saskatchewan climate. Brad takes pride in ensuring that his client’s windows and doors are installed correctly and that quality products are being used. Here is their latest Saskatoon windows and door tip. When considering different window options for energy efficiency in Saskatchewan, casement windows are a good choice. Wiebe Windows & More are Trusted Saskatoon Windows & Door Experts!

Why casement windows are worth considering 


Casement windows are a type of window that opens outward on hinges, similar to a door. They are hinged on one side and typically operated by a crank or lever mechanism, allowing them to swing open and close easily. Here are some key features and benefits of casement windows:

1. Energy Efficiency: Casement windows offer excellent energy efficiency. When closed, they create a tight seal against the window frame, minimizing air leakage and reducing drafts. The sash of a casement window presses against the frame, providing a superior seal compared to other window types. This helps in preventing heat loss during cold winters and heat gain during hot summers.

2. Ventilation: Casement windows are known for their excellent ventilation capabilities. When fully opened, they allow maximum airflow into the room since the entire window opening is unobstructed. The outward opening design catches the breeze and directs it into the room, providing effective natural ventilation. This is particularly beneficial in areas with limited cross-ventilation or for rooms that require increased airflow.

3. Easy Operation and Cleaning: Casement windows are easy to operate with the use of a crank or lever mechanism. They open and close smoothly, making them suitable for hard-to-reach places or for individuals with mobility challenges. Additionally, the outward-opening design makes it easier to clean.

5. Versatility: Casement windows can be installed individually or combined in groups to create custom window configurations. They are the option to meet egress code for bedrooms and can be combined with a fixed section of windows to allow more light into your room.

6. Security: Casement windows offer good security features. The hook-shaped locks embedded in the window frame provide a high level of resistance against forced entry when the window is closed and locked. Additionally, the hinges are typically installed on the interior side of the window, making it difficult for intruders to tamper with the hardware from the outside.

Overall, casement windows are a popular choice for homeowners seeking energy efficiency, ventilation, unobstructed views, and ease of operation. However, it's essential to ensure proper installation and regular maintenance to maintain their performance and longevity. Consulting with Wiebe window professionals can help you determine if casement windows are the right choice for your specific needs and home requirements.

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