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Trusted Saskatoon Tutoring Experts 10 Tips on How to Effectively Handle Homework!


One of the simplest ways for students to develop in-class confidence is by being able to confidently turn in homework, completed and on time. But in order to accomplish this, students need a reliable homework strategy.

When it comes to homework, a little organization and strategic planning helps students of all ages to complete their homework on time. When solid homework habits are established, good grades are sure to follow…not just for the next test but for the entire school year.

Set Up a Study Area—From the first day of class, even if there is no homework, designate one area of the house as the “homework zone.” This is an area with no distractions that is dedicated to working on projects and assignments.

Make Materials Available to the Homework Zone—What tools does your child need to get the homework done? Use a container or box to keep all supplies handy. Anything that your child may need access to during homework should be easily accessible so that he won’t waste time rummaging around for it.

Remove the Distractions—If the homework zone is the dining room table, and a TV is nearby, make sure that the TV is off. But don’t be too stringent; some people work best with a little background noise, such as a radio playing quietly in the background.


Set a Time Frame—Choose a time that is best suited to your family’s needs to work on homework. Whether it is right after school, or after dinner, sticking to a set schedule helps the work to get done.

Offer Guidance—Don’t do the homework for your child; be available, read the newspaper, or read a book so that if your child needs to ask a question she won’t have to go looking for you.

Use An Agenda—Agendas are the key organizational tool for homework. An agenda reminds students of tasks to be completed, and is also a great place to write down questions to ask the teacher.

Stay Informed—Regularly talking to your child’s teacher is a great routine to establish. Ask about upcoming projects that may require extra help or any regularly occurring assignments such as vocab quizzes. These things can all go onto a Master Schedule that the family shares.

Be a Role Model—“Do your homework!” is a refrain heard in many households. Set a good example by practising what you preach; read a book, do some research, or scratch some chore off your to-do list.

Offer Praise—Be specific in your praise, and be sure to recognize children’s efforts, and hard work, not their intelligence. Kids will appreciate that their efforts are not going unrecognized, and you’ll help bolster their confidence.

Watch Frustration Levels—If your child is feeling stressed by homework, or just can’t master the concepts, then it’s time to seek help. Getting homework done is a routine part of school, just like eating lunch, but with a well-established homework routine, it can even be confidence boosting.

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