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J.O.B. Heating and Air Conditioning your Trusted Saskatoon plumbing expert tip on Hot Water Heater Tune-Ups

Saskatoon if you are looking for a Trusted company to help you with your home or business Heating or Cooling system problems or to find the best and most high efficient air conditioner or furnace for your home J.O.B. Heating & Air Conditioning is who you need to call! If your family suffers from allergies a new furnace that filters and helps to eliminate those unwanted allergens will make a real difference.

The amazing staff at J.O.B. Heating & Air Conditioning will consult with you to get something that fits your exact and specific needs and budget. With a new high efficient furnace you should cut your heating bills about 35% on average. We all love saving money!


Here they share Why a Hot Water Heater Tune-Up Makes Sense:

Most days you go through life and never give your water heater a second thought. That is until you get up in the morning to have that nice warm wake up shower and you find the water isn't hot. In fact, if you live in a city such as Saskatoon SK, it's down right cold. But what can be done to stop this, or at least cut down the likelihood of this happening to you?

Well thankfully there is an answer to this. A water heater tune up is the answer. I will discuss tank model water heaters in this article and discuss the other styles of water heaters in future articles.

Many manufacturers recommend that a water heater be inspected by a qualified technician at least once per year. Some of the things that will be addressed in a comprehensive water heater tune up are:

  • ensuring the T&P (Temperature and Pressure) valve is operating properly.
  • checking the drain valve to ensure it is not plugged with sediment.
  • checking the anode rod has not used up its useful life.
  • checking that the dip tube is intact and in good condition.
  • and in the case of a natural gas water heater test the gas pressure and any gas safety systems on the water heater.


Even checking these items once is better than the “never” timeframe that happens with most water heaters.

What is an Anode Rod?

The one item that will prolong the life of any hot water tank is the anode rod. You might not know this, but water will want to “attack” the tank of your water heater. It is very similar to the rusting process that occurs on the wheel wells of your car. This is why all tanks will eventually leak. The anode is the "sacrificial lamb" in the hot water heater. Generally speaking residential anode rods are made of magnesium or aluminum. The water will attack these metals first and slow down the process of attacking the tank and subsequently prolonging the life of your water heater. How long will your anode last depends on how bad is the water, and how much do you use your water heater? Here in Saskatchewan they can last from less than a year to as much as ten years. The only way you will know is by pulling it out of your water heater and inspecting it.

 How Often Should You Tune-Up?

The water in Saskatoon is fairly mild, but it makes sense to have a tune-up of your hot water heater once per year. A good idea is to schedule a tune-up of all of your heating systems at once to save some money. The end of summer is a good time to get your hot water heater and furnace checked out. If you have garage heaters and other gas lines (to check for leaks), those could be inspected at the same time.

We have come so far from the days that our parents and Grandparents grew up in. Most of them didn't have running water in a house let alone running hot water. Did you ever ask how did they wash? That one question may bring on some funny stories but it's important to listen to their stories and not take some of the items we rely on every day for granted.



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