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The Trusted Saskatoon Physiotherapists at Boehm's Physiotherapy Explain the Benefits of Stretching

At Boehm's Physiotherapy, the primary focus is on the patient. The physiotherapists at Boehm's will listen to your story in order to fully understand how your injury is affecting so they can begin to build goals to restore the level of activity you desire. They are Trusted Saskatoon Physiotherapists and Exercise Specialists and are listed in the Saskatoon Health & Wellness category. Boehm's Physiotherapy will set you on the right path to a healthy recovery. 

In their latest fitness and exercise physiotherapy article, they discuss the benefits of stretching and flexibility.

The Benefits Of Stretching

Through the course of our daily routines, there are groups of muscles that do not travel through daily stretching. Overusing these same muscles can lead to decreased flexibility. and tightness. Unless you do some sort of maintenance to lengthen these structures, tightness and potentially pain can develop. Stretching is a way to rebalance the length of muscles that surround a joint while also relieving joint pressure. This allows easier movement and can be done in a quick 2 - 3 minutes.

At Boehm's Physiotherapy, they can give you the right stretches to balance out areas in your body that may be developing tightness. If these stretches are done correctly, it will help to ensure injury prevention or enhanced performance, as movement will be easier for you. The goal with physiotherapy is to reduce the pain and inflammation of the injury. Physiotherapy will also increase flexibility around the injury so that the area of tightness moves easier. This will help to ensure future injury prevention.

At Boehm's Physiotherapy, they pride ourselves on serving each patient with dignity, respect and compassion. Looking for a physiotherapist in Saskatoon, Warman, Martensville and area? We definitely recommend checking out this team! See all they do and read their listing here -  Trusted Saskatoon Physiotherapists and Exercise Specialists

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