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Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners at Bridge City Explain Why To Clean Your Ducts in Winter

Trusted Saskatoon Furnace & Duct Cleaners Bridge City Duct Cleaning provides both residential duct cleaning and commercial duct cleaning and furnace maintenance services. Their team is professionally trained, qualified, bonded, and factory furnace and duct cleaning technicians. In their latest article, they talk about the number of air vents needed in our homes. The question often comes up: why clean your ducts in winter?

Why Clean Your Ducts in Winter

Getting through a Saskatchewan winter can be tough due to the extreme weather. While playing in the snow and enjoying the winter scenery are nice, escaping within our homes to find warmth is essential. Your home’s duct system is there not only there to keep you warm, but also for your home. If not running efficiently, a number of issues can occur.

1. Save You Money

With the extreme cold that Saskatoon winters bring, it’s inevitable that your duct system is going to be working overtime to heat your home. Naturally, your ducts will collect debris which will block airflow. This obstruction will put more strain on your duct system resulting in inefficiency as well as increased utility bills.  Getting rid of the extra debris in your ducts will allow the system to run more efficiently, saving you money.

2. Improve Your Air Quality

Cold weather forces you to turn your heat on. With your heat on you’re unable to open your windows to get fresh air running through your home. If your windows open and your heat is turned on, you risk the chance of heat escaping and your utility bills climbing. With a lack of fresh air, the air within your home gets recycled through your duct system. Keep in mind that your duct system collects particles and debris over time, and if you haven’t had them cleaned since the summer, there could be lots of pollutants and other allergens being recycled throughout your home. Having your ducts cleaned in the winter will clear them of any leftover debris from the fall and summer, leaving you with clean air.

3. Keeps Your Home Safe

An inefficient duct system can pose a risk at any time. This risk is increased during the Saskatchewan winter months. Without having your ducts cleaned a build-up of particles can lead to serious consequences. One of those particles, lint, commonly found in furniture within your home, can settle into your duct system. Unfortunately, lint is a very flammable material. With constant heat being pumped through your duct system, this can increase the potential of overheating, resulting in the lint igniting. This fire will spread quickly throughout your home and can be detrimental. Be sure to have your ducts cleaned in the winter to prevent such a disaster from happening.

After reading our article, why clean your ducts in Winter, if you aren’t sure if your ducts are blocked or need cleaning, contact Bridge City Duct Cleaning Services today to have them review your situation.

Call today to book your appointment with Bridge City Duct Cleaning.


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