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Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Pros Western Carpet and Hardwood in Saskatchewan

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a locally owned and operated flooring store servicing Saskatoon and area since 1974. Their stunning showroom offers a comfortable shopping experience for every type of flooring. Whether it is Carpet, Hardwood, Ceramic Tile, Laminate flooring, Cork, Sheet vinyl, or area rugs, you will find it at Western Carpet One Floor & Home a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring StoreIn their latest Saskatoon flooring tip, Western Carpet discusses how hardwood is a good option even in Saskatchewan's harsh climate. 

Being a business owner in the beautiful Province of Saskatchewan, I am very familiar with the extreme weather challenges that we face throughout the year. Although we are extremely resilient as a society, our homes, and the products we put in them may not always be.

A question we get quite often is “Is hardwood a good option in our climate?”

The answer is YES - but under the right circumstances. The truth is hardwood is a natural product that requires a specific temperature and humidity level to be maintained throughout the year. This can be difficult to manage in Saskatchewan with our very dry winters, humid summers, and rainstorms. Squeaking, gapping, cupping, delaminating, and splitting are all real challenges that present themselves if the right steps are not taken. With that being said, there is a way to put a beautiful hardwood floor in your home.

Why and how hardwood can be a great option in Saskatchewan:

  • First and foremost, nothing can replicate the beauty, feel and texture that a real hardwood floor can provide.
  • As a granite counter-top can increase the value of your home, so can the flooring you choose. Hardwood instills a value to your property that no other floor can provide. If you look at a realtor’s fact sheet, they will almost always point out if the flooring is a hardwood which creates a real and at times perceived value.
  • Maintaining consistent humidity in the home is a must. To do this you need to have a high-quality humidifier installed on your furnace which allows for humidity to flow through your home as the furnace is running. We also recommend running your furnace fan throughout the summer to help with airflow and reduce humidity levels.
  • Hardwood flooring has evolved over the years. For example, solid hardwood is less and less a requested product in Saskatchewan with the trend moving towards engineered hardwood. This type of hardwood provides more stability and resiliency in our climate along with longer and wider board lengths.
  • The installation of hardwood has also evolved. When a hardwood floor that is wider than 5” is installed, using a glue assist method is a requirement by most manufacturers (here at Western Carpet One, we will do it on all 5” or wider boards for ALL manufacturers). Using a specific type of construction adhesive, a bead of glue is applied under the wood that creates another layer of stability.
  • Not all hardwood flooring is made equal. We recommend purchasing your flooring from a reputable retailer that provides reputable brands. The fact is you get what you pay for - as in any industry there is always someone willing to try and make a product cheaper. In many cases to make something cheaper requires that something gets left out. The construction of a quality engineered hardwood is a craft that requires much skill (BUYER BEWARE).
  • As not all hardwood is created equal, not all installations are equal. The knowledge and skill of a professional hardwood installer cannot easily be replicated. I recommend choosing a reputable store that can provide you with a warranty and peace of mind that your flooring will be installed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

In closing, seek professionals to educate, recommend, and install your hardwood flooring. If done correctly you will have a floor that is natural, beautiful, and timeless. If you are looking for a knowledgeable sales team with top-end products and experienced installers for your next hardwood project then please consider our team at Western Carpet One.

Justin Bussiere - Owner/Operator of Western Carpet One

Western Carpet One Floor & Home is a Trusted Saskatoon Flooring Store

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