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Trusted Saskatoon Fitness Equipment Store, Fitness Solutions Stocks Stationary Bikes

Fitness Solutions is a locally owned, Trusted Saskatoon Fitness Equipment storeserving residential and commercial customers for over 30 years. They have the tools and the experience to make your fitness goals a reality. They are there every step of the way to guide and educate you through the process of finding the perfect piece of equipment to make it happen. In our latest Trusted Saskatoon fitness article, they provide information on the different types of stationary bikes available at Fitness Solutions Saskatoon.


Stationary Bikes at Fitness Solutions

Stationary bikes make excellent additions to your home gym. Riding one provides an effective total body workout burning calories and body fat while also strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles. At Fitness Solutions Saskatoon, we have a wide variety of stationary bikes available either in stock or to order for you.

Upright Bike

The upright bike is similar to a regular bicycle, with the pedals positioned under your body. It provides a great cardio workout while also strengthening your leg and core muscles. Depending on your preference, this bike can be used both standing or sitting.

One of many upright bikes we have at Fitness Solutions is the Sole Fitness B54 Upright Cycle. The SOLE B54 upright cycle's low-impact motion is one of the main benefits of exercising with an indoor cycle. Decreasing stress on knees, hips, and ankles throughout your workout while providing positive cardiovascular effects, it is suitable for anything from maintenance to high-performance exercise. The B54 is easy to use at any exercise level and takes up a relatively small amount of space, making it an ideal fitness partner for your home workout.

Recumbent Bike

Recumbent stationary bikes allow you to sit in a comfortable reclined position on a larger seat that’s positioned back from the pedals. This type of bike puts less stress on your upper body, joints, and low back. Your body is fully supported, which can make your workout less intense. You’ll also have less fatigue and muscle soreness after your workout.

Fitness Solutions has different options of recumbent bikes including the S3Ri Recumbent Bike. Featuring the Concept Health and Fitness integration which allows for countless entertainment and motivational options, the S3Ri is a full-size, walk-through recumbent featuring the latest in creature comforts for enjoyable workouts.  

Indoor Cycle Bike

The indoor cycle bike, which is the most popular option in indoor cycling classes, is similar to an upright bike. However, it has an elevated seat.

Another difference is that resistance is created with a weighted flywheel on the front, which is typically about 40 pounds. The resistance can be adjusted to simulate hills or riding into the wind.

An option for an indoor spin bike at Fitness Solutions is the Horizon Fitness IC7.9 Indoor Cycle Spin Bike. Designed to keep pace with the most popular live and on-demand streaming fitness classes, the IC7.9 indoor cycle puts your tablet and content at the centre of your experience. Pedal along with Peloton, Studio SWEAT onDemand or other popular streaming fitness apps.* Bring your favourite media or just ride — no membership fees or subscriptions are required to get the most from this high-performance bike.

Air Bike

A less common type of stationary bike is a fan or air bike. This bike doesn’t have any preprogrammed options as you create resistance by pedalling. The faster you pedal, the faster the wheel blades rotate and the more resistance you generate. 

Fitness Solutions has air bikes including the Bells of Steel Blitz Air Bike 2.0. The Blitz Air Bike is the definitive choice for your home gym. Belt-driven with an oversized fan and comes standard with wind guard, bottle and phone holder and a super comfy seat! This fan bike is well suited to even the most die-hard garage gym athletes.


If you are interested in adding a stationary bike to your home gym or have questions to see which stationary bike is the right fit for you, contact Fitness Solutions Saskatoon and we are happy to help you pedal toward your fitness goals.

If you need help with your fitness goals, our team at Fitness Solutions is here to help you stay fit and healthy this winter. We take the time to ask you questions and go through all the details to find the perfect equipment for you. When comparing price versus quality, Fitness Solutions Saskatoon is your trusted local place to shop for home fitness equipment.

At Fitness Solutions, we have the tools and the experience to make your fitness goals a reality. Whether it's a treadmill, free weights, racks, elliptical, yoga mat, or paddleboard, we are here every step of the way to guide and educate you through the process of finding the perfect piece of equipment to make it happen.

'Fitness is Not A Destination It Is A Way Of Life'

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