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Memorabilia Framing From Trusted Saskatoon J & S Picture Frame Warehouse

The J & S Picture Frame Warehouse team believes that your pictures deserve the best! Locally owned and operated, they constantly strive to bring their customers the best materials, advice, and workmanship for all of your framing needs. They simply offer the best selection of materials to preserve your treasures, keepsakes, and works of art in Saskatoon. J & S Picture Frame Warehouse are your Trusted Saskatoon Picture Framers. In their latest tip, they discuss framing memorabilia.

Memorabilia Framing from J & S Picture Frame Warehouse

Memorabilia framing is a specialized form of picture framing that involves displaying and preserving cherished items, such as sports jerseys, concert tickets, autographed items, awards, medals, and other memorabilia. Unsure where to begin and what to do?  Foremost, we cannot emphasize enough the importance of trusting your local professional custom framers with your prized sports possessions and family heirlooms.  We do not send your precious signed hockey jersey or your antique treasures away to be framed elsewhere as we complete all projects in-house. It's great to enjoy and share your important treasures rather than leaving them tucked away in that drawer or trunk forgotten and lost.

Here are some tips and considerations for framing memorabilia:

1. Select the Right Frame and Display Case: Choose a frame that complements the item and fits well with the overall style and decor. Depending on the item's size and depth, you may need a shadow box frame or a display case to provide enough space for the memorabilia and any accompanying elements.

2. Use Acid-Free Materials: To protect the memorabilia from deterioration, use acid-free matting, backing boards, and mounting materials. Acid-free materials prevent discolouration, yellowing, and damage over time.

3. Arrange and Mount the Items Carefully: With the help of a qualified designer plan the layout of the memorabilia and any accompanying pieces, such as photos, plaques, objects or descriptive labels. Ensuring that the items are securely mounted, using acid-free mounting techniques like archival corners or adhesive, we attach objects using special tools, invisible threads and special wire while being mindful not to damage or alter the memorabilia in the process.

4. Conservation Framing: If the memorabilia holds significant monetary or sentimental value, consider conservation framing techniques. Conservation framing uses UV-protective glass or acrylic to shield the items from harmful ultraviolet light, preventing fading and damage. It also involves using reversible mounting methods that can be easily undone if necessary.

5. Matting and Background: Matting adds depth and visual appeal to the display. Choose a mat color that complements the item and consider layering multiple mats to create depth and separation between the memorabilia and the frame. Additionally, select a background colour or texture that enhances the overall presentation.

6. Handling and Cleaning: When handling the memorabilia, use clean, dry hands or wear gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints or smudges. Regularly dust the frame and glass gently with a soft, lint-free cloth to keep it clean. If necessary, use a non-abrasive cleaner specifically designed for frames or glass.

7. Secure Mounting: Ensure that the frame has appropriate hanging hardware, such as D-rings and wire or wall buddies that are securely attached to the back. It should be able to support the weight of the frame and the memorabilia. If the item is heavy or delicate, consult with a professional framer to ensure proper mounting and installation.

8. Information and Labeling: Consider including descriptive labels or plaques that provide information about the memorabilia, such as the event, date, or significance. This adds context and enhances the storytelling aspect of the display.

9. Customization and Personalization: Memorabilia framing allows for customization to suit your preferences. You can choose from different frame styles, mat colours, and background options. Additionally, you can add personalized touches like engraved plaques or special cutouts in the matting.

10. Professional Assistance: If you have valuable or delicate memorabilia, or if you're unsure about the framing process, consider seeking professional assistance from a reputable framing shop. Professional framers have the expertise and experience to handle your memorabilia with care and provide guidance on the best framing techniques.

Remember to protect your framed memorabilia from direct sunlight, high humidity, and extreme temperature changes to prevent damage. With proper framing and display, you can showcase your cherished memorabilia while preserving their condition for years to come.

Remember, these tips are general guidelines, and the specific requirements may vary based on the type of artwork, size, and personal preferences. It's always a good idea to consult with our professional framers at J & S Picture Frame Warehouse if you have valuable or delicate pieces that require special attention.

As always, you can find out more about the knowledgeable team at J & S Picture Frame Warehouse your TRUSTED SASKATOON FRAMING EXPERTS by checking out their listing on Trusted Saskatoon or visiting them in store!

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