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Frontier Veterinary Services your Trusted Saskatoon vets talk about FAT pets

Keeping your pet healthy is the #1 priority of Frontier Veterinary Clinic Saskatoon. Initially Frontier offered Saskatoon pet owners an affordable dog & cat spay and neuter solution, now they offer full veterinary services. Dr. Teresa Cook and her team are not only caring and compassionate, but they show continued dedication to the cause where they continue to offer an affordable solution to pet care, in this full service Saskatoon vet clinic.

From the first joyous experiences of a new puppy or kitten, to the final loving moments with a beloved senior pet, they are with you every step of the way.


Frontier Veterinary Services are your Trusted Saskatoon Vet's


Here they share their first tip on your pet's body condition score:

Instead of asking the question what does my pet weigh, you also need to ask what is my pet's body condition score.



A body condition score is an assessment of whether an animal is underweight or overweight. A scale of 1-9 is often used with 1 being emaciated and 9 is grossly obese. The score is based on several criteria:
• how easily are the ribs felt
• how obvious the waist and abdominal tuck are
• how much excess fat is beneath the skin
• how much muscle mass is present

The body condition scale can be used to suggest a target weight for dieting cats and dogs. If 5 is ideal, each point above or below is 10-15% over or underweight.



For more information on body condition scales, see Go to resources and look at the canine and feline charts.



Frontier are Trusted Saskatoon Vets!


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