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Trusted Saskatoon team brags about Fitness Solutions your Trusted Saskatoon Fitness equipment experts

Trusted Saskatoon team is thrilled to announce and welcome the latest Saskatoon fitness expert to the Saskatoon Directory of excellence. Fitness Solutions is a local Saskatoon based family business, who also have a location ( Fitness Warehouse ) in Regina- and they are your Trusted Saskatoon Fitness equipment experts.

The owners of Fitness Soutions Gary & Carrie Banerd,  are passionate about providing the best possible value, choice and service in the Saskatchewan Fitness equipment industry today. We can testify that the many clients that we spoke to across the province had wonderful things to say about them.

Fitness Solutions was established in 1989 and Gary joined the team in 2000-With Gary's background in sports and business management, Fitness Solutions was the right fit and passion for Gary's future. Gary , along with his wife Carrie take pride in owning Fitness Solutions and AAA Trampolines in Saskatoon and Fitness Warehouse in Regina. as he said "Our goal is to provide our customers with the right quality of equipment, knowledge of the always changing industry and to find the right equipment to fit their needs."


Having a home gym or workout room within your home is becoming increasingly popular because it brings along several benefits:

•Weight training equipment: There is a wide range available and there is no need to go for the more complicated machines to get started. A few sets of weights and accessories (such as a weight bench, training gloves and possibly an exercise ball) are a great start to a home weight training program

•Convenience: You can work out in your home gym whenever you please, without restriction and within the comfort of your own domain. Use your weight training equipment for as long as you please, play the kind of music that gets you in the mood to push your limit and enjoy the privacy if that is what you prefer. Above all, there is no need to travel - Simply change and off you go

•Hygiene: Exercising at home means you do not have to rely on others to take hygiene into account. Your equipment is used by only the people in your household and there is much less danger of contracting some kind of disease you could do without

•Motivation: There are legions of reasons why people get discouraged from following through their weight training program at the gym and having equipment to work out with in the comfort of your own home takes a way a number of those reasons.

•Expense: Long term -Home gyms can be pretty cheap if you are comfortable working with free weights and basic accessories. If you are serious about weight training equipment and are in it for the long haul, it is probably more economical buying a more advanced equipment in general.


Gary, Carrie and the Fitness Solutions team are there to assist you in making the right choices for your needs,  whether you walk out with a Trampoline, a Stand up Paddle Board, a set of free weights or a Treadmill ( and there are many, many more options in the store ) you can be assured it is going to work for you and will stand the test of time- they guarantee it! 

You can find Fitness Solutions impressive  showroom on 308 Circle Drive East, or you can check them out online ( and order too!) - and we suggest you read what their happy clients had to say in their listing in the Saskatoon Fitness Category . We are proud to GIVE THEM THE THUMBS UP!



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