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Culligan your Trusted Saskatoon Water experts share a tip on How to Drink More Water, Delightfully

From simple bottled water to Reverse Osmosis systems and Water Softeners in Saskatoon and area , Culligan Saskatoon has solutions for you –The team are hard working, honest and understand the value of relationships and excellent customer service .. pure and simple, and that's why they have Given The Thumbs Up by Trusted Saskatoon!

Culligan are your Trusted Saskatoon Water Experts!

Here they share a tip on How to Drink More Water, Delightfully:

The temperature’s rising, and so is our thirst — but we’ll admit that unglamorous H2O often takes a backseat to cold brews and ice-cream treats. Science backs those extra trips to the cooler, though, as even mild dehydration can interfere with brain function and mood. Stay happily hydrated with these creative reasons to keep your glass at least half full.

A garnish is the oldest trick in the book, but think beyond lemons and limes. Cucumber makes for a refreshing savory swap. 


Cubic Formula


An icy accent makes plain water look good enough to drink. From fruit and flowers to leafy greens, the options are endless — and the refills will be too.

Celery Ice Cubes

Raw celery leaves

Cook’s Note
Celery leaves have a bunch of other surprising uses: Mix the raw leaves into a garden or fruit salad for a fresh, herbal note; put a handful into a stir-fry; saute them with aromatics as a base for soup or stew; pan-fry them to garnish a roast.

1. Freeze leaves in ice cubes to pack a cocktail or another drink with an extra hit of bright celery flavor. 


Coconut Case


Hailed as nature’s sports drink, coconut water will replenish your electrolytes along with your thirst. Try it in an ice pop or gelatin shot, or sip it straight from the fruit.

Coconut Water

1 young green coconut

1. Remove husk from coconut, cut a circle around the top, and pry open. Then jazz it up by adding chilled green tea and mango juice or a drizzle of honey.


Culligan are your Trusted Saskatoon water experts!

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