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Part 1:

Q: Jennifer Christian: What is your favorite place for a destination wedding?

A: There are far too many favorites to choose just one!!  As an agent, I will typically recommend a destination based on the couples wishes, budget and date.  

Cost wise…charter destinations are always the best deal and seem to work best for most couples and their guests.


Q: Kenzie Hanson Travel: Have you found the increase in destination weddings to decrease the number of honeymoons you book?

A: No..not at all!  Typically what I find is that most wedding couples will stay and extra week and incorporate their honeymoon into the holiday.  In addition, many  tour operators will offer the wedding couple a discount off future travel within the next year for their honeymoon!

Q: Courtney Mang Travel: How early do you need to book in for a destination wedding?

A: This depend on your destination.  A Cruise wedding can be booked up to 3 years ahead depending on the company.. and we do recommend this as cruises fill up quickly.

For land vacations...a couple should start planning a year to a year in a half ahead.  If they don’t have that much time, then they just need to be more flexible with their requirements… a good agent can always find them something!!


Q: Christine Laffey: When having an event, what are some key factors into making it a memorable experience for everyone?

A: I find that communication between the wedding couple, the agent and the wedding coordinator to be key to having a seamless event.   I also feel the couple need to be conscious of their guests, and what their time/budget might allow as well.

Q: Joann Polsom Gauthier:where would you suggest for a romantic/private honeymoon?

A: I personally love the Sandals Resorts in Jamaica or the Secrets Resorts in Mexico.  Sandals is couples only and very romantic.  Secrets are adults only but tend to be mainly couples.  Both are very high end and cater to romance!


Q: Kristine Andrea: My question is about travel/honeymoon. Is it possible to register at a travel agencies to have guests help with your honeymoon instead of gifts. If so, how soon before the wedding does something like that have to be set up and is their a way for them to pay the travel agency directly.

A: Yes,  


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