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Just For You Day Spa your Trusted Saskatoon Spa answer some great questions - Part 1

Owner, Jessica Tetu of Just For You Day Spa & Gift Studio, along with her team of dedicated professionals, provide a tranquil Saskatoon spa experience with over 2700 square feet of stunning spa space. 

This award winning Saskatoon Spa with its laid back, warm, elegant environment offers a breadth of a truly exceptional spa experience for woman and men. Just For You Day Spa & Gift Studio offers outstanding skin and body therapies, in depth consultations and the tools & knowledge to become your own “spa therapist” at home. 

Here Jess answers some great questions - Part 1: 

Q: Courtney Saliken: My feet and heals are extremely bad. What can I do to prevent this and type of treatments and home care are needed?

A: Dry rough feet and heels are actually a very common concern. For best results, I would suggest getting a pedicure every 6-8 weeks by a professional pedicure technician in a clean & sanitary environment. If budget does not permit for regular pedicure maintenance, i would suggest purchasing a foot file or paddle (appx cost $5-$15), and after soaking the feet, using on callus areas approximately once a week. (Any more than that and it could actually increase callus build up.) Apply a foot cream immediately after filing and continue applying nightly to maintain the best results. My favourites are: Gehwol MedSalve for cracked heels, ($20), Gehwol Callus Cream ($21) or Gehwol Blue for dry rough feet ($17)



Q: Angela Jennings Simmons: My pre-teen is asking to start wearing make-up. What should we as mothers do so our daughters don't stumble through like we did when we first started wearing blue eyeliner and pink lipstick? I was thinking perhaps booking an appointment with a professional make up artist? Can you advise?
A: I think it’s really important to advise our daughters that beauty comes from within first, and that makeup is designed only to enhance that beauty. When it comes to cosmetics and beauty products, I believe it’s very important to first understand that the secret to looking beautiful is a healthy skin. I suggest starting your daughter on a healthy skin care program, (available from any skin care professonal), and teaching her that the key to beautiful makeup, is looking natural. Begin with a few basic items that help enhance her true beauty, like mascara, light powder & a subtle lip gloss. Scheduling her in with a makeup artist, is a fabulous idea, as she will be given suggestions and helped with the application process.

Q: Marie Schultz: What is up with getting acne in your 30s?! What's the best product to prevent and/or treat it?
A: Those pesky break outs don’t necessarily end when we pass the teen years! There can be many reasons as to why one may break out or be dealing with acneac concerns. It could be as simple as the cosmetics or products being used on the skin, or more difficult to assess causes like allergies, stress, diet, or hormonal changes. To best determine exactly what it is that is causing the break outs, and to be able to properly remedy these concerns, I suggest scheduling a consult with a skin care professional. You may need to make changes to your diet or skin care regime, be recommended a specific facial treatment or referred to a dermatologist for severe cases.


Do you have a beauty, skin care, or spa related question? Send your questions to Jessica at! If your question get's featured in an issue of Fine LIfestyles Magazine you will receive a special gift from Jessica!


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