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Trusted Saskatoon RV Dealer Experts share a tip on Winterizing your RV

Winterizing Your RV – A DIY Guide 

Winterizing your RV:

  • Drain the fresh water tank by opening the water tank drain. Leave drain open.
  • Drain the water heater by opening the drain valve at the bottom of the heater, and opening the pressure relief valve.
  • Close the water heater drain and pressure relief valve.
  • If your trailer is equipped with a water heater bypass valve, turn water heater bypass valve(s) to the bypass position. If not, install a temporary bypass by disconnecting the water lines from the back of the water heater and joining them together with a water line and fittings.
  • If the trailer is equipped with a water purifier, remove the cartridge.
  • Disconnect water pump suction hose from pump, and run another hose from the pump directly to the antifreeze container. BE SURE TO USE ONLY NON-TOXIC RV ANTIFREEZE.
  • Turn water pump on.
  • Open the hot water faucet farthest away from the water tank. When antifreeze appears, let at least one cup run down the drain to winterize the P-trap. Repeat this at all other hot and cold water faucets, including inside and outside showers. Make sure to run antifreeze down both sinks in the kitchen.
  • Depress the flush pedal or hand operated lever on the toilet until the antifreeze solution flows continuously.
  • Depress valve in city water hatch to allow antifreeze to winterize hatch.
  • Install all protective caps (water tank fill, city water inlet, waste tank drain outlet.
  • Remove the hose from the pump and reconnect tank hose to pump.




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