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Trusted Saskatoon Photography Expert shares a trusted tip on Photography on your Wedding Day


Trusted Saskatoon shares some tips on Your Wedding Day: 

Your Wedding Day:

Indeed, it’s an exciting time, and there is a lot to do when you are in the midst of planning your wedding. I have been asked a number of questions regarding the wedding photography part of your day and so I want to answer those questions here and hopefully give you some good ideas to help you move forward with your planning.

How far in advance should we be booking our wedding day photographer? There is no right or wrong answer to this....however “the sooner the better” seems to be the best answer. Especially if you know who you want to hire to capture your day. The sooner you can secure your wedding day photography, the better, and it’s off your list ofthings to do. Even if you haven’t finalized your dates quite yet, it would be wise to contact your photographer and start the conversation, or start your search for one and get that finalized as soon as possible.

What are we going to plan for our wedding day photos? Before the Wedding Day I have already had a number of conversations with my bride and groom about what they want for their wedding day photography. If my bride & groom are uncertain about how they envision their wedding day imagery to look like then we spend some time talking about what’s important to them so that we come up with our photographic plan for the day. We want to have a photographic plan in place so we can move through their day with minimal uncertainty and stress. And we always discuss some of ‘plan B’ in case it’s required at any time. There will always be a few surprises during the day and it’s best to have considered a few alternatives given a few different situations....we want things to move along as smoothly and stress-free as possible. And planning and being prepared manages most of this. 


Do today’s couples usually have an Engagement Session?

Most often an Engagement Session is part of our time working together, and this is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better and learn about each other that come the wedding day we are already familiar with each other and you can relax, trust and enjoy the days events without being concerned about the camera so much. It’s a great precursor to the wedding day! (PLUS this gives you the opportunity to create an Interactive Guest Book with your engagement images to be used at the wedding.....and then you have an engagement album and a wedding guest book all-in-one to enjoy forever).


How long after the wedding day can we expect to view our images?

About two weeks after your Wedding Day we meet so you can view your Wedding Day images, and discuss your Wedding Album design. Here we will also consider images that would make gorgeous wall prints, and wonderful gift prints for family or friends. We can also look at creating custom designed Thank You cards for your guests using your favorite wedding day image. Anything is possible!




Is a Wedding Album something we should consider?

I say yes! I don’t know where all these digital files are going to be in 50 years from now, but I do know that a well crafted, archival quality, wedding album will exist for generations. We use one of the most highly regarded Wedding Album companies in the world to design your Wedding album. These albums are beautiful to the eye, meticulously crafted, and hand made in Italy. With many options for album covers and layout design, we will be able to tell your wedding day story perfectly. And with all albums, the digital files are also included - so the best of both worlds! 




Your Wedding Day can not be re-created. It is important to trust the documenting of that day to a professional photographer with a style of imagery you love, and someone you will appreciate working with, and vice versa. Enjoy your wedding day! Wishing you much love and happiness, for always!


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