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Trusted Saskatoon Photography Expert Shares Some Tips on Family Photos


I look horrible, don’t take my photo! | Saskatoon Family Photography:


Most of us, primarily us mom's I suspect, have all said it before or something close to it as an objection to getting into the photo. Guess what? Our kids and family members don’t care what we look like. They see and love us for who we are, not what we look like. We don't need to be perfect. And if you are waiting for everything to be perfect enough it may never happen.....and it is very important that you are in the family photos. So, this spring and summer when among family and friends, stop fretting about what you look like, put a smile on, feel the love in your heart (which will make you look amazing) and get in that photo! When you look back at family images later you will be happy that you did. (and If you need to hire a professional photographer to come on over and capture some of your family love!)


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