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Trusted Saskatoon Pet Health Store Experts answer Facebook Fan Questions

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Q: Corely Heilman: Is it unhealthy to change your dogs food often? Or is it better to keep their food the same all the time?


A: This is a personal preference, customers usually want to change their pet’s food because they want to give variety and feel their pet would be getting bored with eating the same thing everyday. The truth is that pet’s are driven to food on smell not taste so if their current diet is working then it’s not necessary to change. Remember that when switching formulas that you should always slowly mix in to get their stomach and digestive tract adjusted even if it’s the same brand but a different flavour.


Q: Joanne Cliff: What is the best all natural dog food on the market to feed our samoyed dog who is getting up there in years?


A: At out stores we recommend pet food’s based on their ingredient list, not the brand name. We believe it’s what’s inside the pet food that makes it good! We have a variety of healthy Canadian pet foods that have some of the best ingredient lists on the market. If you visit any of our stores we can show you what to look for and what to avoid. We will never recommend a pet food with any by-products, corn, vegetable protein concentrates, wheat or fractionated grains. It’s not necessary to change your pet’s diet if they are becoming more senior (you wouldn’t cook a different meal for your grandparents than you would for yourself right?). You can continue to feed the same food but it’s always best to adjust feeding levels if they’re starting to gain weight and to add a supplement for their joints separately.


Many pet foods market themselves for senior however do not have sufficient levels of joint supplements in them to be very effective, for example many pet foods have 500mg of glucosamine per kg of food. So you must feed 2.2lbs of dog food to get that 500mg which isn’t realistic. We have many powdered supplements in the store that allow you do give effective doses at a very reasonable price ($4-5/month).



Q: Jerri McPhee: My dog recently developed allergies. He is now on a hypoallergenic food. Are there any treats on the market that are safe?


A: We deal with pet’s with allergies all the time in our stores and we have many options for hypo-allergenic diets and treats in our store. Generally you want to avoid corn, wheat, soy and dairy if you believe your pet has an allergy. However if you have a list of ingredients to avoid we can help narrow down a product for you in the store! Normally we recommend going to a food or treat that is a single animal protein (meaning it only contains one type of meat protein such as lamb) and the product should also be completely grain free. There are also vegetarian treat options that normally work for pet’s that have severe allergies.



Q: Cheryl Beardsworth: My senior cat who is 19 had arthritis is there anything (on the natural side of things) that I can get for her that will help with the stiffness and pain. Especially when it is about to rain?


A: We carry a variety of natural supplements to help with pet’s joints. We have a supplier where we get our pure glucosamine from, along with our other supplements, so your pet is getting a non-diluted natural product. The different powder products are sprinkled on top of the pet’s food and the dose is based on the pet’s weight. These supplements should be given once a day so the pet receives the maximum benefit from it.





Q: Kyla Kuffner Peterson: What is the appropriate age to switch a dog from puppy food to adult food?


A: Many people are under the impression that you must feed a puppy specific diet to their new addition and switch to adult later. The truth is that a good All Life Stage recipe is all your pet needs and you can feed this food all throughout their life! All life stage recipes meet both puppy and adult nutrient profiles as required by AAFCO. Many healthy pet food’s do not even make puppy formulas anymore, instead they just have a more dynamic feeding chart which outlines what to feed your puppy or adult. If we think of this logically with our own lives, we do not make special chicken for children at the supper table that adults can’t eat and if a pet was in the wild there is not a rabbit made specifically for puppies that adult dogs cannot eat. Always remember that feeding guidelines on pet foods are just a “guide” and that you should adjust the feeding levels based on your pet’s activity level and metabolism. If your pet is becoming over weight there is no need to switch foods, but simply adjust their calories by feeding less. If they are losing weight then bump up their feeding amounts. 


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