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Your Mortgage Now your Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Experts share The Dwell Guide to Smart Design in Small Spaces

Buying a home is one of the most important and exciting steps in your life.... now that pesky financing! Deal with people who can offer you and your family the best options for you with Your Mortgage Now! Devin Cristo and Wes Will are your Saskatoon Mortgage Experts and they have years of experience helping individuals and families finance their dreams by offering mortgages from a variety of lenders for people from all walks of life.

They are your Trusted Saskatoon Mortgage Experts!

Here they share a tip on The Dwell Guide to Smart Design in Small Spaces:

Tight quarters prove especially challenging. If you're at a loss on how to squeeze the most out of your small space, consider the expert advice and furniture pics that will help you bantam-sized rooms feel like disign heaveyweights - no mirror tricks necessary.  

"Choose, prioritize, proportion, and twist the ingredients.  It may sound like a pradox, but sometimes to make it all work, you should even lose some space" - Thierry Gaugain, industrial designer of just about everything, including a 11-sqaure-foot-bathroom cabin.


"Our desire was to have the space appear as though they were carved from a single block of wood, with the movable pieces an integral part of the overall composition," says designer Jeff Vincent of a 520 sqaure foot backyard retreat in Portland.  "This created a feeling of seamlessness."


Furniture that folds flat, like the Profile Chair, all but dissappears when not in use.  Consider pieces like these to accommodate extra guests in a pinch.


Architect Philip Ryan placed flourescent bulbs that mimic daylight in the ceiling alcove of renovated Brooklyn aparment.  The glow refecting down the walls makes the room feel more expansive.  He removed interior walls and crafted a hallway spanning the length of the residence to increase the flow of light and air throughout.  "Even when your're in these relateively tight areas, the eye doesn't focus on the smaller moments - your're getting borrowed views from the other rooms, making the space feel more generous," he says. 


 "Pick the thing that you want to do well.  It's not about trying to have every single function.  If it's not doing anything to improve the experience, then take it away." - Peter Cooke, Design Lead for British Airways

Incorporate thinly outlined furniture pieces into your small space and cut the visula clutter. Wire frame pieces, like TT by Ron Dilad for Adel-C, accomplish this slender look.


 "Many tiny houses are steep gabled and pitch-roofed, but if you build a little place, I'd go for a curved roof.  It feels cozier to me. The dimensions of the space recede and you bring the outside in.  And if you live in a decent climate, put your bathroom outside." - Lloyd Kahn, editor of the 1973 DIY classic Shelter.


"Because the space is so small, I can't just bring anything home," says architect Page Goolrick of her 560-sqaure foot New York City Apartment.  "This is kind of a like a great hotel suite with kitchenette, and I like that becuase it keeps me light and free.  Editing is a big part of the (design) process."  She designed sliding partitions that when closed still allow light to flow through her space, and when opened reveal cocoonlike sleeping quarters.

Designed in 1963 to match a similar molded plywood chair, these space-efficient nesting tables by Grete Jalk have been reissued by Lange Production in Denmark.


"It's all about creating cozy spaces, but deliverately so.  Design, especially in a small space, should feel intentional.  What's most important is not to over-compartmentalzie.  Allow for flexibilty." - Kate Grogan, a Los Angeles-bases designer for Poliform.


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