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Trusted Saskatoon Investment Advisor and Saskatoon Wealth Management Experts share a tip on contributing to RRSPs


Great tip on contributing to your RRSPs without even thinking about it:


Do you contribute to your RRSP once a year, on or around March 1, and continue on the same course until the following spring? If so, you could be missing out on the potential for substantial, long-term compound growth by investing sooner within your Fidelity RRSP. 

Pre-authorized chequing lets you contribute early and often (and effortlessly) throughout the year rather than at the last minute. It can provide you up to 12 more months of compounding and tax-deferred growth.


As an Investment Professional, I continually work with my clients to assess their goals and design and carry out investment programs that work for them. This includes diversifying their investments, using a long-term perspective to maximize returns while reducing risk. It’s never too late, or too early, to begin planning for your retirement. I can help you assess your goals and will work with you to establish an investment program that’s specially designed for you.


I would be pleased to discuss your financial future and ways in which I can assist you in your long-term investment planning.



 Trusted Saskatoon financial expert.

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