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Trusted Saskatoon Investment Advisor and Saskatoon Wealth Management Experts share a tip on Cash Investments

When it comes to retirement planning, government pensions are something you will want put into your plans. In retirement your income comes from many sources and it becomes a little bit of a balancing act. With the help of a skilled financial advisor these can be juggled each year so that you do not pay excess taxes!

Financial tip...Is Cash Safe?


Parking a portion of your investment portfolio in cash or money market instruments for extended periods of time may mean you are sacrificing returns and potentially exposing yourself to another risk – the eroding effects of inflation.  Interest rates are at historical lows and they have not kept pace with the cost of living!  If your money is invested in anything under that cost, your money is losing its purchasing power.  You are guaranteeing yourself a negative rate of return on your investments that are invested like this.  So you tell me, are these investments safe then?  



Have your portfolio analyzed; make sure it is invested correctly for you and your goals.Take care of your wealth as you would your health, and I am your wealth doctor.Call today to book your no-obligation introductory meeting.You’ll be glad you did.


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