Make an outdoor movie theatre:


Enjoy the fresh air while you indulge in popcorn and your favourite movie! Perk: a cool breeze makes cuddles a must!


Insert a beer cooler into your outdoor dining table:


Eventually, Saskatoon does get hot weather. Keep your company refreshed with a built-in table cooler! Not only is this a sleek design, but you get to stay and engage in the conversation without having to get up and grab more drinks! 


Make a tent fort and have fun painting old sheets:

This is a fun activity for the whole family!


Build-in a daybed on your covered patio:

Perfect when you want to curl up and read outside, and stay away from the pesky bugs!


Use indoor furniture for serving and decorating at your next backyard party:


Bringing the outside “in” is really trending right now, but what about bringing the inside “out”? This is a super cute way to add extra table space to any outdoor event without cluttering the actual eating/conversing area!

Hopefully this post has inspired you to be creative this summer and enjoy those few hot days!