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Al Hattie Insurance your Trusted Saskatoon Insurance Experts share some tips on what to do if you have a claim

Trusted Saskatoon Insurance experts!


Here they share some great tips on what to do if you have a claim?  




The first step is to contact SGI. Their toll-free number is 800-647-6448 or you can call directly to the SGI Claim Centre that is located most conveniently to you. The locations and phone numbers of the claims centres are in the link below. Or you can now file your claim online through the link on our website at and go to online services - eclaim.

Reporting your claim by telephone or online will help you avoid a long wait at the claims center and is the fastest way to get your vehicle repaired. When you report the claim, SGI will set up an appointment to have your vehicle appraised and the damage assessed. To help you avoid delays, please don't visit your claims center for an appraisal without first calling.

If you choose to use the eclaim service, an SGI adjuster will contact you via telephone often in the same day. You can also provide your statement and witness names on the eclaim form, as well as book your appointment at the claims centre of your choice to have the vehicle appraised and the damage assessed. If your vehicle is not drivable, you will make arrangements with an adjuster. Your vehicle will be towed to a location where the damage can be appraised. To speed up the process when you go online or call, have the following information on hand: your driver's license, the vehicle registration and auto insurance policy number. SGI will also need the driver's license number of other drivers and license plate numbers of other vehicles involved in the collision, and the police file number if they were called.

Accidents must be reported to the police under any of the following circumstances:

•If the collision results in injury or death

•If it's a hit and run

•If a driver is impaired

•If any of the vehicles involved have to be towed from the scene

•If the collision involves an out of province vehicle




If you have suffered a property loss (anything you own besides a vehicle or part of a vehicle), immediately call your broker. Your broker has the information about your insurance coverage and will record the details of the claim you're filing. Your broker will advise on how to start the claims process.

If your property has been damaged, you should take steps right away to prevent further damage by covering broken windows, securing broken doors, etc. You may wish to call a restoration company and get their advice. Taking these extra steps will not hinder the settlement of your claim. It can also be a good idea to take digital photos of the damage to keep a record.

Don't throw away any damaged property before your adjuster arrives. The adjuster needs to see all the damage, so he or she can make an accurate calculation of your loss. It's also a good idea to keep receipts for any major purchases. That way, if you ever have to file a claim, it's easier for the adjuster to determine the value of your belongings.

The time it takes to settle your claim depends on how complicated it is.







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