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 Cutting Costs on your IT: 

Let’s cut to the chase. Outsourcing IT is about saving money and having the right experts in place when you need them.

  • The quick benefit of outsourcing, contracting out, down-sizing your team or having the ‘go to’ computer guy is cost. Whether you are a 1-man-band or a 1000 person workforce there are things that are better placed with external experts rather than having a permanent 1 person IT Team or a 10 person IT Team. In each scenario you may have staff sitting around doing nothing for days when you could just call in the expert when they are needed. 
  • Reduce your office space. ‘REALLY!’, I hear you say. Having worked in IT for many years, I know nobody can quickly swallow up space like an IT Department. With 4 monitors each, a PC, a laptop, several tablets and phones along with the numerous other ‘IT Geek-Kit’ which is the latest must have. Trust me, IT can take up a good amount of prime real estate. 



  • Your 1 or 2 man IT Department are often over worked dealing with the day to day stuff that the planning and execution of larger projects can become a nightmare. Best here to contact a support provider to give you the benefit of experience and a non-biased eye on the situation.
  • Also, your 1 or 2 man team cannot know all there is to know about everything IT. They may be great workstation and server engineers but how well do they really know Exchange, SQL or SharePoint. Have an expert contracted so that they can provide support when needed.
  • An added benefit of outsourcing is the 24/7 customer support. This isn’t really possible with a regular staff. Most computer and IT outsourcing companies provide customer support that is round the clock. This is only possible because they have a large qualified staff that can work on different work shifts. This would prove to be challenging to an in-house staff. If you are going to need 24 hour support, you might need to hire additional staff.



  • Outsourcing to an IT specialist also allows you, as a business owner to concentrate on other aspects of your business. This means that you don’t have to waste your time on your computer and IT needs. What’s great about outsourcing is that you are free to choose based on your budget or capacity. Outsourcing companies are very competitive nowadays. It’s very possible you can hire within your price range.



  • If you are the owner of a business you need to know that should your computers fail you there is someone out there who can help. It is also recommended that you engage with the support provider before you need help. Have a support contract in place, you will be surprised how economical this can be. By having a contract in place the support provider will already know how your IT functions thus being able to resolve issues more quickly.
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