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Trusted Saskatoon Gym -The Trusted Challenge Part 5 - The 1st weigh-in


Here is her 5th installment  be sure to follow along on her journey for the next 3 months   ..maybe it will inspire you to take the first step on your journey to a healthier fitter you!


1st weigh in since we began , and then on the wagon off the wagon dance!

So I would like to share with you my 4 week weigh in result - so you can see how my training is progressing, and that all this rope shaking, burpee jumping and assault course action is having some tangible effects...I'll also share how things are progressing from there!   

I was a little nervous the day of the weigh in as I mentally counted the glasses of wine I had consumed in the last 4 weeks, which, at that moment I was slightly regretting ...and those fish and chips too of course.

I knew that my clothes were fitting better everywhere and I could see the results and knew my fitness level was way higher than 4 weeks ago when I nearly passed out in the initial fitness test, so I was also hoping to have lost a few pounds and was really hoping i'd break that 30% fat barrier!!!   

The results are clear to see here- Look at week 1 on the right to week 4 on the left!   


6 lb in 4 weeks is GREAT ..but what I couldn't believe was the fat mass reduction - 14.6lb down  and 8.6% fat GONE!! 


I walked out and i was SO ON THE WAGON!!

Then off the wagon we go!

You would think that that would inspire me to live a guilt free life of celery sticks, salads without dressings, extra cardio and just water and protein drinks for the rest of the 8 weeks,  to really take it to the 'uber level' ...but no,  I had some big events to attend with work, a really busy week workwise with 4 days in Regina and the kids had stuff going on, then I started feeling lethargic with the change in the weather from Fall to Winter happening literally overnight ...blah, blah , blah , blah

What I am saying is life got in the way of the gym....and i allowed it to!  

However, all is not lost, and I know that you have to push through these moments of weakness and lack of resolve, it happens to the best of us ( or should I say best of YOU..i never said i was best at this )!

On the positive side, I managed not to over eat and my scales at home tell me I have not put any weight back on (phew!) I know this because I jumped on them  last night and nervously peeked through my fingers holding my breath! 

Back at the gym today and boy did Tim push me - he put me through another test - he called it a ' junior' 300. The circuit consisted of 6 exercises in all - a shoulder kettle bell exercise,  chin ups, box jumps, dead lifts, press ups and 'Windscreen wipers' with weighted bar  ( this is my new most HATED exercise- and looks easy till you have to do it ...argggggh!)

Basically it involved me doing 50 of each exercise and I could take as much time as I needed to complete it ..generally the sessions we do are 45 mins , but Tim figured I should be able to do this test in 30 mins, and guess what folks I DID IT!! 

I came away happy from the gym and I'm raring to see what Tim has me doing tomorrow...don't tell him that will you!







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