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Trusted Saskatoon Gym -The Trusted Challenge Part 3 - I hate ROPES


Here is her 3rd installment  be sure to follow along on her journey for the next 3 months ( read them all here )  ..maybe it will inspire you to take the first step on your journey to a healthier fitter you!


I am now into a regular 3 times a week schedule with Tim and not one work out session has been the same , I walk in not knowing what to expect and walk out exhausted and feeling glad it's over, but rather happy that I got through it in one piece.

Each session is a circuit - with different excercises to focus on different body areas...the excercises are done quickly and then there is a rest in between sets. So far I have mostly been in the fitness room rather than the gym itself working with simple equipment- everything from dumbells to steps to kettle bells and my least favorite item so far - big chunky Ropes!   


The ropes were part of a 5 station changing circuit -

1st station -Step - I had to do a variety of diferent step moves that changed each circuit - standard stepping up and down,  side to side across step, push ups and alternate knee to chest,  burpees and jumping burpees for 2 minutes high intensity

2nd Station - 15lb dumbell- variety of arm and chest excercises - 15 reps each arm

3rd Station- Ropes - big heavy ropes that i had to shake, twirl and pretend to do double dutch moves ..for 2 minutes- OUCH!   

4th Station - Mat - for a variety of different Sit Ups- for 2 mins

5th station- Bands - hooked up high for a variety of diferent pull ups

I was absolutely exhausted after this session and interestingly I found out that I am a grunter ...who knew! At one point after attempting pull ups where I had to bring my knees up to my chest i think I sounded like I was giving birth - one startled guy nearly walked into the wall when he passed by and heard the moans of pain, and Tim took a not very flattering picture of me laid on the floor, a sweaty mess reaching for my water bottle.

The next day my shoulders and arms ached...Tim is very good at pushing you past your 'I give up point' and working with him is so great , he explains everything and his focus is to make sure that I (and my body) never get bored with these workouts!   

Just 2 weeks in and I can feel and see a difference - I have lost 2% bodyfat already and my clothes are a little looser, which feels great .

I do have a confession to make though...Im finding the diet more tricky to stick to, and I have cheated a few times - Tim just sucked in breath`and shook his head when I admitted to having Fish and Chips for lunch on Wednesday excuse ..I am from the UK, I can`t resist good fish and chips from Gibsons!

I am so busy with work and kids, and being on the move  that I am still forgetting to eat 5 times a day and end up eating too much and occasionally the wrong stuff - i need to plan my meals more and have healthy snacks with me all the time....and I do like wine....I mean I really LOVE wine ....but noone said this was going to be easy, I am not going to beat myself up about it.


This week I am going to make an absolute effort not to cheat in anyway, and I intend to fit some cardio into my schedule at home- I have a dusty hula hoop and a treadmill that hasn`t been turned on in months in the basement .... its time to get physical!  `


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