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Trusted Saskatoon shares tip on 4 Important Steps to Selecting the Right Flooring

Here we share a tip on 4 Important Steps to Selecting the Right Flooring:

Choosing the perfect flooring for a room may seem complex, but with these tips it becomes as simple as child’s play! Here are some simple tips to help you explain your flooring needs to our specialists when you come to the shop.

                                                   Engineered Hardwood by Beaulieu Canada


1. Draw on outline of the room you want to install flooring in and note the following:

• Room exits – Are there exits to the outside? Are there sliding patio doors?

• Adjoining rooms – What are the types and colours of flooring in the adjoined rooms?

• Luminosity – How much natural sunlight comes in during the day and from which direction?

• Subfloors – What is underneath the existing floor?

• Measurements – Measure the length and width of the room in inches or feet (Do not forget to include closets)


2. To match your floors with your home decor, bring samples of the following with you:

• Wall paint colour

• Wallpaper

• Curtains or choose some Hunter Douglas window coverings

• Fabrics

• Bedding

• Furniture

• Accessories

                                  Laminate by Beaulieu Canada


3. Answer the following questions on Durability and Style:


• Is there light or heavy traffic in this room?

• What is the room used for?

• Do you have children or pets?

• How long do you want this flooring to last?

• Will you be installing the flooring yourself?


• Do you have a certain colour in mind?

• Is there a style you’ve owned or seen that you really like?

• What’s the mood of the room? Quiet? Playful? Spacious?

• What is the lifestyle of the room? Bohemian? Contemporary? Modern? Classic?

                             Luxury Vinyl Plank by Beaulieu Canada


4. Important questions to ask:


• Describe what is under your current flooring

and ask how this material can affect the choice

of your new flooring?

• Will you have to remove the existing flooring?

• Will you need to lay down a new subfloor?


• What are the warranties on the flooring you

want to install?

• Will the warranty be void, if I install the flooring


                                             Carpet by Beaulieu Canada




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