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Oceanic Experience Wellness your Trusted Saskatoon Float and Relaxation Experts share a tip on our Nervous System and thought patterns

Saskatoon, you know that the  team is always looking for great businesses for you –Oceanic Experience Wellness is truly unique, offering a different approach to wellness, stress and pain relief through FLOATING! They are Trusted Saskatoon Float and relaxation experts!

Here they share a tip on our nervous system and thought patterns:

Floating Into Self-Acutualization 

The Problem With Our Nervous System


Is there a reason we have a nervous system instead of tranquility system?

Yes…well sort of. 

Most of us habitually of confusing the environment on the outside, with the responses that are happening on the inside of our mind. When I say "we" I really mean "you", and when I say "you" I'm not talking about the "you" that's reading this…I'm talking about the you that was breathing without noticing a moment ago, beating your heart at a rate that it decided and is digesting your breakfast, lunch, in the way that it knows best.


What I really mean is – that part of you, the part that is responsible for keeping you alive (regardless of what you think or feel) can't always tell the difference between what is actually happening and what your mind is imagining. What does this have to do with your nervous tranquility system? If you've ever jumped while watching a horror movie even though you know figures on screen can't hurt you, even if you don’t know what it is exactly that I’m talking about it will certainly ring familiar.


At one point or another we have learned that to stay safe by repeating over and over memories that make us feel bad when things didn’t work out to scare us out of taking chances and “misbehaving.” So…to be "safe"…most of us repeat, refine, and constantly improve the ways we scare ourselves and experience stress – until we're in a state of perfect safety all of the time for the rest of our lives hiding under a pile of blankets in the corner of our living room. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous? Of course it does. Why do we continue being ridiculous? It has less to do with external circumstances, and more to do with the structure of our brain.



The Solution: I am a success robot.

Recognition that we have developed an ability to feel bad for no reason is a wonderful thing. If we are so good at feeling so bad for no reason, it means that we already know that we can feel anything without any reason at all. We have learned to produce specific states of consciousness to produce or avoid specific outcomes. So we might as well practice producing the feelings that deliver outcomes that we really want in life.


All behaviours have developed to serve a certain purpose in a certain context. By changing the content of our imagination we can re-contextualize the behaviour of our nervous system to work for us to get what we want…as opposed to what we don’t.

There are many ways we can approach this opportunity for self-optimization. Next entry I am going to share here what has worked for me to get what I want out of life.


OEW is a wellness collective. In addition to the float tank, the centre also offers services from Sage Earth Acupuncture and services from Jackie Jenson, a reflexologist, reiki master, Tai yoga masseuse and yoga instructor. Give Oceanic Experience Wellness a call, stop by and get well!

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